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"Not So Bad A Dad" is a song first sung in "Finding Mary McGuffin" by Vanessa Doofenshmirtz. For the first half, it centers on her largely strained relationship with her eccentric father, but eventually comes to the realization of how much he cares for her as his daughter, seeing through to his dedication to making her happy.


Vanessa: You were a sub-standard dad
But the only one I had
I grew up hearing your evil scheming down the hall.

But when I look at this thing
It makes me wanna sing
Maybe you're not so bad a dad after all.

At my first ever swim meet,
You stepped on the other team's feet.
At my recital you clapped louder than you should.

But when you taught me how to drive
We actually made it home alive
I guess it's possible not every part of you isn't good.

I know at times I would cringe
Like when you wore all that fringe
And when you went out of your way to catch that foul ball (booing)

But this piece of plastic in my hand
Makes me finally understand
Maybe you're not so bad a dad
Not so bad a dad after all...


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BMI Work #12029640

Background Information

  • There is a guitar by the bedside but only the neck of the guitar is shown.
  • One of the bystanders from "S.I.M.P." can be seen laughing when Doofenshmirtz wears fringe.
  • Doofenshmirtz's fringe jacket is the same he wore in "Bubble Boys".
  • This is the third song that Vanessa sings.
  • When Vanessa sings the opening lyrics, the tune is similar to Nat King Cole's song, Orange Coloured Sky.
  • One of the girls on the swim team follows Candace in the song "Give Up".
  • Disney+ has the line sub standard as substitute

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