Phineas and Isabel as heroes
Phineas and Isabel after the treaty with Malifishmirtz
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown, probably the same as Phineas
Height: Same as Phineas
Nemesis: Malifishmertz
Professional Information
  Ferbalot's questing group for Excaliferb
Friends and Family
Laurence the Humble Antique Dealer
Candavere ( sister)
Ferbalot ( stepbrother)
Bufavolous, Baljeetolas, Isabel
Love interests:
Isabel ( possibly)
Pets: Parable the Dragonpus, Gertrude the Goose, and the Big Fat Ox
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
Last Appearance:
Voiced by:
Vincent Martella
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Phineas (Excaliferb)

"Where's Parable?"
— Phineas in Excaliferb

Phineas is one of the main fictional characters in the book Excaliferb.

Personal life

Phineas lives with his family and their pets, a dragonpus, a goose, and an ox, in a humble cottage. His father or step-father, Lawrence, is an antique dealer. When The Lady of the Puddle visits him and Ferbalot, he joins his brother on the quest for Excaliferb. They are accompanied by Isabel the Water Sprite, Bufavolous the Wind-lord, and Baljeetolas of the Nerdling Realm.

Physical appearance

He looks the same as Phineas Flynn, except he wears a brown robe with a belt, a green cape, wrap shoes, and a grey hat. Other than that, they are identical.

Personality and traits

His personality is also very similar to Phineas's. He is optimistic, cheerful, intelligent, inventive, creative, and calm.

Skills and abilities

Phineas made magical elixirs, traveled on a quest, and fought in a monster battle against Malifishmirtz and his Meatlings.



Phineas seems to share the same bond with his family as his counterpart in Danville does.


Unlike Phineas Flynn, Phineas's friends are not of the same species as he is, but they seem to share the same relationship.


Wasn't There Something We Had to Do First
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Memorable quotes

  • Where's Parable?


Background information

Since he lives in Medieval Danville it's possible that he could be related to his real word counterpart Phineas Flynn.

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