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"Monogram Rap This Old Man" is a song sung by Major Monogram in "Sci-Fi Pie Fly", as he gives Agent P's mission.


Agent P, over here
Let us get this thing in gear
There's a big ol' lump of trouble in town
Awful things are going down

(Pauses to breathe)

Please go stop Doofenshmirtz
I know this puppet show's the worst
But, I never said that I could write a song

Could you just leave? This is really embarrassing.

Background information

  • The music used is the melody from the nursery rhyme "This Old Man", which modern children will recognize as the music to the closing song of Barney and Friends, "I Love You".
  • Monogram mentioned that "he didn't know how to write a song", possibly an homage to the fact that Jeff Marsh (Monogram's voice actor) wrote the song.


BMI Work #15703922

"Perry the Platypus" (Short Version 31)
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