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"Our Song" is a love song from the Season 1 episode "Lawn Gnome Beach Party of Terror". It was played as background music while Candace and Jeremy danced at Phineas and Ferb's beach until being interrupted by a call from Linda.


Male singer: Girl...
The moment has arrived...
Female singer: I can see, although there is no light,
Male singer: The music, beats throughout the night
Both: And our love's in sight...
(The rest is indeterminable)

Background Information

  • Dan Povenmire confirmed in his Twitter that this song may have been sung by Christoper Showerman.
  • This song has background vocals by Danny Jacob.[1]
  • Apart from the theme song, this is the first musical number to be a background song, most songs in the series are these.
  • An instrumental version of this song is heard in the opening and closing scenes of the MIlo Murphy's Law episode "Teacher Feature".


BMI Work #9365594

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