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Rocky better known as Pizza Guy is a pizza vendor that appears in the episode "Sci-Fi Pie Fly".

In Danville there is a pizzeria the has a "37 minutes, or it's free" policy. The pizza man knocked at the door, as Doofenshmirtz slowly glides his feet along the floor on his way to the door, checking his watch while doing so. At the door, the pizza man has him pay anyway. He later seeks revenge, he decides to set up explosive pizza dough in his shop. However, his plan fails after it has been turned it into an exploding pizza special. Doofenshmirtz reveals, under his lab coat, he has his latest invention: the Dough-Blow-inator. He plans to challenge the pizza man to a Dough-off at the Pizza Day Festival and humiliate him in a pizza spinning contest.

At the Pizza Day Festival, the pizza guy shows his skills by making his dough into different shapes like a dinosaur, the Leaning Tower of Pisa and a bow with an arrow. Until Doofenshmirtz comes and insults him, and the pizza man recognize him as Doofenshmirtz laid traps on him to slow his delivery down before and Doofenshmirtz challenges him into a dough-duel. The pizza man accepts and made some conditions: if Doofenshmirtz wins he will give him free pizza for life, but if he wins that Doofenshmirtz can't order pizza from him again. Perry tries to escape from the chef's hat but Doofenshmirtz tells him that it has a chin strap.

As the kids fly toward their destination, Baljeet asks Buford why he wanted to take a turn flying the spacecraft if he still does not believe in it. Isabella then warns him that he is about to hit the Pizza Day Festival sign, and then he does so, causing Perry's trap-hat to fall off of Doofenshmirtz's head, leading to his escape. As they about to start their duel, Doofenshmirtz starts with a long gloat toward the pizza man and unknown to him that Perry sneaks behind him and presses the suck button of his Dough-Blow-inator that causes to everything and everyone into his inator. Doofenshmirtz states that the Dough-Blow-inator literally sucks everything in, and as Dough-Blow-inator has sucked too much and explodes, the pizza guys tells Doofenshmirtz that shouldn't be ordering any pizzas from him again that he accepts it and curses Perry.

His name is revealed to be Rocky by Swampy Marsh on twitter.

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