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Jewelery, watches and other ornamentations.

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MSRP = Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price. Individual retailers may offer a product at a lower price. Prices given in U.S. Dollars except when a product is not available in the United States. To see a price in a different currency, use the currency converter.


Picture Name Description MSRP ($US) Retailers
Zipper Clips - Agent P Phineas and Ferb Zipper Clips Clips featuring Phineas, Ferb, Agent P and Perry that attach to zippers. $5.50
  • Available in Disney Store retail locations.
P&F 100% Silicone Bandz Phineas and Ferb Silly Bandz Elastic bands made of 100% silicone. Features two Phineas shapes, three Agent P shapes and one of Ferb. Package of 24. $4.99
  • Available in Toys R Us retail locations.
Three-piece pin set Phineas and Ferb Pin Set Set of three pins that feature Agent P, Candace and Phineas and Ferb that can be lined up to make a larger scene. $54.95


Picture Name Description MSRP ($US) Retailers
Create-Your-Own Sports Watch A water resistant stainless steel sports watch for kids. Can be customized at time of order, with choices for the case color and adding a name. Character designs include Perry, Ferb, Isabella, Candace, two of Agent P, two of Phineas, and other characters from Toy Story, Cars, Bolt and other Disney characters. $34.95
  • (no longer available at
Create-Your-Own Adventures Watch A children's watch that featured customizable case, band and character design. $34.95
  • (no longer available at
Create-Your-Own Royal Watch Customizable watch with an engraved floral design on the metal case. Can be personalized with a name, and features Candace, Isabella, and other characters such as the Disney Princesses, Winnie the Pooh, High School Musical and Hannah Montana. $34.95
  • (no longer available at
Create-Your-Own Teen Watch Customizable watch with a choice of wrist strap colors and attached charm that can be personalized with a name. Characters featured include Candace, Isabella, Perry, two images of Agent P, and other Disney series like the Jonas Brothers, Wizards of Waverly Place, High School Musical, Hannah Montana and Tinker Bell. $34.95
  • (no longer available at
Phineas and Ferb Get Busted wristwatch Phineas and Ferb Get Busted watch A scene from "Phineas and Ferb Get Busted!"


Picture Name Description MSRP ($US) Retailers
Create-Your-Own Duffel Bag
  • Customizable medium sized duffel bag.
  • Choice of black with black handles and orange with black handles.
  • Choice of 122 characters/designs, including one of Agent P and one of Perry.
  • Up to 8 characters in 11 colors and 6 fonts.
  • (no longer available at
P&F Disney Store tote bag Reusable Phineas and Ferb Tote Reusable shopping bag made from 100% post consumer materials. $2.50
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