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The Official Phineas and Ferb Wiki Newsletter, Issue 13: February 1, 2010
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Robot dog
The robot dog that has never been in any episode (up to this point).

Crat Corner

by Topher208

Improvement Drive

If you've been following the Gazette recently, you'll know that our readership was at an all time high due to the release of "Phineas and Ferb Christmas Vacation!". It has gone down a bit since then, but should head back up with the release of the new episodes in the upcoming weeks. This means that there's more people than ever checking out our articles and seeing what a mess some of them are.

We are going to start featuring an article per issue that needs help in some way. We will let you know what the editorial staff thinks needs to be fixed in the article and then it is up to you to help overhaul it. Some articles may need to be put back into the correct Point of View, others may have Manual of Style issues. We will try and focus on some of the in-universe articles first, then branch out into the episodes and other real-world articles.

Why is this important? When a person searches for Phineas and Ferb on Google, our site comes up rather high on the list of results. We come up fourth after the official Disney site, IMDb, and Wikipedia. When searching for individual characters, episodes, or songs, we get even higher on the list, oftentimes first. This means that we need to make sure our articles are looking their very best.

In addition to the article we put out there to improve, there is a whole slew of articles that need help. The middle of Season 1, for example, is a great place to start working on improving your episode summary skills. We've also got unwritten articles for many of the show's staff of writers, directors, etc. If you'd like to help, start with Wikipedia, head over to IMDB and see if they've got their own personal website. These are all great resources to start with.

Improvement Article - Stacy Hirano
Changes needed:

  1. Remove the ear piercing from Biography. Not relevant.
  2. Expand and reWord "Meeting Candace" and "The Future" in the Biography.
  3. Relationships. Try to use either present tense or past tense for all sentences. We have a mix of both right now.
  4. Helping Candace get Jeremy's attention: reword the two "one time" sentences.

There may be more, and it could use some expansion and more specifics, so let's get going on it. Remember, if you are making major changes to the article all at once, please post the {{In use}} template to avoid edit conflicts, but remove it once you are finished making changes.

New wiki feature: Avatars

by RRabbit42

Every user that signs up for an account can choose a picture to represent themselves on the wiki. They show up on your User page, your Talk page, your blogs and blog comments and a few other places. In this newsletter, we use these pictures for the author credits.

Each of these pictures is called an avatar. Previously, you had to supply your own picture. Now we have a selection of Phineas and Ferb characters and objects that that you can choose from. Directions are available on the new Avatars page that will show you how to set a picture as your avatar. At the moment, there isn't a way to choose directly from what's already been uploaded to the wiki, so you have to go through the step of saving the picture to your computer, then re-uploading it as your avatar.

Currently, there's a few avatars for most of the well-known characters, objects and groups of people, though we do not have any for some of the characters like Vivian, Norm, and Reginald. More will be added as we go along.

We plan on adding about 50 pictures per character. Any more than that and it becomes pretty cumbersome to wade through all the pictures. If you don't see one that you like, you can put in a request on its Talk page for a new avatar from your favorite episode.

Once you pick an avatar, there's a separate page for you to tell us which one you picked. That will help us see what kinds of avatars people like and we can add more like them.

Since the avatar lists are still being built, you should check back every couple of weeks to see what new characters have been added, and to see the new avatars for each character. You may find a different picture that you like better. If you do pick a different avatar, remember to go back to the selection page and note the new avatar you picked.

PF duo - Title Sequence avatar 1   Adyson with hammer avatar   Jeremy ChezPatypus Avatar   Doofania No Roger avatar   VanessaJohnny Avatar   Perry - Rollercoaster avatar 5   Foreman - Rollercoaster avatar 4

Bi-Weekly Top 5

as voted on by the members of the wiki

Poll #7: What is the boys' best project or invention from the first half of Season 1?

This poll had probably the least amount of voters of all the polls, with the winner in each section pretty much wrapping up a spot in the final five.

Largest number of votes in each section:

Largest total number of votes:
1. Their backyard beach. — 9 votes ("Lawn Gnome Beach Party of Terror")
2. Convincing Love Händel to perform again. — 6 votes ("Dude, We're Getting the Band Back Together")
3. Being secret agents. — 5 votes ("Ready for the Bettys")
4. Tie, with 4 votes each:


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Tri-State Gazette 13 comic by JC

by JeremyCreek JeremyCreek Avatar
This next poll will only have 10 choices in it, so maybe that will encourage the voters to go beyond the first section and cast a vote in all 5 sections.

Next poll: What is the boys' best project or invention from the first 10 episodes of Season 2?


by RRabbit42 and Topher

I said too much

The admins and other "staff" of the Phineas and Ferb Wiki work hard to keep it an enjoyable place to be and do what we can to keep bad influences out. But no matter what we do, there will always be people that want to cause problems. Unfortunately, some of those people are looking for personal information.

Disney Channel has a new public service announcement on their website that talks about online safety. It's narrated by Phineas and is a collaboration between Disney and Common Sense Media. The video can be viewed on the Disney website. It's also viewable on the CSM page, along with a lot of advice and answers to questions for both parents and kids.

The CSM page is worth reading, and our thanks go to Mobo85 for putting the information in his blog.

Here are some guidelines to follow for your User page on the wiki:

  • Do not put your full name or the city you live in. Both of these can be used to locate you, using any number of phone directory websites. Your first name and the state or country you live in should be as specific as you get.
  • Your real life friends' names and identities should also remain private information. It's not fair to them for you to tell the world about them.
  • Do not list your age or birthdate. In addition to keeping people from getting information about you, it will also help you keep your account. You have to be at least 13 to sign up for a Wikia account. If you happened to fib about your age when you signed up, listing your real age or birthdate is an invitation to having your account closed by Wikia Entertainment as a violation of their Terms of Use.
  • Don't put in recognizable information like the school you go to.

You don't have to be completely anonymous, but as long as your remember that what you write on this wiki can be seen by everyone and usually becomes recorded in search engines like Google and Yahoo, it will help you avoid giving out details you don't want known. This applies to other wikis, Wikipedia, and a lot of the Internet in general.

User pages should tell just a little bit about you, not your whole life story. With your parent's permission, you could start a Facebook or MySpace page to tell your friends about you. Because the Phineas and Ferb Wiki can be edited by anyone, this is not a good place to do that. Facebook and MySpace let you control who sees your information.

As a very wise police sergeant once said, "Let's be careful out there."

New feature request

If you have an idea for a feature that you would like added to the wiki, a new page has been set up where you submit that request. You will have a chance to describe the feature and get feedback on how to make it happen.

A category has also been created to track the requests. You can view what has been requested here.


New help pages

The Help section of the Community Portal has two new pages. The first tells you how to create your own custom signatures for your messages. The second is "Calling for help", which will will give you advice on how to handle problems on the wiki, espcially if they are directed towards you.

For the members who have been added to the Recent changes patrol, an advice page has been created that will give you help and advice on what to look for while looking over the recent changes. Please read it and begin marking changes as patrolled so that we stay up-to-date on the changes, rather than having to play catch-up every week.


Tips & Tricks

Tip #1:

While making changes, it is important to use the Preview button and make sure you've finished all your work before you save the article. This cuts back on the number of Recent Changes The RC Patrol needs to monitor.

Coming in two weeks:
  • Results of Bi-Weekly Top 5 poll #8: now with 50% less choices!
  • An update on the "sister wiki" project and an invitation to other wikis.
  • Other articles to be announced. If you have an idea for an article, check out the Newsletter article submission page.

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