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"Nostrils on the Bus" is a song from the Season 3 episode "My Fair Goalie". It is first heard in its short version when the Snifferton Nostrils are first mentioned and is heard various times throughout the episode in the short version. During the credits, the full version of the song plays.


Short version

Chorus: Nostrils on the bus!

Full version

Chorus: Nostrils on the bus!

Nostril: It's not public transport
It's a sports-themed charter
Nostrils: Association football
Nostril: Nobody's rockin' harder
When you think about it
All you need to know about us is that
Nostrils: We are the Nostrils
Nostrils & Driver: And we're on this bus!

Chorus: Nostrils on the bus!

Background Information


BMI Work #13336181

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