The Panic Room
The Panic Room
Candace and Mr. Miggins in the Panic Room
City: Danville
County: Jefferson County
Location: Flynn-Fletcher house
Political Information
Political Type:
Safe Room
General Information
Known Citizens:
First Appearance:
"I, Brobot"

The panic room, or safe room, is a room connected to a house or other location that can be secured upon entry. They are typically used in case of a break-in or home invasion, but also can be used for refuge from natural disasters like tornadoes and hurricanes.

At the Flynn-Fletcher house, the entrance to the panic room is located inside a crate in the basement. A ladder leads down to the panic room. The room itself is sparse and metal-lined. For unknown reason, cell phones can be used there, even though it would undoubtedly be out of range. The only decoration appears to be a framed needlepoint canvas that says, "The Panic Room". The Panic Room is apparently used merely as a safe haven for when one family member needs to calm down.

To date, Candace is the only member of the family known to use the panic room. For a while, she kept her stuffed bear, Mr. Miggins, in the room, and discussed strategy with him on how to capture one of the robots that had frightened her a few minutes before. ("I, Brobot," when she has a short nervous breakdown)

Candace would later return to the panic room after she thought Ferb was an alien. ("Invasion of the Ferb Snatchers")

Linda from the 2nd Dimension also used a 2nd dimension panic room in the house of the 2nd Dimension's Flynn-Fletchers.

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