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Template Song Output
PFTheme Phineas and Ferb Theme Template:PFTheme

Season 1

Template Song Output
BackyardBeachBox Backyard Beach Template:BackyardBeachBox
MomentBox The Moment Has Arrived (Our Song) Template:MomentBox
PerrythePlatypusThemeBox Perry the Platypus
Invisible box 1
GitcheeGooSong Gitchee Gitchee Goo
Phineas and Ferbettes
LindanaSong I'm Lindana and I Wanna Have Fun!
GoPhineas Go, Go, Phineas
Phineas playing guitar while racing
SummerLastOneDay If Summer Only Lasted One Day Template:SummerLastOneDay
BullySong He's a Bully
SoBadlyBox It's Going So Badly Template:SoBadlyBox
CandaceSong She's Candace
Candace Loses her head13
PhinedroidsFerbotsBox Phinedroids and Ferbots
ForeverSummerBox Forever Summer Template:ForeverSummerBox
OnTheTrailBox On the Trail Template:OnTheTrailBox
InTheMallBox In the Mall
I got a-hankerin' for potaters
S'Winter S'Winter
S'Winter skating - cropped

UndeadMummy My Undead Mummy
BettySong Ready for the Bettys
Candace and stacy backup
BUSTEDBox Busted
ShimmyJimmyBox Shimmy Jimmy Template:ShimmyJimmyBox
BrickBox Brick Template:BrickBox
Bigfoot box He's Bigfoot Template:Bigfoot box
TruckBox Truck Drivin' Girl Template:TruckBox
Highway box Hemoglobin Highway Template:Highway box
NemesisBox My Nemesis
Perry pulls the plug on Doof's plan
HistoryRockBox History of Rock
FabulousBox Fabulous
Bobbi being pointed at
NoRhythmBox Ain't Got Rhythm
SnuckYourWayBox You Snuck Your Way Right Into My Heart
Danny and Love Ninjas
MusicBetter Music Makes Us Better
BadbeardSong The Ballad of Badbeard
Pirate Isabella
ChariotBox My Chariot
Leading the chariot race
PaulBunyanPancakes Paul Bunyan's Pancake Haus Template:PaulBunyanPancakes
Busting to us Leave the Busting to Us! Template:Busting to us
MakeSummerLast Gotta Make Summer Last Template:MakeSummerLast
MomBirthdaySong I Love You Mom
You're the one who stays calm
RingBox Ring of Fun
Singing Ring of Fun
DoNothingBox Do Nothing Day
The Best Lazy Day Ever188
FishOutOfWater Fish Out of Water
Buford swimming with Biff
BlackKnightBox Ballad of the Black Knight Template:BlackKnightBox
AnimalsBox And the Animals Go Template:AnimalsBox
PinBowlinBox Pin-bowlin'
FSong F-Games
Chearleader Ferb2
SquirrelsBox S.I.M.P. (Squirrels In My Pants)
Pyf-squirrels in my pants
DiscoGolfQueen Disco Miniature Golfing Queen
SlushyBox Slushy the Clown Template:SlushyBox
PerryTeenageGirlSong Perry the Teenage Girl
FlyFishSong The Flying Fishmonger
Who'sThatGirl Candace (Who's That Girl)
OneGoodScare One Good Scare
Two blue scary faces
EvilerBox He's Eviler Template:EvilerBox
ImpressProfessor Impress My Professor
Wmplayer 2011-12-19 10-25-55-62
PinheadPierreBox Pinhead Pierre Theme Template:PinheadPierreBox
HailDoofainiaSong Hail Doofania! Template:HailDoofainiaSong
RocketShipBox Let's Take a Rocket Ship to Space Template:RocketShipBox
ShootingStar Shooting Star Milkshake Bar Template:ShootingStar
GoodLife The Good Life
Candace and friends on horseback
LittleBrothers Little Brothers
Candace gets a brother - part 2
ChainsBox Chains on Me
Boys think inside the box
BaliwoodBox Baliwood Template:BaliwoodBox
QueenMarsBox Queen of Mars
You put a crown on my head

Season 2

Template Song Output
MissionBox Mission Template:MissionBox
SaveEveryone We'll Save Everyone
Candace saving Jeremy
WettestFriend My Wettest Friend
FloorAfterFloor Floor After Floor
PerfectDay Perfect Day
202a- perfect day 5
AgletsSongBox A-G-L-E-T
FlawlessBox Flawless Girl Template:FlawlessBox
CallBox When Will He Call Me?
Candace holding lots of phones
GelatinMonsterBox Come On, Kids!
Dancing gelatin - cropped
ElementaryBox Elementary Template:MissionBox
WatchWait Watchin' and Waitin'
EvilLoveSong Happy Evil Love Song
TechNature Technology vs. Nature Template:TechNature
DigitalBox Let's Go Digital
Armed and dangerous
OuterSpaceBox My Ride From Outer Space
Going my way?
Bango-ru song Bango-Ru Template:Bango-ru song
KickHeart Couldn't Kick My Way Into Her Heart Template:KickHeart
AirplaneBox Big Ginormous Airplane
QuizSong Let's Take a Quiz
209a- theme song 5
CarWashBox Phintastic Ferbulous Car Wash
PerryCHSong Come Home Perry
Carl!Song Carl, the Intern
SmallBox When You're Small
RomanceBoat Boat of Romance
Mishti flying - avatar
GiveGradeBox Gimme a Grade
Baljeetles Baljeet avatar
I'mMeBox I'm Me
X-Ray Box X-Ray Eyes
Buford with bellyache
SpaDaySong Spa Day
CoconutBox Dr. Coconut Template:CoconutBox
GreatDayBox Today is Gonna Be a Great Day Template:GreatDayBox
CharmedLifeBox Charmed Life Template:CharmedLifeBox
WhoopWhoopBox My Name is Doof
You'll do what I say
YodelBox Yodel Odel Obey Me Template:YodelBox
FiresideGirlsSong The Fireside Girls
MixMingle Mix and Mingle Machine
Mix and Minglers
GoCandaceBox Go Candace Template:GoCandaceBox
AnythingGoAway He'll Do Anything But Go Away
NotBadDad Not So Bad A Dad
Ballpit Kid in Finding Mary McGuffin
MexicanJewishBox Mexican-Jewish Cultural Festival Template:MexicanJewishBox
NoCandyBox There is No Candy in Me
There is no candy in me - cropped
DanceSick Let's All Dance Until We're Sick Template:DanceSick
WingsTurkey That's Wings, You Turkey Template:WingsTurkey
WhatDoSong What Do It Do?
Too bland to be a belly dancer
BustFeedFrenzy Bust Em Beat Em Frenzy Template:BustFeedFrenzy
AtlantisSong Atlantis
WinterVacationBox Winter Vacation
ReallyDon'tHate I Really Don't Hate Christmas
On the Fence
ChristmasFeeling That Christmas Feeling
Shining Star
Wrongbox Where Did We Go Wrong?
How could we be naughty
Nicenessbox Danville for Niceness
ChristmasStart Christmas is Starting Now
ThankSantaBox Thank You Santa
Christmas morning
WhatWant What Does He Want?
Candace trying to think - What Does He Want
PassThroughSong Just Passing Through Template:PassThroughSong
WeddingBox Wedding Adventure Template:WeddingBox
BubbleGumBox Bubble Gum Template:BubbleGumBox
TuffGumBox Tuff Gum Template:TuffGumBox
MobileMammalBox Alabama Bound
Carl Incognito Carl, Incognito Template:Carl Incognito
LevitateBox When You Levitate Template:LevitateBox
TriStateUnification Tri-State Area Unification Day Template:TriStateUnification
YoureNotFerbBox You're Not Ferb
YNF 19
SoBustBox So Busted Template:SoBustBox
NoKiddieRideSong Ain't No Kiddie Ride Template:NoKiddieRideSong
SpaceAdventureBox Space Adventure Template:SpaceAdventureBox
BustedBustedBox Busted, Busted Template:BustedBustedBox
BustBrothersBox Bust Your Brothers Template:BustBrothersBox
RobotRodeoSong Robot Rodeo Template:RobotRodeoSong
FrizziesBox Izzy's Got the Frizzies
SkateTrackBox Yippy Ki Yi Yay! Template:SkateTrackBox
BeakSong The Beak Template:BeakSong
NeverOrdinary Never Gonna be an Ordinary Day Template:NeverOrdinary
BetterBestFriend You're My Better Best Friend Template:BetterBestFriend
APrimeCalypso A-Prime Calypso
Do The A-Prime Calypso With Me
BadLuckBox Bad Luck
Running from the beast
BelieveWeCan I Believe We Can
WelcomeToTokyoBox J-Pop (Welcome to Tokyo)
Phineas and Ferb are Caramelldansen
What just happened - cropped
RubberBandsBox Rubber Bands, Rubber Balls
Testing the Bounce 2 - SBTY
BounceBox Bouncin' Around the World
CityOfLoveBox City of Love
Lady singing behind Isabella
FollowSunBox Follow the Sun Template:FollowSunBox
SummerBelongsBox Summer Belongs to You
Everyone singing SBTY
SBTY Closing Cast Shot
DoofPuss Doof 'N' Puss Template:DoofPuss
DuckyMomoFriend Ducky Momo is My Friend Template:DuckyMomoFriend
BetterMovie To War Template:BetterMovie
DuckyMomoBox Ducky Momo Theme Song Template:DuckyMomoBox
YellowSidewalk The Yellow Sidewalk Template:YellowSidewalk
IWannaBeCool I Wish I Was Cool Template:IWannaBeCool
TreeBox Tree Related Wish
IWantNothingBox I Want Nothing
I want nothing
GuardSong The Guards' Wishes Template:GuardSong
RedRubberBoots My Red Rubber Boots Template:RedRubberBoots
RustedBox Rusted Template:RustedBox
NotKnowBox Not Knowing Where You're Going
AlienBox Alien Heart
Love for Science experiment
AllTerrainbox All Terrain Vehicle
Give me money Give Me Your Money Today Template:Give me money
FloorBox Keep on Building Template:FloorBox
Me&Myself Me, Myself and I
Close encounter
PlatypusControlBox There's a Platypus Controlling Me
Brain Drain (147)
HeyFerb Hey Ferb
GoingDownBox You're Going Down
Candace signs Stop
WhatchaDoinBox What'cha Doin'?
Isabella signing Whatcha Doin'-1
ScreenBox Monogram Box Song Template:ScreenBox
MomLookBox Mom Look
LittleYoungBox Aren't You a Little Young?
BackGimmelshtump Back in Gimmelshtump
RollercoasterSong Rollercoaster
CarpeDiemBox Carpe Diem
BreathBox Breath Template:BreathBox
CandaceParty Candace Party
Candace's Party

Season 3

Template Song Output
SetRecordStraight Set the Record Straight
MoanBox Do the Moan Template:MoanBox
TwoOfUs Just the Two of Us
RunBox Run, Candace, Run Template:RunBox
GiveUpBox Give Up
Candace gave up
SharkBox The Shark of Danville Harbor Template:SharkBox
MoonSong Moon Farm Template:MoonSong
SuperComputer Buildin' a Supercomputer Template:SuperComputer
FunhouseBox Funhouse Template:FunhouseBox
DanceBaby Dance Baby
RugBox Aerial Area Rug
Magic carpet ride pic6
DartBox With a Dart
Bad Hair Day Image59
MeatloafBox Meatloaf
Meatloaf Surprise Image63
BlueprintsBox Blueprints
With These Blueprints
SnacksBox Snacks Template:SnacksBox
SunshineGum Sunshine and Bubble Gum Template:SunshineGum
RealBoy Real Boy Template:RealBoy
HomeOnRoad Little Bit of Home on the Road Template:HomeOnRoad
EverythingBetterWithPerryBox Everything's Better with Perry
MysteriousForceBox Mysterious Force
I just want the truth known
He'sDoofBox He's Doof Template:He'sDoofBox
BrandNewBestFriend Brand New Best Friend
AtSD DXD promo 8
Summer box Summer (Where Do We Begin?)
HNI 0063
WalkAway I Walk Away Template:WalkAway
IfYouTravelThroughDimensions Baljeet Explanation Template:IfYouTravelThroughDimensions
BrandNewReality Brand New Reality
Doof is a bridge
RobotRiotBox Robot Riot
TakeCareThings Takin' Care of Things Template:TakeCareThings
KickNotch Kick It Up A Notch
We've got heads full of dreams
BustBag Bust is in the Bag Template:BustBag
TourDeFerbSong Tour de Ferb
SkiddleyWhiffersSong Skiddley Whiffers
LadyBox Lady Song
FootballX7 Football X-7
Playing Soccer!
NostrilsBus Nostrils on the Bus Template:NostrilsBus
EvilTonightBox Evil Tonight
KlimpaloonSong The Ballad of Klimpaloon Template:KlimpaloonSong
WerecowBox Were-Cow Template:WerecowBox
VampireBox Vampire Song Template:VampireBox
FrenemiesBox Frenemies Template:FrenemiesBox
FerbLatinSong Ferb Latin Template:FerbLatinSong
Want to let it snow Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow
KingWenceslasBox Good King Wenceslas Template:KingWenceslasBox
WishChristmas We Wish You A Merry Christmas Template:WishChristmas
ZubadaBox Zubada
The caveband
WayPlatypus The Way of the Platypus Template:WayPlatypus
QuestBox Questing Song Template:QuestBox
EpicMonsterBattle Epic Monster Battle
Gets up again
Don'tLookDownBox Don't Look Down
322b - Light on Her Feet
MindBox Deep Into Your Mind
AntsBox Ants Template:AntsBox
Cheese-topia box Cheesetopia
PerryHat Perry's Hat Template:PerryHat
PerrytronicBox Perrytronic
319a - Shiny Bill
SpendHalfDay Let's Spend Half a Day
Actorpus 004
LiesBox Lies Template:LiesBox
FreeBox Free Template:FreeBox
HoleInHeart Big Honkin' Hole in My Heart Template:HoleInHeart
HandsomeBox I'm Handsome Template:HandsomeBox
DriveWaltz Drusselstein Driving Test Waltz
Phone Call
He'sMitchBox He's Mitch Template:He'sMitchBox
WarBox To War
327 - Marching to War
PaulBalladBox The Ballads of Paul Template:PaulBalladBox
RunLove Runnin' from Love (In a Bear Suit) Template:RunLove
WeAreMoms We Are the Moms Template:WeAreMoms
BigBrainBox Big Brain Template:BigBrainBox
BabyBox Great to Be a Baby
322a - Thumb Baby
S'FallBox S'Fall
Bottom of the leaf-fall
HorseBookcase Horse in a Bookcase Template:HorseBookcase
CrocodileBox Subterranean Crocodile Apprehension Expedition Template:CrocodileBox
JetpackVolleyballBox Jetpack Volleyball Template:JetpackVolleyballBox
MonogramBox Monogram Rap This Old Man Template:MonogramBox
NonReaction Non Reaction Song Template:NonReaction
KeepApart Won't Keep Us Apart Template:KeepApart
SwapMeetBox Swap Meet Template:SwapMeetBox
MonogramTheme Major Monogram Theme Song Template:MonogramTheme
PlatypusFight When Platypi Fight Template:PlatypusFight
WeaponryBox Weaponry Template:WeaponryBox
SavannahBox On the Savannah
HUV Box Highly Unconventional Vehicle Template:HUV Box
EvilExtraCredit Evil for Extra Credit Template:EvilExtraCredit
MonkeysBox Livin' with Monkeys
WPp2 Livin' With Monkeys5
That'sNorm That's the Norm Template:That'sNorm
WhalemingoBox Whalemingo Template:WhalemingoBox
DoubleDutchBox Double Dutch Song Template:DoubleDutchBox
BeSquirrel Be a Squirrel Template:BeSquirrel
HeckDay Heck of a Day Template:HeckDay
WhatIsThisThing What Is This Thing? Template:WhatIsThisThing

Season 4

Template Song Output
HockeyBox "Hockey Z-9"
NewYearBox "Happy New Year"
Fireside Girls Gangnam
FlySong "Fly On the Wall"
Mqdefault (13)
RuleOneBox "Wake Up Better" Template:RuleOneBox
SweetRideSong "My Cruisin' Sweet Ride"
Candace and Jeremy driving to the Doo Wop Hop
KinderlumperSongBox "Kinderlumper" Template:KinderlumperSongBox
HandcarBox "Handcar" Template:HandcarBox
GreenlandBox "Greenland National Anthem" Template:GreenlandBox
HelicopterBox "Helicopter Fight" Template:HelicopterBox
EverythingisProbableBox "Improbably Knot" Template:EverythingisProbableBox
TroubleBox "Buford is in Trouble" Template:TroubleBox
SquareDance "Square Dance" Template:SquareDance
ShakeBox "Shake Your Body" Template:ShakeBox
HodgePodgeSong "Backyard Hodge Podge" Template:HodgePodgeSong
Bee day song "Bee Song"
Bee Day women with hive
WaggleDanceBox "Waggle Dance"
Bee Story-Waggle Dance2
ExtraBox "Extraordinary"
Candace painting
HistoryTriStateArea "History of the Tri-State Area" Template:HistoryTriStateArea
UntiableBox "Gordian Knot"
We're going to try
RockClimbingWallBox "Rock Climbing Wall" Template:RockClimbingWallBox
ChupacabraBox "Chupacabra Ho"
The Boys looking for Chupacabra
IsabellaBirthdaySong "Isabella's Birthday Song"
Phineas and Isabella in a limo
RobotLoveBox "Robot Love Song" Template:RobotLoveBox
DanceContrition "Humiliating Stumblegimp Dance of Contrition" Template:HumiliatingStumblegimpDanceContrition
AsteroidSurf "Surfin' Asteroids" Template:AsteroidSurf
MyStreetBox "My Streets" Template:MyStreetBox
EvilBuddies "My Evil Buddies and Me"
OnlyHelp "Only Trying To Help"
Candace and Isabella at the bottom of the stairs while singing only trying to help
FeelSuperBox "Feelin' Super" Template:FeelSuperBox
FeelFroggyBox "Feeling Froggy"
Candace's hair and isabella's hair standing up on end
PyramidSportBox "Pyramid Sports" Template:PyramidSportBox
TroySong "Troy" Template:TroySong
PF Remix "Foot Stomp Mash Up" Template:PF Remix
Haunt Box "Vampire Queens Love Pimpernels" Template:Haunt Box
NoMomoBox "No Mo Mo" Template:NoMomoBox
RustySongBox "Rusty Britches Song 1" and "Rusty Britches Song 2" Template:RustySongBox
Foamtown Box "Foam Town" Template:Foamtown Box
IrishRoverBox "Irish Rover" Template:IrishRoverBox
AboutYou "Giant 3D Scrapbook" and "Regular Sized Scrapbook"
3D scrapbook first kiss moment
BraveNewWorld "Professor Elemental Future Past" Template:BraveNewWorld
SunshineBox "Dancing in the Sunshine" Template:SunshineBox
ExtremeBox "Extremely Extreme" Template:ExtremeBox
SwankyLairBox "Doofenshmirtz Swanky New Evil Lair" Template:SwankyLairBox
SummerAllOver "Summer All Over the World"
IrvingCampBox "Irving's Camp Song" Template:IrvingCampBox
OWCAGoDownBox "O.W.C.A.'s Goin' Down" Template:OWCAGoDownBox
FletcherCircusBox "Fletcher Family Flying Circus" Template:FletcherCircusBox
StraightUpBust "Straight Up Bust" Template:StraightUpBust
GiantPuppetBox "Giant Puppet Show" Template:GiantPuppetBox
PicANicBustBox "Pic-A-Nic Bust" Template:PicANicBustBox
TreesWoodBox "Trees are Made of Wood" Template:TreesWoodBox
FlashBox "Flashing Back To Fashion Forward" Template:FlashBox
KlimpaloonBalladBox "The Ballad of Klimpaloon" Template:KlimpaloonBalladBox
NeedLetterBack "I Need My Letter Back" Template:NeedLetterBack
TatooineBox "Tatooine" Template:TatooineBox
InEmpireBox "In the Empire" Template:InEmpireBox
FeelSoLow "I'm Feelin' So Low" Template:FeelSoLow
SithInatorBox "Sith-Inator" Template:SithInatorBox
RebelLet'sGoBox "Rebel, Let's Go!" Template:RebelLet'sGoBox
TalkToHimBox "Talk to Him" Template:TalkToHimBox
InatorMethodSong "The Inator Method (song)" Template:InatorMethodSong
JumpBox "Jump Right to It" Template:JumpBox
ArmyBox "Army of Me" Template:ArmyBox
TriangulationBox "Triangulation"
LotsOfMeBox "Lots of Me" Template:LotsOfMeBox
TalkToHimBox "Playing a Game of Sports"
InatorMethodSong "All the Convoluted Reasons We Pretend to be Divorced"
JumpBox "Doof 101"
ArmyBox "Mid-Life Crisis"
TriangulationBox "What Might Have Been"
LotsOfMeBox "Serious Fun"
TalkToHimBox "There's No One I'd Rather Go Nowhere With"
InatorMethodSong "When Tomorrow Is this Morning Again"
JumpBox "Gotta Get Back in Time"
ThankYou "Curtain Call/Time Spent Together"


Template Description Output
FaveSong|Image, no "File:" prefix|Name of song Allows a user to create a custom userbox for their favorite song. Example:
Flop Starz
LeastFaveSong|Image, no "File:" prefix|Name of song Allows a user to create a custom userbox for their least favorite Song. Example:
Dr. Coconut
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