Perry enters through a secret door on the side of the house.

Lawn Gnome Beach Party of Terror

Perry opens the top of a decorative mushroom in the backyard. When he reaches the bottom, he steps to his right, and his fedora drops onto his head from a different tube.

Flop Starz

Perry flushes himself down a toilet and swims to his lair.

The Fast and the Phineas

Entered from the side of the house, followed by a ride down a tube elevator (Exactly the same way as in Rollercoaster).

Lights, Candace, Action!


Raging Bully

At the Mall there is a Drink It soda machine that scans his foot, and leads to a slide that takes Perry to his lair. He skids to a halt halfway down the slide, and has to push himself the rest of the way.

Candace Loses Her Head

By a trash bin at Mount Rushmore and a lengthy travel tube ride. His trip is delayed for a few seconds to let Agent R go first through an intersection in the travel tube. (Perry returns to Mount Rushmore by exiting through the door on the side of the house and hops into a nearby bush to re-enter the travel tube.)

I, Brobot

Perry takes the "Chimney-vator" to get into his lair, an elevator inside the chimney of the boys' house. Santa Claus also uses the Chimmney-vator with Perry. Santa and Perry look at each other causing Perry to grin.

Run Away Runway

Perry makes sure Candace is gone, then sits on firewood in the firеplace, presses a button, and whizzes off to his lair.

The Magnificent Few

Enters a water trough at the dude ranch and swims underwater back to his lair, avoiding a shark with a laser beam strapped to its head.


Perry steps into a coil of hose and turns on the faucet, which sends him into a tube.

Jerk De Soleil

Perry (with his costume on) takes an elevator hidden in the lawn. When he gets to his headquarters and Major Monogram sees his costume, he laughs, takes a picture, and goes to email it to Carl.

Toy to the World

Perry goes over a wall of fasteners in the hardware store and pulls on a bag in the display. The display turns around and Perry is in his lair with his fedora on.

Get That Bigfoot Outa My Face!

Perry entered his lair through a very old tree slide. At the end of it he nearly knocks over a vase holding a flower.

Tree to Get Ready


It's a Mud, Mud, Mud, Mud World

Perry enters through the couch.

The Ballad of Badbeard

Agent E grabs him by the shoulders and flies him to her nest where an egg hatches and a communicator communicating with Major Monogram is inside.

Mom's Birthday

Perry spins a photo of himself on the wall to go through a secret small door behind it to his lair.

Journey to the Center of Candace

He uses a keypad to activate a rotating section of the fence, which flings him through a trap door in the lawn.

It's About Time!

He enters in a photo booth at the museum.

Dude, We're Getting the Band Back Together


Greece Lightning

Perry does not enter his lair. Instead, Major Monogram shows up in the museum inside of a replica of the Discobolos statue. It is a replica because the original doesn't have any clothes on and the version in this museum has a skirt.

Leave the Busting to Us!

Perry jumps into the bathtub, turning on the shower and appearing in his lair in through a bat of steam wearing a towel.

Crack That Whip

Perry puts himself inside a box and is sent by airmail to another country, where he is sent back to Danville by airmail and a mailman drops the box inside a mailbox, which leads to Perry's lair. "You do know we have an elevator, right?" Major Monogram points out.

The Best Lazy Day Ever

He took a tunnel hidden in the trash.

Boyfriend From 27,000 B.C.

Perry scuttles up a storm drain and pops out in mid-dressing of a magpie costume, then walks onto a power line scaring off some magpies, and hops into an emergency phone on the phone line pole, ending up falling from the ceiling of his lair landing into his chair.

Voyage to the Bottom of Buford

Perry surfs on a surfboard into a tube.

A Hard Day's Knight

Perry is on an ordinary double-decker bus. He uses a jet pack to fly to a lamp post, in which he opens and squeezes his way down.

Traffic Cam Caper

Perry first jumped into a top hat in Phineas and Ferb's room and jumped out of one in his lair. A video shows him entering his lair through the backyard tree entrance.

Bowl-R-Ama Drama

Perry uses a tube to slide into his lair, but falls out because Carl was in the middle of fixing the tube. Carl puts Perry into the other side of the tube, saying "Ooh, sorry about that, Agent P." and returns to fixing the pipe. Herman the Hedgehog then falls out of same tube.

Got Game?

He wanted to enter the lair through a secret lift in a bookshelf, but this was out of order, so he had to walk down a huge staircase. At the end of the briefing, he is not looking forward to having to walk back up the stairs.

Put That Putter Away

Perry drinks coffee and then uses the backyard tree entrance. He goes down to his lair after drinking coffee, and then he put on his secret agent hat.

Does This Duckbill Make Me Look Fat?

Perry, in Candace's body, squeezes into the hidden door on the side of the house.

The Flying Fishmonger


One Good Scare Ought to Do It!

Perry enters a trash can, to find it is the wrong one and is full of garbage, he then jumps into the one next to it, which this one leads him to his lair.

The Monster of Phineas-n-Ferbenstein


Oil on Candace

With the family out of the house, Perry is watching "his stories" on the TV in the living room, until Major Monogram interrupts him with news that Doofenshmirtz's old professor is in town and together they are bad news. Perry puts on his secret agent hat and walks away.

Out of Toon

Perry goes through a hole that opens in the ground and takes him down a chute into his lair, putting on his secret agent hat on the way down.

Hail Doofania!

An entrance in the side of the house that was also used in Rollercoaster, but due to the cone on his head, Perry cannot fit into the door of the passage to the lair.

Out to Launch

Perry flies into space with Candace on Phineas and Ferb's ship, to realize that he is needed to be in space via videophone, but due to budget cuts can't be sent up there, when he is up there thanks to Phineas and Ferb.

Phineas and Ferb Get Busted!

In this episode, there is no subplot with Perry, and because of this, Perry isn't shown entering his lair, or getting his brief mission from Major Monogram. However, later in the episode, Perry is briefly seen battling Doofenshmirtz.

Unfair Science Fair

Enters through the file cabinet in Baljeet's living room and falls into his chair, pieces of paper flying around him.

Unfair Science Fair Redux (Another Story)

He enters through the file cabinet in the Flynn-Fletcher house's Living Room. (Same as Unfair Science Fair)

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