Master Perry the Platypus
Master Perry glides
Master Perry the Platypus
Gender: Male
Nationality: Chinese (probably)
Hometown: China
Nemesis: Doofus Khan
Professional Information
  Warrior Hero
Friends and Family
Little Green Man
Phineas Flynn (1542)
Ferb Fletcher (1542)
Baljeet Tjinder (1542)
Buford Van Stomm (1542)
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "Doof Dynasty"
Voiced by:
Dee Bradley Baker

"Wow. I can't believe he's a platypus."
— Buford

Master Perry the Platypus is an ancient Chinese warrior hero and the 1542 counterpart of Perry the Platypus in the episode "Doof Dynasty".

Personal life

Master Perry is a skilled warrior who gave up that life to meditate on top of the Unclimbable Mountain of Unclimbableness. When Phineas and his friends came to ask his aid in rescuing Princess Isabella, he refused, but agreed to train them. However, when Doofus Khan was in a position to defeat the kids and take over the Tri-Province Area, Master Perry returned and helped topple him.

Physical appearance

Like Perry the Platypus in modern day, Master Perry is a teal platypus with brown eyes and three black hairs on his head. His tail, beak, and webbed feat are bright orange.

During his life on the mountain and the training of his students, Master Perry wears a robe of orange cloth and plain brown sandals. When he returns later to defeat Doofus Khan he changes into full armor.

Personality and traits

In his retirement from the warrior life, Master Perry spends time peacefully meditating and flying kites. He is sensitive about his past, and when asked about it he tends to flashback in a ripple dissolve that others can't see, causing confusion. After the flashback ends, he snaps back to reality.

He pushes his students to train very hard as he is serious about the way of the warrior, like his counterpart Agent P is with being a secret agent. He also shares with Agent P a strong sense of justice and loyalty, as shown when he comes out of retirement to take down Doofus Khan once and for all.



Background Information

  • He is never referred to as "Master Perry the Platypus" in the episode, although he is called both "Master Perry" and "Perry the Platypus".
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