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A mime making fun of Doof in "Picture This".

A Mime is a street performer who acts out stories through body motions without speaking. Miming is all about physical movement and exaggerating your expressions. Mimes must use their actions to send a message or tell a story. They do not speak directly to the audience.

There was a mime performing in Danville Park. He was performing for two people when he is run down by Candace in an ice cream cart. There are also two juggling mimes that control Doofenshmirtz's alligator.

In "Picture This", after a mime makes fun of him in the park, Doofenshmirtz creates the Mime-inator and traps all the mimes in the Tri-State Area in invisible boxes. In "Phineas and Ferb Summer Belongs to You!", there are possibly three mimes shown: One just before "City of Love", a second after the song, and the third before "Follow the Sun" starts. It is unknown if they are the same mime or different ones.


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