Parry Gripp
Backyard Hodge Podge (song)
Gender: Male
Age: 47
Nationality: American
Born: September 22, 1967
Professional Information
Friends and Family
Phineas, Ferb, Isabella, Buford, Baljeet, Irving
Behind the Scenes
Debut Appearance:
  "Backyard Hodge Podge"
Final Appearance:
  "Backyard Hodge Podge"
Voiced by:

Parry Gripp is a singer/songwriter who appeared in the episode "Backyard Hodge Podge" and sang and co-wrote the titular song.


Parry Gripp (born September 22, 1967) is the lead vocalist for the band Nerf Herder. He is also a singer/songwriter recording his own projects, primarily novelty songs and fake jingles. Many of his solo projects are seen on his YouTube channel. Among his best known viral hits are "Hamster on a Piano (Eating Popcorn)", "Baby Monkey (Riding Backwards on a Pig)" and "Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom". He is currently a songwriter for Disney XD show, The 7D.

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