Paolo Vanderbeek
Vanderbeek in his racecar.
Gender: Male
Height: About the same height as Perry
Nationality: Italian-Scottish-Swiss-Dutch
Professional Information
  Race car driver
Friends and Family
Unnamed Dutch parents
Behind the Scenes
Debut Appearance:
  "Live and Let Drive"
Final Appearance:
  "Live and Let Drive"
Voiced by:
Patrick Dempsey

"I cannot disappoint my fans!"
— Live and Let Drive

Paolo Vanderbeek is a race car driver of Italian-Scottish-Swiss-Dutch descent who races the Montevillebad Grand Prix. He is the favorite to win and best known for his passion towards both racing and his fans, earning him the nickname "The King of Care". He is briefly zapped by Doofeshmirtz's I-Don't-Care-inator, making him not care for anything at all, least of all, racing. Perry the Platypus takes his place in the race and reverses the effect allowing Vanderbeek to win the race.

Personal life

According to the announcers, Vanderbeek was born in the Scottish enclave of a Swiss town in the Italian alps to Dutch parents.

Physical appearance

Vanderbeek is rather short and has a distinctive mustache and wears a blue and red pleather jumpsuit.


Background information

  • Vanderbeek is voiced by Patrick Dempsey, who is not only an actor best known for appearing on Grey's Anatomy, but is also a race car driver himself.[1]
  • The character is a parody of Scottish-Italian born Indy 500 winner Dario Franchitti.[1]
  • According to Jeff "Swampy" Marsh, when it came to the voice, Dempsey asked him what voice he would like, and Swampy replied, "Well, Swiss ... Scottish ... Dutch ... and Italian in there somewhere."[1] The accent ended up being mostly Italian.
  • The name "Paolo" is of Italian (and Brazilian) origin, while "Vanderbeek" is Dutch.


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