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"My Chariot" is a song that was played during the chariot race in the episode "Greece Lightning".


I've got a motorized nag
Taking me for a drag
Leave the others far behind
Baby I ain't bragging
My anachronistic wagon's
Two millennia ahead of its time

Talking 'bout my chariot
No it's not street legal
But it gets me where I wanna go
Climb aboard my chariot
When ya hear me come a-rumbilin',
Then everybody wants to know
Where'd you get that chariot
I don't need no oracle
To tell me how good it feels
To throw a full-tilt, Colosseum,
Killer toga party on wheels

(dialogue interruption)

Yeah, talking 'bout my chariot
Got my all horse power
And two big wheels of fun
Climb aboard my chariot
You can be my second
'Cause I'm gladiator number one
Get a load of my chariot
Always going full-throttle
Ask anybody and they'll say
If you see me coming
Then you better get out of my way!

Background Information

  • This is the first of two times where Ferb has made something not technically "street legal", with the second time in "The Chronicles of Meap", though that time it was a tricked-out spaceship.
  • A gladiator's "second" was the person who took his place if he was killed in combat.
  • Though the episode's name is "Greece Lightning" and it is mainly circling around the Greek history and mythology, gladiators are mainly Roman, not Greek. This also includes the mentioning of the Colosseum, which is located in Rome, Italy and toga, a distinctive garment of ancient Rome. Ferb mentions this in "Leave the Busting to Us!", the episode "Greece Lightning" is paired with.


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