Portal to Mars
Portal to Mars
Type: Physics Warper
Episode(s): "Unfair Science Fair"
"Unfair Science Fair Redux"

The Portal to Mars is a Big Idea Phineas and Ferb made to cheer up Baljeet and help him with his Science Fair project.


When Phineas and Ferb are thinking of what to do, Isabella arrives and tells them that she heard Baljeet crying. Phineas and Ferb arrive, only to find that Baljeet crying on the floor. He tells them his story: For the science fair he came up for blueprints of a Portal to Mars, the teacher said that unless he could come up with a working model, the best he could give him was-- "AN A MINUS!!!!" He then starts the song Baliwood and Phineas, during the song, states that he knows what he's going to do today.

Using the Portal

As Candace is depressed, she sees Phineas and Ferb's bikes at Baljeet's house and decided to check out what they're doing. Phineas tells her they built a portal to a cool faraway place. Candace then runs into it and Phineas welcomes her to Mars and, seconds later, the portal breaks down. They go through many attempts to fix it, including it making it an accident to be a portal to Venus and the future. The portal finally lands on Mars, and Phineas and Ferb go to Mars to save Candace.

The Science Fair

Baljeet arrives at midnight, as he was too excited to wait. Later, Mr. McGillicuddy gives him an A+++ for his project and when he goes to get the judges, Doofenshmirtz unplugs it to plug his project in. The judges don't get to see it work, and Mr. McGillicuddy states- "Bu-bu-bu-bu-but."

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