This page will link to the categories that list any files that have been identified as needing an update. After you improve any of the areas shown, remove that category from the file's page.

Summaries needed: Needs a summary, or a better one than currently exists. Make sure it has the == Summary == section header. The summary should also include the episode that the picture came from, such as: From "[[Rollercoaster]]".

Licensing needed: It will almost always be {{Fairuse}} for Fair Use, or else {{Self}} if it's a fan art picture uploaded by the artist. Make sure it has the == Licensing == section header.

Categories needed: It is missing one or more categories. This can also indicate that the picture is not showing up when you go to that category. Usually making an edit to the page will refresh the category information and get it to appear in the category.

Replacement picture needed: If you can upload a better version of the picture, you should do so. A better version would be one that is crisper/less blurry, doesn't have a logo on it and/or is a widescreen version. Before uploading a widescreen version, check the bottom of the file's page to see if it's being used in a template. If it is, the template may look better using the current size of the picture. However, the widescreen version could still be uploaded with a matching name, such as 42 lands on the road - HD.jpg.

Note: If you see a Ð character on a picture page, that was placed there to update each picture and ensure that it would appear in the proper categories. It will be removed shortly.

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