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"Music Makes Us Better"
Music Makes Us Better
Song by Love Händel
Released: 1990's
Venue: Summer, 2000s
Genre(s): Glam metal
Length: 0:30
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Phineas and Ferb - Music Makes Us Better

Phineas and Ferb - Music Makes Us Better

"Music Makes Us Better" is the name of the ending title song in "Dude, We're Getting the Band Back Together". It was sung by Love Händel, and was about the message Danny was trying to spread about how music changes lives.


If you're feeling lost down in your soul
If you need a little something to make you feel whole
Just remember who you were when you were in control
Just get together with some friends, and play some Rock and Roll!

Music makes us better
Brings us together
And it helps me get back that spirit they stole!

Music makes us better
Brings us together
And I owe my life to Rock and Roll!


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Background Information

  • This song was more upbeat and faster than the previous song played.
  • Near the end of the song, a back-up singer can be heard singing with Danny. Since Bobbi has a microphone in front of his mouth during the first part of the song, it could be him.
  • Everybody shown in the episode danced at the end to the song, excluding Isabella, the Fireside Girls, Major Monogram and Carl. This included:


BMI Work #9855097

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