Userboxes are small template boxes that are made specifically for user pages. They are used for fun purposes for the users, and are never to be used any where else but the user page. Doing so, like any other violation, will be instituted by one or two warnings, and then a two-week block.

As well, remember that userboxes are to be used for the users' opinions. Please don't message a user if you disagree with it. Doing so is against policy.

To create a flawless userbox, copy and paste the dark blue link next to the userbox you want on your profile, then right click on it, select "Unlink", and save.
Flawless Girl (Userboxes)

Yes, you too can create a userbox as flawless as the Flawless Girl!

Selecting your Userboxes

When you select your Userboxes, if you want them to line up in a column on the right side of your profile page, you need to surround them with the opening and closing templates:

{{Userboxes}} XYZ {{Table-end}}

The "XYZ" will be as many Userboxes as you like. Example:


If you add the Userboxes by themselves (without the opening and closing templates), they can be placed pretty much anywhere on your page.

Creating new Userboxes

To create a new Userbox, refer to the Phineas and Ferb Wiki:How to make a Userbox page.


Main article: Phineas and Ferb Wiki:List of userboxes
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