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Parts of this page have been identified as no longer being up to date with recently released material. Make sure to include information on All categories since July 03, 2010 in this page. (July 19, 2011)

A description of what the categories are about can be seen below. A full list of the categories is available on the Special:Categories page and is automatically updated. You may also go to the Browse category page to see how the categories are arranged in relation to each other.

When new categories are created, they should also be added here to explain their purpose.

Main divisions

The categories that cover the main sections of this wiki.

Category Purpose
Browse Categories, information and pages relating to the show Phineas and Ferb are organized in the Browse category.
Help Providing help for members and visitors of this wiki.
Administration For areas regarding the wiki's organization, administration and maintenance.

All of the categories listed below can be found in these main sections. They are presented in a different order than what can be found by using the Category:Browse category.

Behind the scenes

Categories relating to the actors, directors, etc.

Category Purpose
Crew Main category for people involved with making Phineas and Ferb.
Actors Voice actors on the show.
Authors Authors of the Phineas and Ferb books.
Creators For the creators of the show (Dan Povenmire and Jeff "Swampy" Marsh).
Directors Directors of the Phineas and Ferb episodes.
Musicians Singers and band members that have contributed to the show. If a singer has a speaking role, they will also be listed in the Actors category.
Songwriters For the songwriters on the show.
Writers Writers of the episodes.


Pages are automatically added to categories marked with by the color scheme selected for their Infobox.

Category Purpose
Character categories Main category relating to characters. Includes categories listed in the "Groups" section below.
Characters Lists all characters appearing in this show.
Adults Adults in the show.
Agents For the Secret Agents in the show.
Aliens Category for aliens that appear in the show.
Animals Category for animals that appear in the show.
Former Agents Lists the former agents that have appeared in the show.
Kids Category for kids that appear in the show.
Monsters Monsters, or monster-like creatures.
Robots Robots that appear in the show.
Seniors Characters in the show that are older than adults.
Teens Teenagers that are seen in the show.
Villains The villains appearing on the show.


Categories relating to episodes.

Category Purpose
Episodes Main list of all episodes.
Season categories Episodes divided up by season: Season 1 episodes, Season 2 episodes.
Episode galleries See "Image and file categories" below.
Episode images See "Image and file categories" below.
Big Ideas Lists the "nearly impossible plans" that Phineas and Ferb come up with every day.
Schemes and inventions Schemes and inventions created by Dr. Doofenshmirtz and other characters in the show.
TV Series TV series that can be seen in episodes of Phineas and Ferb.
Unaired Episodes For episodes that have been officially announced but not yet unaired.


Categories marked with will not be individually listed because new entries in that kind of category are added on a regular basis.

Category Purpose
(character) Information relating to the named character, such as Baljeet Tjinder or Stacy Hirano.
These categories are under review to determine if they have become too widespread. Refer to the Categories for individual characters forum for details.
(family) Family categories show all members of that family, such as the Brown family and the Doofenshmirtz family.
(nationality/ethnicity) characters This category shows all people of that particular nationality or ethnicity, such as British characters, Drusselsteinians and Hispanic Characters.
Families General-purpose category to note families in the show.
Groups Groups that appear in the show.
Bands — Listed below in the "Songs" section.
Businesses — Businesses that have appeared in the show that are smaller than Companies, including Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated
Companies — Large companies that have appeared in the show, including Har D Har for the Har D Har Toy Company.
Organizations — Organizations that appear in the show. Includes Fireside Girls, L.O.V.E.M.U.F.F.I.N. and O.W.C.A..
Citizens of Danville Any character that can be determined as living in the Danville area is listed here. Does not include characters visiting from out of town, such as Blanca Dishon.
Deceased characters Any characters specifically mentioned as being dead, or can reasonably be presumed to be dead, are listed here.
Scientists Scientists (person whose work is related with sciences).
Teachers Teachers and professors appearing in the show.


Categories that provide help.

Category Purpose
Help The main Help category page.
Copyright Pages relating to copyright information.
Help desk Pages from the Help desk forum are listed here.
Policy Policies for the Wiki.
Wiki enhancement requests Any features to be added to this wiki that a member has requested are listed here. New features may be added with the New feature request form.

Image and file categories

Categories marked with will not be individually listed because new entries in that kind of category are added on a regular basis.

Category Purpose
Image categories Main category relating to all images.
Images Displays all pictures.
Galleries Pages with individual galleries, Character galleries and Episode galleries.
Agent P's equipment images Images relating to The O.W.C.A.'s equipment and technology.
Avatar categories Avatars of the various characters and groups, such as Ginger Hirano avatars, Teen avatars or Category:Object avatars. To see how to select a picture for your User avatar, check the Avatars page.
Character images Each character has a category of images of them. For example, Phineas Flynn images or Ferb Fletcher images. Characters such as Perry may have additional image categories to help distinguish between their roles (Perry the Platypus images for Perry as a pet, and Agent P images for when he is on duty as Agent P).
(group) images Images for a group or organization, such as Fireside Girls images.
Episode images Main category for categories relating to episodes.
Big Ideas images — Pictures of the Big Ideas that Phineas and Ferb create every day.
Images from (episode) — Each episode has a category of images from it. For example, Images from Rollercoaster and Images from the Title Sequence.
Images from The Original Story Pitch — Pictures from the Original Story Pitch.
Images from the Title Sequence — Images from the Title Sequence of the show.
Title cards — Screenshots of the title cards for each episode.
Agent images Images of the Agents that work for the O.W.C.A.
CC-BY-SA files Images and files that are covered under Creative Commons licensing.
Doofenshmirtz girlfriends images Images of Dr. Doofenshmirtz's girlfriends and dates.
Drawn Art Artwork and production images for Phineas and Ferb. Pictures drawn by fans should be listed only in the "Fan art" category. (See "User categories" below.)
Help images Images that provide examples in the help/instruction sections of the wiki.
Wiki advertising images — Images that can be used to advertise the Phineas and Ferb Wiki.
Location images Images that show a geographical area, building or business that may or may not feature a specific character. For the actual places shown in these pictures, refer to the Locations category.
Agent P's lair images — Pictures of Agent P's various lairs and bases of operation.
Drusselstein images — Images of the people and places in Drusselstein.
Flynn-Fletcher house images — Pictures of the Flynn-Fletcher house.
Images of outer space — Images of people, places and things that are in outer space.
Merchandise images Pictures of Phineas and Ferb merchandise. For information on the products themselves, refer to the Merchandise category.
Book images — Pictures from Phineas and Ferb books.
CD and DVD images — Images relating to the Phineas and Ferb releases on CD and DVD.
Game images — Pictures from online games and games that can be bought in a store.
Logos — Company logos, used for reference pages on this wiki.
Toy images — Pictures of Phineas and Ferb toys.
Panoramas Panoramic images where the camera pans across a large area.
Promotional images Pictures and advertisements for Phineas and Ferb.
Real World Images Images of production personnel including writers, performers, etc.
Actor images — Pictures of all the voice actors on the show.
Crew images — Pictures of all the production crew on the show.
Title cards Screen captures from episodes that show the episode's title.
Videos Any videos that are uploaded to this wiki automatically become a part of this category.
Wallpapers Pictures that can be used as a wallpaper on your computer.
Web page images Screen captures of web pages, used to accompany an article or preserve information.

Locations and Events

Category Purpose
Locations Main category for locations seen in the show.
Danville — This is for the people, places and things in and around Danville.
Restaurants — Restaurants that appear in the show.
Events Special events that take place in the show and in the real world.
Marathons Groups of episodes that are broadcast together, usually with a common theme.

Newsletter and Community items

Category Purpose
Articles needing improvement Articles marked with the Revise template are automatically added to this category.
Featured pages Categories relating to pages that are featured on this wiki.
Articles of the Month — Pages that were a part of the Articles of the Month system that is no longer in use. Replaced by Featured article nominations below.
Featured Articles — Articles marked as a featured article. Full list.
Featured Pictures of the Month — Pictures selected to be the Featured Picture of the Month. Voting forum.
Featured article nominations — Lists the current articles that have been nominated. Voting/nomination forum.
Project files Files and images that relate to making Phineas and Ferb-related objects. Includes both official items released by Disney and fan-made crafts.
Community For pages relating to Community business.
User avatars Pictures that are used as avatars and are also used as a "portrait" for writers of the Tri-State Gazette newsletter.
Tri-State Gazette Pages and files that are a part of the Tri-State Gazette newsletters.
Newsletter submissions — Newsletter articles that were not submitted through e-mail are grouped under this category. It is recommended that you do not read them so as to not spoil your enjoyment of the newseltter when it is published.
Blog categories Main category for items relating to blogs.
Blog posts — Lists the blogs that have been created by users.
Community News blogs — Blogs marked with the "Community News blogs" category will be used to automatically populate the Main Page.
Show News blogs — Blog posts relating to news about the show.
Forums General-purpose category relating to the forums.
Downtown Danville — Categories for all forums in the "Downtown Danville" section.
Help desk — Lists the messages added to the Help desk forum.
The Backyard — Categories for all forums in "The Backyard" section.

Objects and things

Category Purpose
Food Pages that are about or relate to food.
Materials Man-made materials and naturally-occurring materials, such as a chemical element.
Media Main category for all media-related items, such as books and music, that appear in the show. Media that exists in the real world, such as the DVDs, should be in a separate category.
Plants Primarily for plants as objects, but also can include characters that are plants.
Toys Toys that are seen in the show.
TV Series Used to classify TV shows that are seen as part of the series, and for the show Phineas and Ferb itself.
Vehicles Vehicles that are seen in the series.

Real World articles

Category Purpose
Real World categories Main category for pages and articles relating to our world.
Games Games, real world ones or in-universe ones.
Interviews and articles Interviews conducted with the cast and crew of Phineas and Ferb and articles about them or the show.
Merchandise Items for sale relating to Phineas and Ferb.
Books — Books, real world ones or in-universe ones.
CDs — CDs and MP3 downloads.
DVDs — DVDs that have been released.
Soundtracks — Soundtracks for the series.
Merchandise images See "Image and file categories" above.
Real World Articles Articles that are about items in the real world (outside of the show). Many of these are added automatically when the RW version of the Era icon are used.
This category is under consideration for a major revision since it is used for both real world articles and in-universe articles (episodes, characters, etc.). More information can be found on Wikipedia's Manual of Style for writing about fiction.
Real World events Special events that take place in our world.
Marathons — Marathons of Phineas and Ferb episodes.


Categories relating to Songs. Categories marked with will not be individually listed because new entries in that kind of category are added on a regular basis.

Category Purpose
Song categories The main category for song-related pages and categories.
Albums Albums, real world ones or in-universe ones.
Bands For the bands/musical groups that appear in the show.
Bands in this category: Love Händel, PFT, The Baljeatles, The Bettys
Soundtracks Soundtracks for Phineas and Ferb.
Songs sung by (character) Songs that are sung by a character, such as Songs sung by Candace Flynn.


Category Purpose
Article stubs All stub categories listed below are automatically added to the main Aricle stubs category. Each page is a candidate to be expanded with further information.
Cast stubs Short pages on the actors that need to be expanded.
Agent stubs Short pages on the agents appearing in the show
Character stubs Short pages on the general characters appearing in the show.
Music stubs Short pages on music that is heard in the show.
Toy stubs Short pages on the toys that are seen in the show.

User categories

Categories marked with will not be individually listed because new entries in that kind of category are added on a regular basis.

Category Purpose
Administrators Lists the Administrators of this wiki.
Correspondence Areas Designates user pages with messages to the show's creators and actors.
Fan art Artwork that is created by fans.
User templates Lists templates that users can put on their pages to consolidate the types of edits they have made.
Usersboxes Displays the Userboxes that people can add to their User page. After they have added one or more Userboxes, they are also listed with this category.
Other userboxes Userboxes not directly related to the show are listed here.
Projects Any project relating to Phineas and Ferb created by a user.
Project files — Files containing the instructions to make a project. This includes instructions from Disney websites, such as "How to draw the Phineas and Ferb characters".
Project images — Pictures related to projects.
User categories Categories created as part of Userboxes. Descriptions often start with "Users who ship" or "Users who support", but also include "Users that like Ferb's feety pajamas" and "Users who want to take over the Tri State Area".
Users who have rollback rights As the name implies: Users who have been granted Rollback rights. Administrator privileges also include Rollback rights.


Categories related to maintaining this wiki.

Category Purpose
Browse The top-level category. All other categories should be a sub-category of Browse, or a further-down sub-category of another category.
Site administration Main category for administration of this wiki.
Site maintenance Main category for maintaining and improving the wiki.
Article management templates Templates that aid in article management.
Articles needing improvement Any page that needs to be updated.
Article stubs — Listed above in the "Stubs" section.
Incomplete summaries — Pages with the Incomplete template on them are automatically added to this category so that they may receive special attention for updating.
Pages needing citation — Used to designate that proof is needed for one or more statements on a page. Many of these are added automatically when the Citation template or the Incite template is added to a page.
Candidates for deletion Articles marked with the Delete template are automatically added to this category.
Article protection Categories that deal with pages that needed to be protected due to excessive problems such as spam or vandalism.
Move-Protected pages — Pages that have needed to be protected from being moved an excessive amount of time.
Protected pages — This category lists the pages that have had to be protected due to excessive editing.
Semi-Protected pages — Articles that are semi-protected to prevent anonymous IP users from editing.
Candidates for renaming Articles marked with the Rename template are automatically added to this category.
Copyright Used to designate pages dealing with copyright issues.
Disambiguations Lists pages that are used for diambiguation (common uses of a name or phrase).
File management Category needed — Pictures/files that need one or more categories.
License needed — Pictures/files that need their licensing updated or added.
Picture needed — Pictures that need a better quality version uploaded.
Summary needed — Pictures/files that are missing a summary or need a better summary.
International Pages relating to Phineas and Ferb in countries outside the United States.
Lists Lists of information, such as this page.
Merge Suggestions Pages that have been recommended to be merged with another page are listed here. Many of these are added automatically when the Merge template is added to the page.
Policy Official policies of this wiki.
Redirects Pages that are used to redirect to an existing page.
Template categories Main category for template-related categories.
Templates — Lists the templates that have been created for use on this wiki.
Category templates — Lists the templates that are used on Category pages.
General wiki templates — Lists the templates that are used for editing the wiki.
Image wiki templates — Templates used for image-related purposes.
User Templates — See "User categories" above.
Unknowns If a character has not been clearly identified, they will be listed in this category. Pages will also be added to this category if the Infobox color is not one of the pre-defined color selections.
S Pages will be listed here when the color selection in the Character Infobox is not correct.

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