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"Again, forget the idea of little people in there."
— Milly explaining television to Pinky[src]

Milly is one of the Fireside Girls in Danville and is a member of Troop 46231.


She, Isabella, Gretchen, and Adyson were the background singers for Phineas and the Ferb-Tones as the Ferbettes ("Flop Starz", "Phineas and Ferb Musical Cliptastic Countdown").

She promoted the Brawl at the Mall by passing out fliers ("Raging Bully").

She, Ginger, Holly, and Katie, helped Phineas and Ferb create S'Winter ("S'Winter").

Another time, she and Adyson were trying to explain the T.V. concept to Isabella's pet dog, Pinky ("Interview With a Platypus").

She "went back one afternoon" to help Phineas and Ferb. ("Isabella and the Temple of Sap")

Physical Appearance

Milly plays jetpack volleyball with the gang.

Milly has short curly brown hair, blue eyes with a dimple, freckles, and a yellow bow (not always completely visible), and her uniform has a red collar, red circular pattern on the sleeves and the bottom, white socks, and black Mary Jane shoes.


Isabella Garcia-Shapiro

Milly serves under Isabella as a troop member and like the others, is aware of Isabella's crush on Phineas Flynn.

The Other Fireside Girls

She hangs out with her troop mates at the clubhouse or at the lodge.


Milly gives Gretchen her "Saying a word no one in the room knows" patch.

Known Patches



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Background Information

  • When Milly turns her head, her bow and dimple switch places. Sometimes, her bow stays in its current place, but the eye twitch always switches.
  • She is also the only Fireside Girl that is playable in Game Smash.
  • According to her statement in "Isabella and the Temple of Sap", she has 53 Help Thy Neighbor Patches, because she went back one afternoon when everyone else went home.
  • Before Melissa's appearance in "We Call it Maze", she was the only Fireside Girl with black Mary Jane shoes; the others have red shoes, varying a little bit in appearance.
  • Along with Isabella, she is shown with three patches on her sash.
  • In "The Fast and the Phineas", she was strangely not seen during the Swamp Oil 500's pit stop.
  • Her first speaking role was in "Raging Bully", where she passes out fliers for the "Brawl at the Mall".
  • She and Ginger are the only Fireside Girls who appear in the Transport-inators of Doooom!.
  • Her name was mentioned on-screen for the first time (along with the other Fireside Girls' names) by the supercomputer Phineas and Ferb built in "Ask a Foolish Question".
  • She, along with Gretchen and Katie, are the only girls to appear in "Disney's Phineas and Ferb: The Best LIVE Tour Ever!".
  • Apparently, she is bad with secrets. ("Operation Crumb Cake")
  • In "Act Your Age", she is the shortest between the Fireside Girls alums. Also, she only has one line in the episode.
  • The closed captions misspell Milly's name as "Millie".



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