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LA Dodgers and Doofenshmirtz in 1889
Why is Dr. Doofenshmirtz at Dodger Stadium?
Find out in this issue.

Crat Corner

by Topher208


What does it mean to you? It is a very important brick in the foundation of our community. When you post comments on blogs or other users' talk pages, we all need to be respectful of the person we are talking to or about. There's a few things we need to consider before posting comments.

  • Is this the appropriate place for this comment? Blogs have topics, and especially those in the "Show News" and "Community News" categories need to remain on topic. If a comment from another user spikes a question that doesn't directly relate to the topic of that blog, ask it on that user's talk page.
  • Who am I talking to? Just like you would not talk to your teacher or parents the same way you'd talk to your friends, administrators on the wiki deserve respect. They work hard to help keep the wiki in shape and enforce the rules that the community has agreed upon. If an admin is trying to enforce a rule in a way you don't agree with, contact him privately either by email or on his talk page. Most of the time, we are just trying to keep things on track and help everyone get along.
  • Will everyone understand this comment? Sometimes you want to try and make a joke, but forget that you can't always joke online the same way you can in real life. Things like body language and tone of voice can't be relayed over a blog or talk page comment. Even seemingly inoffensive and joking name calling can be twisted around because the reader doesn't understand all of the context of the joke.
  • Do I have permission to say this? If you are talking about another user, is this something that s/he would want made public? Or is it something s/he told you in confidence? Sometimes people say things they want to keep private and have trusted that you understand it is not to become public knowledge. This would be like shouting something private about someone else in the middle of the lunchroom at school.

In addition to these questions, you can also find more specifics on the New to the Wiki? page. Just remember: Treat others the way you want to be treated.

Comic Con logo

AgentGoldfish is going to Comic-Con and is asking for ideas about what questions to ask at the Phineas and Ferb panel.

Read his blog for more information.

Greetings from Your New Admin

Ryan Stoppable's avatar
by Ryan Stoppable

Hey there, fellow Phin-atics! Ryan Stoppable here (but you can call me Ryan or RS for short if you want), and I was selected for the honor of being the Phineas and Ferb Wiki's newest administrator back on July 7. So, in light of my new official capacity, I figured I should tell you all a little bit about myself.

I discovered Phineas and Ferb early in 2009. Early one Saturday morning as I was flipping through the satellite channels, I stumbled across a certain mad scientist explaining a not-too-diabolical plan to...whatever that was. Intrigued, I started to watch it, and saw that not only was that going on, but these two boys were building some awesome device, and their sister was trying to catch them doing that. (Look, it was like 7:20 in the morning, the details are a little murky, alright?)

Anyways, I went home, saw the awesome theme song, selected "Put That Putter Away" to watch first, liked it, watched a few episodes, and was hooked. A few weeks later, "The Chronicles of Meap" came around and solidified Phineas and Ferb as my favorite active show on television. So I wanted to know more, and it was that desire that led me to the Phineas and Ferb Wiki, eventually joining it one year ago this week.

This is going to sound a little corny, but ever since Day One, all I have wanted to do is to make the Phineas and Ferb Wiki a better place for everyone. And whether it be through productive edits in the Main space, helping my fellow users, or through my ratings blog series "The Numbers Game" (which isn't going anywhere, let me assure you), I hope that I have accomplished that goal.

As an administrator, my role is to work with my fellow admins and the community to make it better. So if you have any questions, comments, concerns, policy violations to report, or anything else, do not hesitate to leave a message on my Talk page. Additionally, I try to check in at least once a day on the community's official IRC channel, #phineasandferb, or you can even leave me a message on my Twitter account.

Until next time, happy editing. And in the words of the brilliant Lord Crump, "And with that, pow, I'm gone!"

Bi-Weekly Top 5

as voted on by the members of the wiki

Since voting has perked up quite a bit since it's easier to get to the voting pages now, we're going to try running the current poll for another two weeks. Already more than triple the number of people have voted than did for the previous poll.

Can we take it further? Can we get more people voting? Let's find out how many more will cast their vote during the next two weeks. Plus, don't forget about voting on the featured picture, song, quote and DYK. The winners go up on the main page in August.

Next issue: Current poll continues with wrapping up Major Monogram's witicisms for Season 1 — What is Major Monogram's best line in the last third of Season 1?

If you have an idea on what an upcoming poll should be about, head on over to the forum's Discussion page and let us know what it is.

Flag of the Netherlands     Do you speak Nederlands? The Dutch Phineas and Ferb Wiki got a big boost this week when almost all of the pages here were added to it as part of the Affiliated Wikis program.

Read the announcements page for info on helping out with translating the pages.


by JeremyCreek JeremyCreek Avatar

Ohana means family. And family means the awesome 'Phineas and Ferb Hawaiian Vacation'

by SuperFlash101
The Tiki Gods would win!

Doofenshmirtz and Perry in a Cast Away parody with 2001: A Space Odyssey references? Can you say squee?

Why does it keep feeling like Disney wants to expand this show into a franchise, yet every episode seems to take forever to actually broadcast? Anyways, welcome to another Gazette review of new Phineas and Ferb episodes. Recently, we got our first two-part episode, the wonderfully hilarious "Phineas and Ferb Hawaiian Vacation". Since this was technically two different episodes taking place in the same place and the same time, I'm still gonna count these as two episodes and review each part separately. Now enough digressing—on to the review!

First up is Part I. Let me begin by saying that the background designers for these episodes did an awesome job creating a beautiful Hawaiian landscape. The colors, the shapes, the animation, all spectacular in creating a fantastic animated Hawaii. The Flynn-Fletcher family takes a trip to Hawaii, and hilarity ensues. The cutaway (!!!) to Perry subliminally telling Lawrence to vacation in Hawaii was hilarious.

Actually, Perry's whole subplot was the superior part of both of these episodes. In this, he and Doof go back and forth in a hysterical battle where they de-evolve and evolve each other. With each transformation it gets more and more funny. Oh, and three words: Pink Unicorn Island. Now this is why I love this show. But back to the A-Plot, Phineas and Ferb buying a parody of those rip-off sea monkeys. There's some nice gags, and overall it's a pretty solid A-Plot. Plus, I even laughed at most of Candace's lines. I'm rarely ever interested by her and rarely laugh at her jokes, but this episode just made me do so. Sporting job, show. Overall: A.

Skull and Pink Unicorn Island

Oh God. This is why I love this show.

Now Part II, which I will immediately say has some of the best jokes in the entire series. Most of these are from Doof and Perry's subplot, which is definitely up there in the Top 5 Doof/Perry Subplots in the history of the entire show. For one, every single joke is hilarious. Their whole subplot is a Cast Away parody, which is an awesome movie and so is this spoof. And then there's the 2001: A Space Odyssey reference. This show's pop culture gags are funniest when they're blatant—the opposite to the other jokes on the show, when they're funniest when they're subtle—and this one is no difference. Doof mentioning the great one-and-only Stanley Kubrick by name had me rolling with laughter. So epic.

Speaking of subtle jokes working the best, I know I'm alone here when I say I'm tired of the "X is out, PEACE!" gag. It was kind of funny the first time, meh the second time, and now its just frustrating. Like I said, this show is funniest when it's subtle, but that loud, lame "hip" phrasing is just not funny any more. It was tacked on in this episode on a truly, truly brilliant gag about the guy deciding to break it off with his girlfriend after Candace slams into the window. That could've ended fine on "Works for me." But with the "out peace" thing, it sounds forced. Still, it's a good gag and I can forgive it for lamely tacking on the redundant peace bit.

On that note, the entire A-Plot really delivered for me. The Lord of the Rings parody-ness of it all was smart, and the slapstick with Candace was genuinely funny. Now it's not quite as on-par as the Doof/Perry bits, but it was close enough (the whole "tiki is a coupon" thing was a nice touch, gotta love this show's sense of irony). Though, seriously, the Laird Hamilton cameo was just seriously lame. Sorry, but there's no topping Evander Holyfield in "Raging Bully", and it kind of seemed like they weren't even trying with Hamilton. But anyways, still an amazing episode. Overall, A+.

The next episode is the much anticipated "Phineas and Ferb: Summer Belongs to You!" (looks great), which everyone needs to see—this show's ratings depend on it!

Hands-on with the new toys, part six

by RRabbit42
Crayola Color Explosion P&F Deluxe Set - front

Is a drawing pad a toy? Technically, probably not. But if you consider any object that sparks creativity and inventiveness a toy, then Crayola's Phineas and Ferb Color Explosion Deluxe Set qualifies.

Crayola's Color Explosion (CE) sets are spiral-bound drawing pads with special paper in them. Unlike a regular pad of paper where your pen or pencil creates new lines that weren't there before, your CE pen removes the black coating on the paper, allowing the pattern underneath to shine through. The first twelve pages have Phineas and Ferb characters printed on them in light gold outlines, followed by six blank pages for you to come up with your own scenes.

Crayola Color Explosion P&F Deluxe Set - stickers

To help you with that, a set of 10 stencils and 20 stickers are included. You can see the stickers to the right. I like Agent P's coat of arms and the two faded flags look really nice. I wouldn't mind having either of the flags on a t-shirt.

The pens are designed mainly for thin lines, so it requires a light touch. If you mash down on the pen, the lines get thicker and the tip may get clogged up. It's kind of a felt material, so the instructions tell you how to clean it and to let the pen sit with the cap on to recover if you have any problems with it. There's five pens in the package and I presume you could always buy more if you needed them.

Crayola Color Explosion P&F logo

However, when you want to fill in a large area, I recommend that you use a paintbrush dipped in water, just damp instead of dripping wet. A brush with some firm bristles or a foam brush will give you better control over where you're painting to remove the black coating. You can do small areas with the angled side of the CE pen, but the more you use it like that, the more likely the pen will stop working and will let the pen recover. Using a separate paintbrush for the larger areas means you probably will not need more of the CE pens than what comes in the package.

Crayola Color Explosion P&F Deluxe Set 2 - front

The P&F logo was my first attempt at drawing on a Color Explosion set. The uneven and varying thickness of the lines came from pressing down too hard on the pen. I wound up buying three of the sets and I haven't made my way through the first one yet, so maybe by the time I get to the third set, I'll have some better drawings to show off.

I bought the first two CE sets at Toys R Us and the third at Target. The version both sell has Phineas peeking out on the package with an Agent P drawing. If you go to Crayola's online store, it's the other way around: Agent P in a dramatic pose with a sample picture of Phineas. This gives you 12 new scenes, new stencils and new stickers. I haven't seen this other set at a local store, but up until a couple of days ago, I didn't know that Crayola had more than one in their Phineas and Ferb line. I look forward to seeing more from Crayola in the future.

In my next review, we'll take a look at one of the largest of the Phineas and Ferb products so far: the acoustic guitar.

Cry "Phineas" and let slip the the Ferbs of war

by RRabbit42

When a movie studio, television network or record label wants to spread the word about their latest property, many times it's accompanied by an onslaught of promotion. "This movie is going to be bigger than 'Avatar'!" "Our show is the next 'Saturday Night Live'." "Gerrard Flambeau's music is so hot and so cool, you'll get frostbite and heatstroke at the same time!"

Once you get past the hype, some of them actually do live up to it. Most do not. Because that's what it is: hype. Hype and promotion and advertising that is telling you, "This is what you have to like. You have no say in the matter. All of our millions of dollars has made that decision for you."

When it comes to Phineas and Ferb, Disney Channel is taking a different approach. Yes, they want the show to be big. Comparisons to SpongeBob SquarePants are being bandied about. But they're doing something very smart. And that will make the difference.

Let the audience find the show

TV networks seem to have Candace's "insta-star" mentality. A show must be a hit immediately. If the ratings drop a little bit, the show may be moved to a different night or changes are made in a desperate attempt to fix what is "wrong" with the show. Some of them are cancelled.

"Let the audience find the show" is a technique that many TV networks have forgotten. DVRs are becoming more commonplace so we can change when we watch a show, but not everyone has them. Stability for the audience is still an important factor in making a show a hit. Disney Channel seems to recognize this.

In a recent New York Times article, Gary Marsh, one of the leaders of Disney Channel Worldwide, described it as putting a felt-tip pen on a napkin. You don't see much at first. But you give it time and the dot spreads. You don't have to shove it down people's throats. They're smart enough to see on their own what a great show this is.

Part of letting that dot grow included not making changes even before the show got rolling. Imagine Phineas as someone other than "that triangle-headed kid", Candace without her "swan-like neck" or Ferb with a different nose. That's the kind of change and compromise other cartoons would have had to implement in order to make their corporate masters happy. Gary Marsh ruled out changing the character designs, which was a very wise decision.

Rewarding your audience

It's been almost three years since the first episode aired. Though Disney isn't airing new episodes as quickly as we would like, many things are happening in the background.

Evander Hollyfield and Keone Young were the first guest stars to appear on the show. Dan and Swampy have said that the people who they wanted to appear on the show were all willing to do so. Among them is Jennifer Grey, one of Swampy's friends, whose role as Jeanie Bueller in Ferris Bueller's Day Off was the inspiration for Candace. Now, the Los Angeles Times reports that stars are seeking them out for a chance to be on the show. Judd Nelson, Ben Stiller and Laird Hamilton are recent examples, with Clay Aiken and Chaka Khan singing in "Phineas and Ferb: Summer Belongs to You!", followed by Seth MacFarlane and Kevin Smith appearing in "Nerds of a Feather".

  Both the Disney Channel and Disney XD websites have received some major updates, with both running the Summer Vacation Summerizer and apparently offering slightly different content. If you click on "Sweeps", you'll see the Summer Vacation Sweepstakes where you could win a trip to New York, Los Angeles or Florida, as well as a BMX bike. A separate site was added for Kick Around the World to tie in with the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

If you're musically inclined, Disney's U Rock site is offering a contest where you can create your own music video. You can read more about that on Mobo85's blog.

These are the kinds of things, along with the show being significant part of both channels' lineup, that have lead to the show crossing the threshold into popular culture. In December, Baljeet made a cameo appearance in the online comic Sluggy Freelance. Phineas appeared in the June 17th syndicated comic strip Lola. "S.I.M.P." was used as a promotion for the recent NBA playoffs. Not to be outdone, both Phineas and Dr. Doofenshmirtz sing the Code of Conduct for the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team. If you can attend the July 22nd game against the New York Mets, that's "Phineas and Ferb Night", part of their "My Town" days. Phineas and Ferb will be honorary batboys, accompanied by Dan and Swampy throwing out the first pitch.

The Mouse unleashes the merchandise

We have a discussion on our Community Message Board about the things we want to buy. Two of our members have shared their birthday party pictures that had a Phineas and Ferb theme. And there seems to be a pent-up demand to buy Bango-Rus.

Perry in Park Form

Disney has heard our call for new merchandise.

Beyond the toys already released by Jakks Pacific, the recent Emmy Award won by the show was accompanied by a special performance from Wayne Newton singing Perry's theme at the Licensing Expo. We got a preview of the new Agent P character that will undoubtedly appear at Disney resorts around the world and already has at a Disney Store in Montebello, California.

That Expo was where Disney announced they have 200 products planned, some of which you can see this month in retailers like Wal-Mart, Target, K-mart and J.C. Penny. Backpacks, calendars, party supplies (plates, napkins, etc.), water bottles, lunch kits, pins, temporary tattoos, action figure scenes, a Ferb Airzooka and even a Grow Your Own Ferb planter kit are just some of the things I found recently.

Adults aren't going to be left out, either. Whether it's checks, mailing labels, t-shirts, pajamas or boxer shorts, Disney shows that it knows that fans don't have to be under 18. They'll keep us covered as they go to "war" with SpongeBob.

Where can I buy all this stuff?

We have a Merchandise page that lists what's available. It is going to grow by leaps and bounds as all of the new things are added. You can help out. If you spot something in a store or online, add it.

Coming in two weeks:
  • Results of the next Bi-Weekly Top 5
  • Hands-on with the new merchandise, part seven
  • Retro Reviews: a look back at episodes that deserve a second look
  • Dispelling the impending doom: why the mythical "65 episode rule" shouldn't worry P&F fans
  • Updates on the policies that are being voted on now
  • Other articles to be determined (submissions wanted - send to RRabbit42 or use the Newsletter submissions page)

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