Molecular Separator
Ferb and molecular separator
Ferb separating Buford's chocolate from Baljeet's peanut butter.
Type: Ultra-power Machine
Episode(s): "Split Personality", "Canderemy"

The Molecular Separator was a machine assembled by Phineas and Ferb and used to separate (or split) things into their component parts.


It was slightly smaller than Ferb and resembled a camera. The lens (which gave it the characteristic of a camera) fires a ray which could separate/split things into its component parts when someone operates the handle.


Split Personality

According to Phineas:

  • It could split a donkey into a horse and a mule.
  • It could separate a shampoo-conditioner into shampoo and conditioner.

In the episode, it is shown that more things could also separated (or splitted):

  • They separated Buford's chocolate with some of Baljeet's peanut butter on it into chocolate and peanut butter.
  • Candace split herself, accidentally, into Busting and Romantic Candace. Phineas, after seeing the results of this mishap, suggested to Ferb that the device be destroyed.
  • It fired at the screen in Perry's lair, and separated Major Monogram.


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