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"Little Bit of Home on the Road" is a country-themed song from the Season 3 episode "Road Trip". During the song, Phineas, Ferb and Candace run the "No Stop Truck stop".


This is our "No Stop Truck Stop,"
Come on in
Take a break from hauling that load

We got coffee that's hot
and ice that's not,
It's a little bit of home on the road

We got lots of gravy to fill up all our pans,
And restroom's out in back
If you have to wash your hands

If an armadillo is your pillow
and your cab is your abode,
Then come on in for a little bit of home on the road

Enjoy the view
While you're slurping homemade stew,
And when you're finished you can sit and chat

Phineas: Do you want pie?
Unnamed carman: Oh yeah!

Our juke plays latest hits from 1966,
We may not know where we're going
but we sure know where it's at

There's chicken-fried steak,
and devil's food cake,
as we whirl through another zip code

There's butter that's real
and butter that's fake,
Just a little bit of home on the road

Just sit right down,
you look like a hungry gent,
Our biscuits and gravy,
go down like wet cement,
So, if you're looking for home cooking,
or you want to see a three-headed toad,
Just come on in for a little bit of home on the road (3x)


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Background information

  • Some of the customers appear in the audience at Doofenshmirtz's "Country and Western music" performance during "Bubble Boys".
  • Second time a jukebox appears on screen ("Make Play").
  • Neopets - The three headed toad bears a resemblance to the mutant mortog on


BMI Work #13652936

"Alabama Bound" (Short Version)
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