Phineas Flynn
Phineas Flynn (1542) 2
Phineas Flynn (1542)
Gender: Male
Nationality: Chinese
Nemesis: Doofus Khan
Friends and Family
Linda Flynn-Fletcher (1542) (mother)
Lawrence Fletcher (1542) (stepfather)
Candace Flynn (1542) (sister)
Ferb Fletcher (1542) (stepbrother)
Love interests:
Princess Isabella
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "Doof Dynasty"
Last Appearance:
  "Doof Dynasty"
Voiced by:
Vincent Martella
Robert F. Hughes (old)

"We made it and completely unscathed. Good thing we brought along that yak bladder."
— Phineas Flynn (1542)

Phineas Flynn from China in 1542 is Phineas' counterpart who takes his place during the episode "Doof Dynasty".

Personal Life

Phineas lives in the Tri-Province Area with his family. With Ferb, he builds contraptions that are slightly more advanced than what they had in at the time.

When Doofus Khan kidnapped the Princess, he and his friends went to get Master Perry's help - this pulled them into an adventure that made them all heroes. He spent most of his life building the Great Wall with Ferb.

Physical appearance

He looks just like Phineas, but has a queue instead of spiky hair. He wears a rice hat, a white robe tied by a red belt and sandals on his feet.

Personality and traits

He is optimistic, inventive, happy, and talkative, just like modern Phineas. It appears he has a crush on Princess Isabella.

Skills and abilities

Like the modern Phineas, he has an active imagination and great ingenuity. After Master Perry's training, he learned the Way of the Platypus.


Ferb Fletcher

Ferb is Phineas's stepbrother and also his best friend. Like their present-day equivalents, the two boys share a strong imagination and knack for building things to bring their imaginings into real life. Ferb always has his brother's back, and exactly the tools they need for whatever they are going to do today.

Candace Flynn

Since Phineas was never seen interacting with his older sister, whether or not their relations ship is the same as that of their present-day counterparts or different is unknown. Like her counterpart, Candace does not approve of her younger brothers' logic-defying antics.

Baljeet Tjinder

Baljeet is good friends with Phineas, though Baljeet seems closer to Buford than he is to Phineas or Ferb. Baljeet takes part in Phineas's plan to find Master Perry the Platypus and rescue the princess from Doofus Khan.

Buford Van Stomm

Buford and Phineas are good friends, though Buford seems a bit closer to Baljeet than to Phineas. Buford is the only one to question the logic of Phineas's plans, such as how he intends to cross the Uncrossable River of Uncrossableness or climb the Unclimbable Mountain of Unclimbableness. Phineas also seems a bit annoyed when it appears Buford is going to do a flashback when they need to escape from Doofus Khan Multi-Level Yurt.

Master Perry the Platypus

Phineas clearly has great respect for Master Perry and is clearly honored when he meets the monotreme. Phineas also asked him to return to the Tri-Province Area, as the kingdom really needs his help with the threat of Doofus Khan. Master Perry refuses because of something Phineas only speculates as "pretty bad", but later changes his mind and he saves Phineas and his group from Doofus Khan's secret weapon.

Princess Isabella

Phineas has a crush on Princess Isabella and quickly puts the rescue mission into motion when she was abducted. She calls him her hero and embraces him when he arrives to her rescue.

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