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"My Evil Buddies and Me" is a song from "Phineas and Ferb: Mission Marvel" performed by Danny Jacob while Heinz Doofenshmirtz, Red Skull, M.O.D.O.K., Venom and Whiplash do things Doofenshmirtz consider to be "evil", like ding-dong-ditching, trampling on flowerbeds, and teepeeing houses.


Steppin' out with my brand new crew,
Nobody's gonna tell us what we can't do
Or where we can go, or what we can see
In this town, everyone will listen to me.

My evil buddies and me!
(Shoop doo be doo doop!)
Me and my evil friends!
(Shoop doo be doo doop doop doo!)
When we're off together wreaking havoc,
The fun just never ends.

We're stealin' coins from wishin' wells
We're cleanin' clocks and ringin' bells
We're a rovin' pack of ne'er-do-wells, you see,
My evil buddies and me!
(Shoop doo be doo doop doop doo be doop!
Shoop doo be doo doop doop doo be doop!)

My evil buddies and me!
My evil entourage!
If you see us out carousing,
You better stay in your garage.
We're perpetratin' misdemeanors,
We're stealin' bags from vacuum cleaners,
We're the jerks who stole all those wieners from that guy.
My evil buddies and I!
(Shoop doo be doo doop doop doo be doo!
Shoop doo be doo doop!)
My evil buddies and I!

Background information

  • The Lovin' Spoonful lookalikes reappear in this song. ("My Nemesis", "Perfect Day")
  • On the album there is one more repeat of "My evil buddies and I" and one more "Shoop bee doop" before the song ends.
  • This song is sung from Doof's point of view, but he doesn't sing it. ("My Nemesis")


BMI Work #15802198



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