Lucy Fletcher
Lucy Fletcher
Gender: Female
Age: Possibly around the same as Linda
Nationality: British
Hometown: Snifferton (possible)
Professional Information
  Flynn-Fletcher Family
Fletcher Family
Friends and Family
Adrian Fletcher
Eliza Fletcher (daughter)
Five sons
Lawrence Fletcher
Angus (possibly)
Phineas Flynn (step-nephew)
Ferb Fletcher
Ferb's Scottish cousin (possibly)
Candace Flynn (step-niece)
Linda Flynn
Maura (possibly)
Behind the Scenes
Debut Appearance:
  "My Fair Goalie"
Final Appearance:
  "My Fair Goalie"
Voiced by:
Helen McCrory

Lucy Fletcher is the wife of Adrian Fletcher, mother of Ferb's cousins and Eliza Fletcher and sister-in-law of Lawrence Fletcher. She is very proud of her husband for winning several competitions against his brother, Lawrence, unaware that Lawrence always lets him win. Her sons are named after famous footballers (soccer players); David Beckham and Pelé. She is voiced by Helen McCrory.


Pelé Fletcher: The tallest of all his brothers; he wears a red t-shirt with a white collar and pink stripes, white shorts and black sneakers.
Pelé Fletcher: He has spiky blond hair and black sneakers.
Beckham Fletcher: Straight brown hair and half moon glasses.
Beckham Fletcher: Unkempt brown hair square green glasses.
Beckham Fletcher: Straight blond hair that covers one eye, black sneakers.
Eliza Fletcher: The only daughter of Lucy; a short-haired brunette Candace's age and height.

Physical Appearance

She has light brown hair and blue eyes and wears a brown headband and belt, beige shirt, and gray pants.


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