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  • To readers, this message is ONLY for Modster.

    Hi Modster, how was college? Graduating or continuing on? I graduated college after 8 years and it was a drag! Some of it was fun, like my Poetry Writing class and my Painting Class. But college took up much of my life.

    Anyway, sorry to bother you about this again, but I was just wondering if you read my last message titled End of Phineas and Ferb, and what your response was, or would have been. The message was really intended for you but was moved to the forum and only 2 responded.

    But no need to click the URL, just scroll down below this message.

    If I'm being annoying about this, please kindly but firmly let me know. I admit I can be stuck on railroad crossings, and I will try not to talk to you too much about this, I don't mean to annoy people. And it was just me letting some stuff out, or unloading, or rambling, and you were the first to read my first blog on this site and support me.

    Plus I know you were in college, which should be over by now, and I know how demanding college can be. Maybe I've been in college for 8 years but what is that to anyone? I didn't care for college, I was just trying to get it over with. But despite my 8 years, I'm not that smart and I'm still nothing, but I don't care if I'm not one of the bests (but I do mind being one of the worsts.)

    By the way if you don't want to read or respond to my message, you do not have to.

    And I apologize for being an annoying pest. Best wishes and peace to you.

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  • Hi Modster. It's me, the annoying Wikia Member (sometimes I can be I confess)

    I wanted to post a blog about this but I thought that maybe it would be wrong to do so, so I'm not taking any chances and I HATE getting in trouble.

    So from what I've been reading on a few websites, Wikipedia being the last site I was on before coming to this one, Phineas and Ferb is over and done. No wonder someone said something about Phineas and Ferb deserving a 5th Season.

    Though I haven't seen every episode, at least I don't think I did, I guess I'm never going to see a railroad crossing on that cartoon now, as I blogged about: Oh well, cannot have everything. But I'm not gonna lose sleep over it. Besides, I can always write a fanfic about it. And if my subconcious cooperates, I can dream about it too, and I have once.

    I was thinking of writing an episode-like fanfic including a railway crossing somewhere in the story, and then give permission to Dan and Swampy to use it like they used another person's fanfic for their episode if I remember right. I might still write a fanfic but with the show ended, there's almost no point in doing so, except for my personal enjoyment. And I don't really have much of an idea for a full episode, or episode segment, and not just with Phineas and Ferb, but any cartoon.

    And I guess that red and white striped cantilever railroad signal with the X and red lights on the episode, "Side Tracked," will have to do.

    I knew Phineas and Ferb would end eventually, I just didn't know when. And it seemed like a never-ending cartoon. Phineas and Ferb has come a long way, through the hard times and the good (Imaging a set of silent video clips of Phineas Flynn and Ferb Fletcher interacting and the song "Praise You" by Fatboy Slim playing as a voice-over) with so many episodes, and running for around 7 years. That's longer than one if it's prediscessors, Kim Possible, an almost similar show, teenage girl, two little brothers in red (or orange) and green and up to stuff, a villian also up to stuff but for evil, only not blue but normal skinned but a mad scientist, or evil doctor at least, and perhaps more I could say.

    Phineas and Ferb was one of the best cartoons ever. The characters looked handsome and interesting, and not just Phineas and Ferb or supporting characters, but many of the background characters among other characters.

    But it's probably best the cartoon just ended now with good results and respect than go on only to stink and have it's ratings go down and have a lot of fan-complaints like some other shows like Fairly Odd Parents, which also may be on the verge of ending, but not gracefully like Phineas and Ferb.

    Wikipedia did say the show is on or going on an Indefinite Hiatus and indefinite doesn't exactly mean "forever," so there may still be some hope the show will pick back up some time later. Otherwise, so long, Phineas and Ferb. Thanks for entertaining us.

    I just wanted to tell this to somebody, that's all. I hope this was okay.

    I should have put this on my own wall, should I have?

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    • Phineas and Ferb is NOT over yet. The creators have already said so. There are still several episode left for season 4.

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    • But Murphy, I'm pretty sure we're nearing the end of season 4 by now, with maybe only a couple of specials left. And what's next? Is it really a hiatus, or is it the end? I honestly don't think anyone knows, at this point. Dan and Swampy seem to be working on a pilot for a new show now.

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  • Thanks for helping clean up that edit I was writing it at 1 am on an iPad that kept crashing so it was the 3rd time I had rewritten it.

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  • For your information, here is the thread where I asked RRabbit about how the song order should be and he did eventually say how it should be. But watch out because Trolypac refuses to listen to what we said should be done with song order and continues to do it his way. If you choose to fix the song order than make sure to do it so it goes along with what RRabbit said.

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    • Okay, thank you for the link and info. That will be helpful because the order can be a little confusing, and even more so with what Trolypac has done already. I'm trying to make a list of the songs in the right order for my own reference.

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    • What I don't understand is why u removed "Allouette" from continuity

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  • you know I just add a new photo of Isabella stil lhave the hiccups in one good sacre

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  • so you like my Photo

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    • It's fine if you add photos, but if that's the only way you can take pictures, then every picture you upload here will have to be replaced. I would recommend you look again at other ways to take pictures before adding more so they can be better and won't have to be replaced by other users.

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    • ok

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  • Hello

    Welcome to the Phineas and Ferb Wiki, and thank you for your contribution to the User:TheModster page! There's a lot to do around here, so I hope you'll stay with us and make many more improvements.

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    I'm really happy to have you here, and look forward to working with you!

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