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"Playing a Game of Sports" is a song from the episode "Tales from the Resistance: Back to the 2nd Dimension".


Aaron Jacob: I've got my football helmet on
And an old cricket bat
Volleyball net
And some cycling slacks

Aaron and Danny Jacob: You've got a pair of figure skates
And a billiards rack
Dry suit, skort
And a baseball cap

We'll all have fun like mad
With the game we don't know
Danny Jacob: Game that we don't know
Aaron Jacob: It's one we've never played
Aaron and Danny Jacob: And this is how it goes...

Female Narrator: Once the gong is rung, the offensive team serves the pom-pom and advances down the field. The defending cyclists race past the tackling dummies and try to get into scoring position. If they manage to return the pom-pom into one of the scoring locations, they will be awarded a chance to chase the jumbo riding ball past the midfield skiing defender, while the other team tries to hit as many tennis balls as they can using golf clubs. I don't know why this guy has a canoe paddle.

Danny Jacob: Sports, sports
Aaron Jacob: Sports is fun
Danny Jacob: Sports, sports
Aaron Jacob: In the summer sun
Danny Jacob: Sports, sports
Aaron Jacob: All over town


BMI Work #19179685

Background Information

  • This is the second song to use a ukulele in the instrumentation, after "Happy Evil Love Song".
  • The song is from the perspective of Phineas-2 and the gang, but none of them actually sing it.


  • Ginger wears her Firestorm Girls uniform while playing sports except during the narration she is seen in an outfit that has the same pattern but slightly different colors as the cheerleader's uniform she wears in "Pyramid Sports".
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