The Lake Nose Monster

He takes a log ride that leads to his lair where he sees singing animals called "Lair Entrance: The Ride".

Interview With a Platypus

He takes a secret tube to his headquarters. The entrance to the tube is not shown.

Attack of the 50 Foot Sister

His entrance is off-screen, but he enters through the neighbors' koi pond

Backyard Aquarium

He enters his lair by an elevator, which appears to be the "Chimney Vator" from "I, Brobot". The floor of the lair is littered with newspapers, apparently due to the recent addition of several new agents who have not yet been housebroken.

Day of the Living Gelatin

He enters through a flower vase for one of Isabella's plants, but ends up in Pinky's Headquarters.

  • Note: the flower vase sits on a low table with no visible tube underneath it.

At the beginning of the episode, he appears to be trying to enter his lair via one of the cupboards, but Candace catches him, forcing him to revert back to "pet mode" before she notices.

Elementary My Dear Stacy

He goes down the Fletchers' grandfather clock to land in a lair beneath the Fletchers' house. It is furnished in a very traditional British style. He is soon joined by Agent Double 0-0.

Don't Even Blink

A box comes out of the ground looking like a Casino entrance.

Chez Platypus

He enters off-screen and drops in through the tube in the ceiling.

Perry Lays an Egg

Perry enters by pressing a button on a vacuum in the garage and a pneumatic tube came down and sucked up his hat, then his fur (leaving him in his underwear), and then the rest of him up.

When he reaches the office, he sees Monogram with a beard and hair made by marker who said that the entrace snatched all the hair off of Monogram.

The Chronicles of Meap

Perry walks near the fence and gets caught by Meap. He turns domestic just as Meap turns towards him. They have a "conversation". Perry puts back on his fedora when Meap leaves the screen. His entrance is unknown.

Thaddeus and Thor

He goes through the water hose and has little hard time getting inside.

De Plane! De Plane!

Perry presses a flower in a flowerbed and flips over and flips again with his chair at his lair.

Let's Take a Quiz

After repeatedly pressing a button on one remote, he realizes he has the wrong remote, grabs the right one, presses a button and the screen of a television swings open on hinges and Perry jumps through to be next seen jumping through a tunnel behind his lair's television.

At the Car Wash

He enters through the mole hill in backyard. He gets a 9.5 and 8.5 from Major Monogram and Carl respectively for his landing.

Oh, There You Are, Perry

Through the stepping-stones at the back door. The access code is a short version of his theme song.

Swiss Family Phineas

Perry did not enter his lair, due to Buford and Baljeet paying too much attention to where Perry is. Instead, Major Monogram sends Carl in an ice-cream truck equipped with the 'escape cone', where he briefs Perry through a cherry.

That Sinking Feeling

Unknown, but he entered while Major Monogram and Carl are playing a video game similar to Rock Band.

The Baljeatles

Not shown where he enters, but the lair is made to look similar to a theater.

Vanessassary Roughness

Perry does not go to his lair. Instead, one of the dogs spits out a bone with a small screen on the side. Major Monogram then appears on the screen. Carl claims that the bone communicator is his idea.

No More Bunny Business

Nothing is seen, however, Perry follows Dennis through a tunnel beneath the grass later on.

Spa Day

Opening a trash can in the kitchen, he jumps into it leading to his lair.

Phineas and Ferb Musical Cliptastic Countdown

Perry enters the stage through a screen. Perry later bursts through a wall segment.

Bubble Boys

He uses an elevator in the side of the house and finds Agent Pinky. They nod to each other before Pinky exits first.

Isabella and the Temple of Sap

Cheer Up Candace

Fireside Girl Jamboree

By jumping on the floorboards, the first time landing in his basement, goes back up and goes to the floorboard right next to the one that leads to the basement and jumps on the floorboard going into his lair.

The Bully Code

By tapping his feet on a bathroom floor tile. The floor tiles get a disco theme and open.

Finding Mary McGuffin

He is seen in his lair, Monogram is playing a videogame

Picture This

Walks through the automatic doors on one end of his lair and over to the communications center. Monogram likes the fact that Perry's entrance was 'simple and understated.'

What Do It Do?

Not shown, but Carl mentioned to Major Monogram that Perry came in early.


Perry jumps inside a guitar case.

Phineas and Ferb Christmas Vacation!

Perry brings a snowman to life and it gets run over and his carrot nose rolls back into the yard. Perry enters his lair to find the Agency's Christmas party has already begun and Monogram eats the carrot.

Just Passing Through

Screen shot 2011-12-07 at 3.25.48 PM

Perry after spitting in the vase.

Perry spits into a spittoon-style DNA scanner (which shows his DNA code as 74218390) and goes through a trapdoor.

Candace's Big Day

Jumps through Major Monogram's screen, while he is singing "I'm Lindana and I Wanna Have Fun!".

I Was a Middle Aged Robot

He knocks on the house side of the wall and dives right in revealing a tube, which Lawrence Fletcher wonders what it is doing there. He approached too close and it sucked him into Perry's lair.

Suddenly Suzy

Perry lays on the grass and it flips for a second to a bunny in a patch of snow, then it flips again and Perry appears in his lair.

Hip Hip Parade

He just fell to his chair in his lair.

Invasion of the Ferb Snatchers

He was already in his lair while two French maids were cleaning it up.

Ain't No Kiddie Ride

Perry drives a racing video game into his lair.

Phineas and Ferb-Busters!

Not shown, Major Monogram asks, "Where's Perry?" but he is already in front of him.

The Beak

Perry simply arrives in his lair and answers the emergency transmission on the screen.

She's the Mayor

He was already in the Agency's Sauna with Major Monogram and Carl and Agent W

Phineas and Ferb Hawaiian Vacation

In Part I, Perry gets his briefing through a screen on a Tiki statue. In Part II, Perry contacts Monogram on his trademark submarine in his periscope.

We Call it Maze

He enters through the exhaust in the kitchen, and is covered in soot as he lands in his chair.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Meet Max Modem!

He stands at middle of the sofa as it flips over.

The Secret of Success

He uses a skateboard and goes through a pipeline, to which he lands upside down in his seat.

Split Personality

Perry presses a little flower with a rock that activates a trap door behind him and directly to his lair. Later in the episode, the molecular separator ray comes down Perry's entrance.

Brain Drain

None shown, but Perry walks by Phineas and Ferb's room wearing a surgical mask.

Rollercoaster: The Musical!

Perry enters through a secret door on the side of the house. The same as Rollercoaster.

Make Play

Perry uses a jack to go down to his lair.

Candace Gets Busted

Perry enters in the kitchen drawer then slides into a tube. Major Monogram warns Perry that the agency's tubes got mixed with the city's air ducts, so Perry's entrance reroutes directly to Doofenshmirtz Evil Inc.

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