Lyla Lolliberry
Lyla Lolliberry
Gender: Female
Age: 18-30's
Height: Taller than Bannister a little shorter than Doofenshmirtz.
Nationality: Canadian
Hometown: Canada
Nemesis: Professor Bannister
Heinz Doofenshmirtz
Professional Information
Friends and Family
Perry the Platypus
Peter the Panda
Francis Monogram
Carl Karl
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
Last Appearance:
  "Just Our Luck"
Voiced by:
Samantha Bee

— Lyla's catchphrase

Lyla Lolliberry is a human agent from the Canadian Organization Without a Cool Acronym (C.O.W.C.A.) and is the nemesis of Professor Bannister. In order for Agent P to have jurisdiction in Canada, she helps him on a mission to protect Canadian icon Albert the Moose while on the Canadian border.


She first appeared in "Sidetracked", where Perry initially disliked Lyla for disrupting one of his missions from two months earlier, which allowed three criminals to escape. As a result, he was apprehensive about working with her. Though during their mission together, she shows him that they work better cooperatively, and Perry soon learns that she only let the criminals escape because they would lead her to Bannister and his plan to annex Canada to Greenland. Following the arrest of Bannister and the criminals, Lyla and Perry become friends.

She later made a cameo appearance in "Just Our Luck" at Agent Con, waiting in line with some of the other agents who are all animals. She seems annoyed of the fact that she's the only female agent attending the Agent-Con, unaware that she's also the only human agent.


Lyla has been shown to be a clever, strategic and formidable agent. Like Perry, she is agile and possesses well-developed combat skills. She has a very mannerly yet bold and fun-loving personality, and she teaches Perry that cooperation is very important.

Physical Appearance

Lyla appears to be a young woman in her twenties. She has long brown hair tied up in a ponytail, and dark blue eyes. Her clothing consists of a thin black jacket with a collar over a gray sleeveless tank, skinny jeans under a thick waist belt, long black knee-high boots, and black fingerless gloves. She also wears a belt around her right thigh that holds a communicator.

Background Information

  • Despite being a member of the Canadian division of the O.W.C.A., which normally hires animal agents exclusively, Lyla is a human, and does not don a fedora. It is unknown if the Canadian division is simply run differently, or if they possess any animal agents at all.
  • Lyla has a habit of saying "Eh," occasionally in sentences, which is a spoken interjection commonly associated with Canadians.
  • Lyla is very similar in appearance to Lara Croft. Albeit with the absence of more scantily clad attire.


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