For Your Ice Only

Perry enters a small cabin, then an elevator appears and goes down to his lair.

Happy New Year!

Perry lifts a patch of ice in the backyard and drops down into his lair.

Fly On the Wall

Perry goes down the basement staircase, stopping at the landing next to the Panic Room, opens the bottom stair, stops himself halfway down the slide after forgetting his hat, retrieves it from the stairs, and goes back down into his lair.

Bully Bust

Perry doesn't enter his lair, and instead receives his briefing in Phineas and Ferb's bedroom through a small screen disguised as a Stumbleberry Finkbat trading card. He dashes off just before Phineas and Ferb enter the room again.

Der Kinderlumper

Perry places a black hole on the wall, climbs through it, and removes it.


Perry lifts a tree outside the house by the bottom of its trunk, making it fall on top of a car.

Primal Perry

Perry is on all fours when Monogram and Carl speak to him unseen through vents in a room in the Flynn-Fletcher household as the story begins.

Backyard Hodge Podge

Perry walks in and plops down in his chair. He's full from eating so many pies.

Bee Day

Perry takes the elevator while wearing his bee antennae. The background singers sing  Agent Bee!  and he switches them for his fedora.  P!  

Great Balls Of Water

Perry rolls back some grass and enters into a tunnel.

Knot My Problem

Perry stops and digs his way down.

Just Desserts

Jumps into his water bowl.

La Candace-Cabra

None; he was already in the O.W.C.A. Animal Sensitivity Seminar.

One Good Turn

Perry uses a rod to divine the OWCA location on a scale model of Danville, accidentally setting it on fire, and exits but not before extinguishing the fire.

Thanks But No Thanks

Perry was already in his lair while waiting for Major Monogram.

Troy Story

At the Flynn-Fletcher Antique, Perry enters through a mirror then (as his theme plays backwards) opens a door to fall into an Alice in Wonderland-style rabbit hole and lands in his chair.


Perry jumps into a pile of leaves, and the leaves are blown away, leaving no traces of him.

Face Your Fear

Perry climbs into the bathroom tub, wearing his fedora and floaties. He rotates the showerhead, and a wall raises up. He turns the showerhead on, and it speeds into the opening. The bathtub comes out of the roof. The tub speeds along the road before coming to a traffic signal. A hot tub, carrying Peter the Panda and two ladies speeds by. The light turns green. He speeds into the OWCA Plumbing Supply building.

Cheers for Fears

Perry drops into his lair.

Return Policy

Perry steps off home plate, an elevator appears and goes down to his lair.

Father's Day

Perry takes off on the playground slide.

Imperfect Storm

Perry jumps into the P-Drop arcade game and becomes part of it while jumping over chimneys and bouncing off a banana tree down a tunnel to his lair.

It's No Picnic

Perry's dives through a cereal box to his lair.

The Klimpaloon Ultimatum

He sits on a yoga mat in the backyard and meditates and gets transported to Major Monogram.

Operation Crumb Cake

He enters his lair through the backyard sprinkler.


Perry intends to use a hole in the ground, but Buford puts a crate on it. Perry tries the tree entrance, but Baljeet puts a piece of metal over it. Perry opens up yet another hole in the ground, but Isabella drops a load of metal parts on it with an excavator. Left with no alternatives, he manually opens up an underground staircase and goes down the stairs.

Lost in Danville

None. He is automatically shown in his lair.

The Inator Method

Perry is seen on the roof. His theme music is heard and then he does a little dance down the chimney and comes out dirty with a chimney sweeping brush like in Mary Poppins.

Night of the Living Pharmacists

Perry uses the centralized air-conditioning entrance.

Doof 101

Perry is sleeping and receives a call from Major Monogram.

Last Day of Summer

Same as "Rollercoaster".

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