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The Official Phineas and Ferb Wiki Newsletter: December 2010 bonus issue
News and information from the world of Phineas and Ferb.

Word Search

Countries (and one city) Phineas and Ferb have visited

(Answers provided in next issue)

Word search Dec 2010
Australia Belgium Cambodia China Dubai
Egypt England France Germany Greece
India Italy Japan Monaco Nepal
Netherlands Poland Russia Singapore Spain

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Crossword puzzle

More people, places and things seen in Phineas and Ferb episodes

(Answers provided in next issue)

Crossword Dec 2010
1. Cured by drinking water or by being scared
4. Hawaiian or Christmas
5. Guest star in "Summer Belongs to You!" (man)
7. Also known as Colin
8. Gives Buford the willies
10. "Musical _____ Countdown"
17. Vanessa's doll (2 words)
21. "Fireside Girl _____" (episode)
23. Speeding _____ that just won't stop!
24. Where Conk was found
26. What Buford stole and gave back
29. Rival to Phineas
30. Meap's _____ translator device
31. Ferb's lizard
32. Ferb danced for a quarter here
33. Rogue agent
34. Phineas' fish
2. Guest star in "Summer Belongs to You!" (woman)
3. What the carolers demanded from Heinz (2 words)
6. "_____ Personality" (episode)
9. Tree found at The Old Abandoned Amusement Park
11. Nickname for Paris (3 words)
12. What Candace wrestled in the sewer
13. Jeremy's Christmas present
14. Better than orange juice
15. Who Candace imitated in London (first name)
16. What Grandpa Fletcher rode in England
18. Waterlogged city
19. Episode that will be a musical
20. Animals Stacy helps in the future
22. "Vanessassary _____" (episode)
25. He's Santa Claus (last name)
26. Buford's fish
27. "Boat of _____" (song)
28. "Mix and Mingle _____" (song)
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Fan art gallery 1

Links to an artist's gallery will be to either their Phineas and Ferb artwork or to their larger gallery.

Agent S, by Sesshoumaru62
"Agent S"
by Sesshoumaru62
Artist's gallery
Does Rufus look different, by kimworld
"Does Rufus Look Different?"
by kimworld
Artist's gallery
Candace and Jeremy chibis, by ThePinkSparkles
"Candace and Jeremy chibis"
by ThePinkSparkles
Artist's gallery
Ah, Perry the Platypus, by BladeXD
"Ah, Perry the Platypus"
by BladeXD
Artist's gallery
Candace goes mad, by iHeartNargles
"Candace goes mad"
by iHeartNargles
Artist's gallery
Doo bee doo bee doo ba, by jbwarner86
"Doo bee doo bee doo ba"
by jbwarner86
Artist's gallery
Cousin to the beaver, by AwsomeEmKay
"Cousin to the beaver"
by AwsomeEmKay
Artist's gallery
CSI - Danville, by Lifour
"CSI: Danville"
by Lifour
Artist's gallery
Curse You, Perry the Platypus, by Not-Quite-Normal
"Curse You, Perry the Platypus"
by Not-Quite-Normal
Artist's gallery
by HienHen
Artist's gallery
Ashley Tisdale, by JunebugHardee
"Ashley Tisdale"
by JunebugHardee
Artist's gallery
Candace Flynn, by kuroneko11
"Candace Flynn"
by kuroneko11
Artist's gallery
Doofenshmirtz, by spooypress
by spooypress
Artist's gallery
Foreigners, by Catula
by Catula
Artist's gallery
Horror, by allhailweegee
by allhailweegee
Artist's gallery
Jeremy Johnson, by theghostlyartist
"Jeremy Johnson"
by theghostlyartist
Artist's gallery
Perry the Platypus beanie, by clarindadotson
"Perry the Platypus beanie"
by clarindadotson
Artist's gallery
Vanessa Doofenshmirtz, by The-Katzan
"Vanessa Doofenshmirtz"
by The-Katzan
Artist's gallery
P and F - The Early Years, by Jindaera
"P and F: The Early Years"
by Jindaera
Artist's gallery
Klimpaloon, by lil-kitty-chan
by lil-kitty-chan
Artist's gallery
Phineas and Ferb Sketch Dump, by lil-lunar-dreamer
"Phineas and Ferb Sketch Dump"
by lil-lunar-dreamer
Artist's gallery
Perry The Platypus, by General-Skarr
"Perry The Platypus"
by General-Skarr
Artist's gallery
Perry The Platypus, by Jamcub
"Perry The Platypus"
by Jamcub
Artist's gallery
Perry the Platypus, by Love-of-Krye
"Perry the Platypus"
by Love-of-Krye
Artist's gallery
Perry the platypus, by Melgeef
"Perry the platypus"
by Melgeef
Artist's gallery
Perry the Platypus, by optical-jackson
"Perry the Platypus"
by optical-jackson
Artist's gallery
Perry the Platypus, by themagpiesnest
"Perry the Platypus"
by themagpiesnest
Artist's gallery
Summer fun, by demitasse-lover
"Summer fun"
by demitasse-lover
Artist's gallery
Perry, the platypus, by K-Vampio
"Perry, the platypus"
by K-Vampio
Artist's gallery
Phinbella Screenshots Draw By Me, by AroojBasit
"Phinbella Screenshots Draw By Me"
by AroojBasit
Artist's gallery
You're Fabulous, by Skylinicus
"You're Fabulous"
by Skylinicus
Artist's gallery
She only can be the princess, by Ferbgirl49
"She only can be the princess"
by Ferbgirl49
Artist's gallery
Stacy Hirano, by Rudohiko
"Stacy Hirano"
by Rudohiko
Artist's gallery
Perry the Platypus, by white-rabbit11
"Perry the Platypus"
by white-rabbit11
Artist's gallery
Uchiwa of phineas and Ferb, by isuzu9
"Uchiwa of Phineas and Ferb"
by isuzu9
Artist's gallery
Obsession Rocks OuO, by caboron
"Obsession Rocks OuO"
by caboron
Artist's gallery
Vanessa With Rose, by JacquelynNightmare
"Vanessa With Rose"
by JacquelynNightmare
Artist's gallery
Watcha doing - wow, by Sakura-Hammy
"Watcha doin-"
by Sakura-Hammy
Artist's gallery
Perry Christmas!
"Perry Christmas!"
by Team Doofenshmirtz
Artist's page
Phineas and Ferb, by CONEJOTO
"Phineas and Ferb"
Artist's gallery (and a picture of Doofenshmirtz)

Fan art gallery 2

Links to an artist's gallery will usually be to their Phineas and Ferb artwork.

by Bowselle97Artist's gallery
I luv Perry, by Bowselle97
"I luv Perry"
Phinnys faces, by Bowselle97
"Phinnys faces"
Candace sketch, by Bowselle97
"Candace sketch"

by Brokenshell44Artist's gallery

Autism Awareness, by Brokenshell44
"Autism Awareness"
Candace's Bean Phaidin, by Brokenshell44
"Candace's Bean Phaidin"
Duckymomo is my friend, by Brokenshell44
"Duckymomo is my friend"

by calibapopoArtist's gallery

Music contest entry, by calibapopo
"Music contest entry"
Thaddeus wallpaper, by calibapopo
"Thaddeus wallpaper"
Vanessa Doofenshmirtz, by calibapopo
"Vanessa Doofenshmirtz"

by Cece-luvfopArtist's gallery

Happy Birthday, Pewy, by Cece-luvfop
"Happy Birthday, Pewy"
Playing around with Ferb, by Cece-luvfop
"Playing around with Ferb"
Purple Jacket, by Cece-luvfop
"Purple Jacket"

by DBluverArtist's gallery

Phinabella, by DBluver
Phineas Jack skellington, by DBluver
"Phineas Jack skellington"
PnF Journal, by DBluver
"PnF Journal"

by DragonMewArtist's gallery

AT + PnF - Don't Even Ask, by DragonMew
"AT + PnF: Don't Even Ask"
PnF - A few, by DragonMew
"PnF: A few"
PnF - Sand Perry, by DragonMew
"PnF: Sand Perry"

by dsguy411Artist's gallery

Catching Butterfly, by dsguy411
"Catching Butterfly"
Father-Daughter Christmas, by dsguy411
"Father-Daughter Christmas"
Fetching Water, by dsguy411
"Fetching Water"

by Eli-the-hedgehogArtist's gallery

My own Perry collage, by Eli-the-hedgehog
"My own Perry collage"
Phineas with a sword, by Eli-the-hedgehog
"Phineas with a sword"
The Fireside Girls, by Eli-the-hedgehog
"The Fireside Girls"

by EllenMarieCurieArtist's gallery

Ashley Tisdale as Candace, by EllenMarieCurie
"Ashley Tisdale as Candace"
Thomas Sangster in London, by EllenMarieCurie
"Thomas Sangster in London"
What's up Stacy - Candace, by EllenMarieCurie
"What's up, Stacy?"

by Honeysucle10Artist's gallery

Balloony, by Honeysucle10
Major Monogram, by Honeysucle10
"Major Monogram"
Vanessa, by Honeysucle10

by InvasorNnyArtist's gallery

Doof, by InvasorNny
Isabella Maravilla, by InvasorNny
"Isabella Maravilla"
Joy, by InvasorNny

by izzy1992Artist's gallery

Distraction, by izzy1992
P and F doodles, by izzy1992
"P and F doodles"
Seaweed Rap, by izzy1992
"Seaweed Rap"

by JaviDLuffyArtist's gallery

E-SA - Whatcha doin, by JaviDLuffy
"E-SA: Whatcha doin'?"
Finding Vanessa, by JaviDLuffy
"Finding Vanessa"
PnF+The Mask - Isabella, by JaviDLuffy
"PnF+The Mask: Isabella"

by jojorules911Artist's gallery

Django, by jojorules911
From the city of love, by jojorules911
"From the city of love"
Mon cherie, je taime, by jojorules911
"mon cherie, je taime"

by JosabellaArtist's gallery

Clay Perry the Platypus side 1, by Josabella
"Clay Perry the Platypus side 1"
PnF Marker Drawings, by Josabella
"PnF Marker Drawings"
Ready for Action, by Josabella
"Ready for Action"

by just-my-drawingsArtist's gallery

Ferb - exlamation plz, by just-my-drawings
"Ferb - exlamation plz"
Hey Izzy, by just-my-drawings
"Hey Izzy"
Is Phineaaaas, by just-my-drawings
"Is Phineaaaas"

by KatieLahArtist's gallery

Disco Miniature Golfing Queen, by KatieLah
"Disco Miniature Golfing Queen"
Everything's Better with Perry, by KatieLah
"Everything's Better with Perry"
Pickles So Green And Meat So Brown, by KatieLah
"Pickles So Green And Meat So Brown"

by KicsterAshArtist's gallery

Ditch the Step part, by KicsterAsh
"Ditch the 'Step' part"
Phineas and Ferb, by KicsterAsh
"Phineas and Ferb"
That Christmas Feeling, by KicsterAsh
"That Christmas Feeling"

by kiki-kitArtist's gallery

These days of summer, by kiki-kit
"These days of summer"
Trivia - Did you know, by kiki-kit
"Trivia: Did you know?"
WRYYYY- PoPiPo, by kiki-kit

by KuzlalalaArtist's gallery

Candace's Best Friend, by Kuzlalala
"Candace's Best Friend"
Isabella, by Kuzlalala
Perry with Shounen Eyes, by Kuzlalala
"Perry with Shounen Eyes"

by LEXLOTHORArtist's gallery

4 More Blue Velvettes, by LEXLOTHOR
"4 More Blue Velvettes"
Separated at Birth 5, by LEXLOTHOR
"Separated at Birth 5"
Vanessa Sings Busted, by LEXLOTHOR
"Vanessa Sings Busted"

by LillyCrystalArtist's gallery

Faithfully Phinbella, by LillyCrystal
"Faithfully Phinbella"
Isabella, by LillyCrystal
PnF Fruits Basket, by LillyCrystal
"PnF Fruits Basket"

by LizzyScarlettBArtist's gallery

Candace as Lindana, by LizzyScarlettB
"Candace as Lindana"
Fireside Girls Emblem, by LizzyScarlettB
"Fireside Girls Emblem"
Xmas Tree, by LizzyScarlettB
"Xmas Tree"

by LoudNoisesArtist's gallery

A Phinbella Christmas - Colour, by LoudNoises
"A Phinbella Christmas - Colour"
Candace Flynn - Colour, by LoudNoises
"Candace Flynn - Colour"
PandF Christmas Cheer, by LoudNoises
"PandF Christmas Cheer"

by MARTY081666Artist's gallery

Happy Spirit Day, by MARTY081666
"Happy Spirit Day"
Melissa Doll, by MARTY081666
"Melissa Doll"
Phin and his cookie, by MARTY081666
"Phin and his cookie"

by MooMoo-of-DoomArtist's gallery

IsabellaxPhineas, by MooMoo-of-Doom
Memories, by MooMoo-of-Doom
Sharing a Friend, by MooMoo-of-Doom
"Sharing a Friend"

by peanutbuttergirl1997Artist's gallery

All I Want For Christmas, by peanutbuttergirl1997
"All I Want For Christmas"
Home Is Where The Heart Is, by peanutbuttergirl1997
"Home Is Where The Heart Is"
Independence Day, by peanutbuttergirl1997
"Independence Day"

by PentameroneArtist's gallery

P+F - Biff II, by Pentamerone
"P+F: Biff II"
P+F - Misc Sketches, by Pentamerone
"P+F: Misc Sketches"
P F The Fireside Girls by Pentamerone-1-
"The Fireside Girls by Pentamerone"

by Pinky1babeArtist's gallery

He's My Hunk, by Pinky1babe
"He's My Hunk"
Just dance, by Pinky1babe
"Just dance"
My style Perry the Platypus, by Pinky1babe
"My style Perry the Platypus"

by PsychopulseArtist's page

Phineas wrapped up in love
"Phineas wrapped up in love"
The Phineas and Ferb Effect
"The Phineas and Ferb Effect"
The Loyal Sisterhood of Fireside Girls
"The Loyal Sisterhood of Fireside Girls"

by QuakerinliviArtist's gallery

Wanted - Ferb v2.0, by Quakerinlivi
"Wanted: Ferb v2.0"
Wanted - Perry the Platypus, by Quakerinlivi
"Wanted: Perry the Platypus"
Wanted - Phineas v2.0, by Quakerinlivi
"Wanted: Phineas v2.0"

by sam-ely-emberArtist's gallery

IPnF, by sam-ely-ember
PnF - Aloha, by sam-ely-ember
"PnF: Aloha"
PnF - Fireside Leader, by sam-ely-ember
"PnF: Fireside Leader"

by samphantom95Artist's gallery

PnF - Cute Stacy, by samphantom95 and GabieGaga91
"PnF: Cute Stacy"
PnF - Ducky Mo-Mo Is My Friend, by samphantom95
"PnF: Ducky Mo-Mo Is My Friend"
PnF - Reinventing High School, by samphantom95
"PnF: Reinventing High School"

by sarahS-I-M-PsonArtist's gallery

Free, by sarahS-I-M-Pson
Perry's changing it up a bit, by sarahS-I-M-Pson
"Perry's changing it up a bit"
PnF Doodles, by sarahS-I-M-Pson
"PnF Doodles"

by ShadowcrossArtist's gallery

Candace, by Shadowcross
Phineas and Ferb, by Shadowcross
"Phineas and Ferb"
Vanessa 2, by Shadowcross
"Vanessa 2"

by SilverlegendsArtist's gallery

PnF - A boy, A girl, by Silverlegends
"PnF: A boy, A girl"
PnF Bonding, by Silverlegends
"PnF Bonding"
WIP-Switcheroo, by Silverlegends
"WIP-Switcheroo" (work in progress drawing)

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