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Song by Tiny Cowboy (featuring Candace and Stacy)
Genre(s): Britpop
Length: 1:33
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Phineas and Ferb - Meatloaf (Song)

Phineas and Ferb - Meatloaf (Song)

"Meatloaf" is a song performed by Tiny Cowboy with Candace and Stacy in the Season 3 episode "Meatloaf Surprise". The song itself is about the joys of meatloaf.


Ground beef and breadcrumbs, some onions and an egg
My mouth is watering so please don't make me beg
I know everybody's got their tastes and that's just fine
But if you say that you don't like it, then you've never tasted mine
I'm talkin' 'bout meatloaf (meatloaf)

So moist and savory, it's beef that's shaped like bread
Don't know what that aroma's doing in my head
Whatever we don't eat we'll discreetly put away
But never fear, my meatloaf, we'll eat again someday

I'm talkin' 'bout meatloaf; I'm a meatloaf lover
I'll tell your brother, yeah, don't need no other
Talkin' 'bout (meatloaf) meatloaf, meatloaf lover
Warms you from the inside like it's made by your mother

Talkin' 'bout meatloaf (meatloaf, yeah)
We're talkin' 'bout meatloaf (meatloaf, yeah)
We're talkin' bout meatloaf (meatloaf, yeah, yeah, yeah)


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  • Oasis - Tiny Cowboy seems to be a reference to the band Oasis. This song sounds particularly like their hit Wonderwall.
  • Chowder - Tiny Cowboy's clothes have patterns that move as they do, like people's clothes in Chowder.


BMI Work #13749802

"Quirky Worky Song" (Bounce House Version)
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