The Great Indoors

Perry irritably walks out into the freezing rain toward the big tree. Just as Perry opens a tree elevator, a flood of water splashes out of it, soaking Perry even more. Perry walks into the elevator into a tube toward the lair, quickly slipping off his chair and smacking into the mission screen as he lands. Major Monogram and Carl find it very amusing and clumsy.

Last Train to Bustville

Perry ducks into a hen house. He picks up a chicken, pushes something in its nest, and drops down a trapdoor holding an umbrella. The chicken falls down with him.

Phineas' Birthday Clip-O-Rama!

Perry simply walks to his lair while Major Monogram and Carl discuss about how Perry enters his lair. A clip show of Perry's weirdest entrances from past episodes (as well as entrances that haven't appeared in any episode) plays to prove Monogram's point.

The Belly of the Beast

Perry enters his lair through the skirt of a woman's 1800s style dress, who seems a bit surprised when Perry is heard descending. When he enters the lair, it's flooded.

Moon Farm

Perry enters through the side of the fireplace.

Ask a Foolish Question

He pulls one of the flowers in the bushes and reveals a secret passage to his lair.

Misperceived Monotreme

Carl tests all the secret agent doors to see if any of them are jammed (Perry was late for his mission). The zoo platypus smells Carl's sandwich and instinctively walks into the tree elevator as it opens.

Candace Disconnected

While Major Monogram and Carl are discussing about the text message on his cell phone, Perry lands in his chair.

Magic Carpet Ride

Perry just drops down to his chair and sees Major Monogram sleeping on screen.

Bad Hair Day

Perry climbs a tree, sits on the egg in the nest, and the nest flies into a door in the tree, winding up in the lair.

A Real Boy

Unknown, but he entered while Major Monogram and Carl are discussing about the cafeteria food.

Road Trip

Perry inflates a replacement Perry, goes to back of RV and the wall flips into secret compartment for his briefing.

Skiddley Whiffers

Perry walks into a music room. He plays a few notes of his theme song on a bass, opening a hatch under an amplifier. Perry falls through the hatch into a decorated lair, celebrating his 999th lair entrance, then Carl gives him a t-shirt with his face on it, Monogram tells to Perry to wear it because it is good for Carl's self-esteem.


He uses a remote to open a narrow panel in the side of the house, rolls into it, and lands in his seat in his lair.

That's the Spirit

He enters in a jack-o'-lantern while wearing his Igor costume.

The Curse of Candace

Perry was already in his lair and sees Major Monogram playing "Jump and Duck".

Escape from Phineas Tower

Perry grabs a hoop and a box and throws the hoop in the air and enters the box which disappears.

Ferb Latin

Perry opens a bathroom cupboard and removes something pressing a button that has the letters "OWCA" above it. Major Monogram, who is running late, gives Agent P his mission while shaving.


Parable (Sir P) climbs through Monopunzel's over-sized mustache to reach the top of the tower, surprising the feather off his hat when he finds out, where he is briefed by Monopunzel.

Phineas and Ferb and the Temple of Juatchadoon

Perry walks through the trading post that's having an ice-cream fight, headed upstairs and goes to a curtain.


Perry arrives in his lair and sees Major Monogram and Carl inside and the monitor was damaged.

Perry The Actorpus

Perry uses a grappling hook to a blimp and falls to a factory's chimney.

Let's Bounce

Perry goes down on a trapdoor leading to the basement from the stairs.

Bully Bromance Breakup

He sprays some water out of a hose and starts to drink some and then stands on the water and falls down into the lair.

The Doonkelberry Imperative

He receives his mission via mail and brief in a letter.

Buford Confidential

He enters a hollow log with a little screen with Monogram inside.

The Mom Attractor

He pulls a book from a shelf that the sofa lifts up with a chair underneath, then he sits on it upside down and turns right-side up to his lair.

Cranius Maximus

Through a wardrobe in the Antique Shop with everything frozen similar to The Chronicles of Narnia.

Agent Doof

He twists a board on the fence, turning it into a diving board. Then he dives into a baby pool, and the water floods into the lair, along with Perry.

What A Croc!

Perry opens the bathroom door that falls to the floor. Then he opens it again and it has a staircase that leads to his lair and the door automatically returns to the bathroom.

Sleepwalk Surprise

Sits on a recliner and falls into his lair.

Sci-Fi Pie Fly

He is briefed by Monogram in a puppet show inside the Flynn-Fletcher Antiques with a song.

Tri-State Treasure: Boot of Secrets

He finds a comic book on a box titled "Agent of O.W.C.A." with an image of Major Monogram and enters through it.


He rides a tricycle and enter to the underground parking lot and later an elevator to his lair while his song is played

Norm Unleashed

Perry goes through the gate door. He then enters the underground chute in the back lawn, possibly sending him through the Earth's core as he wipes sweat from his face as the ground around him heats up shortly, which leads him to the best Noodle House in Shanghai.

When Worlds Collide

Sleeping in the lawn chair, Perry instantly gets a call and the head rest pulls down, rolling him through some croquet hoops hitting the stake, where he drops down into his lair.

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