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Mix N' Mingler
With this baby, you meet someone new every two seconds
Type: Unknown
Episode(s): "Cheer Up Candace"

The Mix N' Mingler was built for Candace in hope that it would cheer her up, by meeting new people. The song plays when it turns on. ("Cheer Up Candace")


When Candace gets depressed because Jeremy breaks their date, Phineas and Ferb try to cheer her up. This is their third and final attempt to cheer her up. The previous two attempts were a make-over from a clown and the Ha-Ha Hut.

Design and Construction

Not much is known about its construction, but it's blue and the bottom half has many gears and an entrance at the bottom. The middle has a ball that rotates the machine (only shown during movement). The upper half is mostly a blur, but contains many seats and the balcony where Phineas sits.

Known Guests

(That spoke during song)

  • A pizza man
  • Candace
  • A gardener
  • A Spanish man
  • A little girl with missing tooth
  • An archer
  • A Pharaoh-like man
  • A short man
  • A talking rooster
  • Two Unnamed Twins
  • A man named Tom
  • A fat woman
  • A sinister gangster guy
  • A different man named Tom
  • A man named Keith
  • A man named Sven
  • A man named Rex
  • A creepy man with a hunchback
  • ...and many other people with no names

(That appeared in the clip square)


It was mostly destroyed close to the the end of the song. When Phineas ejected everyone, including himself he says to Candace: "In hindsight, a simple ice cream cone might of been more effective." Candace follows his advice and finds Jeremy running the ice cream cart, earning more money so he could do something for Candace.

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