This is the list of Ferb's lines in Season 4.

Episode Quote
"For Your Ice Only" Phineas: If we're going to be the entertainment, then we'd better kick it up a notch. Hockey Z-9?
Ferb: Hockey Z-9.
Linda: Say "Canadian Bacon!"
Everyone: Ham!
"Happy New Year!" Phineas: Alright, let's start this bash in a ball.
Everyone: Yeah!
Phineas: Is this your doing, bro?
Ferb: "Auld Lang Syne" literally means "old long ago," but I'd rather think of New Year's as an unspoiled universe.
"Fly On the Wall" Buford: I don't get why this stuff is called sorbet. Ain't it just a fancy-people word for ice cream?
Ferb: While ice cream is made from dairy products and turned vigorously with air, sorbet is made entirely out of fancy people.
Buford: Really?
Ferb: No, not really.
"Bully Bust" Phineas: I know what we're gonna do today, Ferb. Hey, where's Perry?

(It's shown Phineas' bed coming back to normal after had opened an entrance to Perry.) That's strange...
Ferb: I know, we only do this later in the day.

"My Sweet Ride" Candace: Hey, where is Dad anyway?
Ferb: Hmm. Well, last we saw him, he was working on the muffler.
sings in My Cruisin' Sweet Ride.
"Der Kinderlumper" Candace: Phineas! I thought you were stampeded!
Phineas: We were! But it didn't hurt. They were big, but they were still fluffy.
Ferb: It's like being run over by cotton candy, but less sticky.
"Sidetracked" Phineas: Good morning, Perry. Ready to start a fun day?
Ferb: Good morning, Perry.
Phineas: Oh, there you are, Perry.
Ferb: Ah, a platypus's life is a life of leisure.
Phineas: Yes, yes it is.
"Primal Perry" Baljeet: You are missing the point! I do not know that if I chose strawberry I would get hit by a bus, I am just saying that every decision we make has unforeseen repercussions.
Ferb: Actually, ice cream sounds pretty good.
Phineas: Yeah, it does.
Isabella: Something's going on over there. The Baljeets seem to be gathering.
Phineas: Well, I don't like the looks of that. Gatherings have a habit of turning into mobs.
Ferb: And mobs rarely make good decisions.
"Mind Share" (In an alien body) It's appears that we were transported into some sort of inter-galactic hoosegow.
"Backyard Hodge Podge" Parry Gripp: Anyway fellas, I'm gonna hit the road. See ya.
Ferb: Well, he's no platypus, but still a lovely fellow.
"Bee Day" Buford: (Mocking Phineas' voice) Ooh, I promised Isabella.
Phineas: Is that how I sound?
Ferb: He really nailed you.
Baljeet: It is uncanny.
"Bee Story" None.
"Great Balls Of Water" None.
"Where's Pinky?" Candace: Puh-leez, Phineas. There's nothing about zombies that I don't know.
Ferb: Did you know there's one standing behind you?
Candace: AAH!! ...Very funny.
Phineas: Ha! Good one, bro.
"Phineas and Ferb Musical Cliptastic Countdown Hosted by Kelly Osbourne" Sings in some songs
"Knot My Problem" Ferb: Shall we?
Phineas: Absolutely. Let's go, bro.
That's a solution to the Gordian Knot that even Alexander the Great couldn't have come up with.
Linda: Okay, Candace. You can eat the rest of that pencil. Unless you'd like to join us all for some chocolate triple layer cake.
All but Candace: Yay!
Sings in "Gordian Knot".
"Just Desserts" Phineas: Well, I guess they've got a lot of nests to make. We did build the thing out of pressed twigs and lawn clippings.
Ferb: Nature's little recyclers at work.
Ferb: Some tea with honey would help that throat. And, there's crumpets in the conservatory as well.
Candace: He's so British.
"La Candace-Cabra" Well, I guess perhaps the universe wants something left un-photographed, like Chupacabra or group photos where everyone has their eyes open.
"Happy Birthday, Isabella" I...just...remembered there's...something I need to do. You two go.
"Love at First Byte" Phineas: Presenting the Pyrotechnic Holographic Light and Audio Simulator and Electromagnetic Radioscope!

Ferb: Or PHLASER for short.

"One Good Turn" Baljeet: Are you meaning to tell me we have never made an obstacle course this entire summer?

Phineas: Ferb?
Ferb: I'm filled with remorse
That we haven't, of course,
Even thought of building an obstacle course.
Phineas: Then let's build one and make it our new tour de force!
Ferb: That is a plan I can clearly endorse.
Phineas: Of course!
Baljeet: Of course!
Phineas: Of course!
Buford: Of course! I'm puttin' an end to this before it breaks into song!

"Phineas and Ferb: Mission Marvel" Phineas: Ferb, are you expecting someone?

Opens the door to reveal the superheroes
Ferb: Not them.

Phineas: Oh, the rustic exterior's a facade. Wait'll you see the inside!

They go inside S.H.E.D. to reveal it is much larger on the inside.
Iron Man: Oh, man! You guys are good!
Ferb: Just a little British sci-fi technology.

Phineas: We all set there?

Ferb: All set. Just as soon as I—
Candace: Great! All set!
(Candace pushes the red button.)
Ferb: ...lock down the power assignments and reverse polarity.

Ferb: Oh, this is going to be sweet.

Phineas: Yeah it is!

He clicks his tongue and winks and points at Iron Man after being offered a summer internship at Stark Industries.
Ferb: That's strange. I was convinced that he was an anthropomorphic platypus. Huh. What with the beaver tail and all.
"Thanks But No Thanks" None.
"Troy Story" Buford: Well, that can't be good.
Ferb: Guess they knew that a T-Rex's weakness is also its Achilles' heel.
"Druselsteinoween" Sings "Vampire Queens Love Pimpernels"
"Terrifying Tri-State Trilogy of Terror" Phineas: Wash? Brush?
Ferb: Chaparral?
"Face Your Fear" Ferb: Seriously? That's it? A soft fire plug?
Phineas: Well, yeah, attached to a giant revolving treadmill with a giant soft neighborhood containing soft obstacles.
Ferb: Oh, yeah, okay.
"Cheers for Fears" Phineas: Flowers, I'm drawing a blank.

Ferb: Daffodils, third date.

Phineas: Isabella, you've been awfully quiet all day.

Isabella: (looks at watch) I have just earned my 24 Hours of Silence Patch! I can see why you don't talk much, Ferb. I actually quite enjoyed it. I ended up having an inner dialogue with myself all day.
Ferb: Welcome to Ferbland.
Zoom in on Ferb's brain
Ferb head #1: Yes, the universe is constantly expanding.
Ferb head #2: But what is it expanding into?
Ferb heads: Ooooooh...
Ferb head #3: Okay, now my mind is blown.

"Steampunx" Ferb: I've got a bottlecap and a brass nail.
Ferb: Personally I'm looking forward to cheese in aerosol cans.
"Just Our Luck" Isabella: Hey, Phineas! Whatcha doin'?

Phineas: Hey, Isabella! You're just in time to help us build a zip-line tennis game across town for the ultimate game of sky tennis!
Ferb: Or skennis for short.

Phineas: Good thing you're wearing your steel-tip sneakers.

Ferb: Actually, today I'm not. (beat) Ouch.

"Return Policy" Ferb: Oooh...
Phineas: Oh, there you are, Perry.

Ferb: Safe at home.

"Live and Let Drive" None.
"Phineas and Ferb Save Summer" Sings "Come on!" in "Summer All Over the World"
Phineas: If we don't do something soon, summer will be gone forever!

(Dramatic music plays, which is revealed to be Ferb conducting a small orchestra)
Ferb: What? I'm expressing how I feel through music.

Ferb: Sure hope this cold weather isn't affecting Mum and Dad's cave adventures.
"Father's Day" Ferb: Tada!
Phineas and Ferb: Happy Father's Day!

Lawrence: Yes. Yes it is.

"Imperfect Storm" None.
"The Return of the Rogue Rabbit" Candace: I don't know. There was something weird about those two.

Phineas: Whadaya mean, Candace? Rabbit owners come in all shapes and sizes.
Candace: A flight helmet and cowboy boots?
Stacy: I think the tall one was wearing a wig.
Ferb: And the other one had a false mustache.
(A helicopter is heard whirring.)
Candace: Plus, they're leaving by helicopter.
(The helicopter flies away.)
Phineas: You do realize that none of those observations disprove my statement, right?
Ferb, Candace and Stacy: Yeah.

"It's No Picnic" Linda: I'm afraid that your plans will have to wait after Ferb's dental appointment. Come on honey, time to go.

Ferb: All right.
Phineas: Wow, I've never seen Ferb so nervous.

Isabella: (speaks into a microphone in the ear) All right girls, Union Jack is back. Operation "Picnic Perfect" is now Operation "Ginormous Non-Romantic Overboard Picnic".

Ferb: (with his mouth full of procaine) Al flabahem abla flapabla.
Isabella: It's all right big guy, you guys just do what you do.

"The Klimpaloon Ultimatum" Wolf-whistles when Candace is on stage.
Ferb: What?
Buford: Isn't anyone gonna talk about how we got here so fast?

Phineas: Sorry, Buford. We don't have the time for that. Ferb?
Ferb: Two words: "Travel montage."
Buford: I got two words for you: "Cli. Ché."

Candace: Okay, Ferb, where to next? (Ferb turns the page to reveal it's blank.) That's it?

Phineas: We lost the auction for volume two.
Ferb: We got sniped.

Phineas: We have to do something!

Ferb: How about this? (pulls the plug)

Buford: I don't want him to go. I want him to stay with us.

Ferb: Klimpaloon doesn't belong to us. He belongs to the ages.
Buford: I said that back in the Himalayas! Does no one listen to me?!
Baljeet: Uh, how are we getting home?

Operation Crumb Cake Phineas: Oh, look at this! It's like a spoon and a fork together! What would you even call that?

Ferb: In the UK, they call that a "foon".
Buford: They do not!

Phineas: Yeah. We're really getting into it. Who knew that making an art piece out of old take out stuff would be so fun?

Baljeet: It is almost like Tadashi Kawamata's massive chair sculpture in Abu Dhabi.
Ferb: Or the Sub Lyric Pile Killabuster with Onion on Marble in Salzburg, Austria.
Baljeet: Really?
Phineas: Actually, I think he just made that one up.

He wolf-whistles to Phineas to indicate the mail has arrived.
Isabella: Well, I guess we'll never know what was in that letter!

Ferb: No, I guess not. And neither will...your little crumb cake.
Isabella: Milly! (Milly whistles)

"Mandace" None.
"Phineas and Ferb: Star Wars" Raps in "Tatooine".
Phineas: I wonder if he's still there.

Ferb: No. He's on his way to Mos Eisley.
Phineas: Oh, wow. Can you sense that with the Force?
Ferb: No, I can see them. They're right over there.

He imitates a Tusken Raider while playing with a puppet likeness.
Phineas: Whadaya think, Ferb? A girl like her and a guy like me?

Ferb: Sure, why not?

Phineas: What is it, Ferb? What's with the hand?

Ferb: I feel something. A presence I have not felt since...
Phineas: Perry!

Phineas: What's wrong, Ferb? You got your hand up again.

Ferb: Perry is in trouble.
Phineas: Oh no! We must go help him.
Ferb: No. You must go get that disc to the rebels. We cannot risk our mission.

He also yells in pain when he is accidentally zapped by the Sith-inator.
Phineas: So is there like a face painting booth around here or something? And where's Perry? Were you able to find him?

Darth Ferb: I found this: the Sith-inator. And I've modified it to create an army of Sith warriors. Join me on the Dark Side, brother.
Phineas: (laughs) Shut up, Ferb! C'mon, let's get outta here. Isabella already left. We gotta find the ship so we can get home.
Darth Ferb: The Dark Side is my home now.

Phineas: I'm not gonna fight you.

Darth Ferb: If you will not join me, then I must destroy you.

(Darth Ferb using the force to activate the modified Sith-inator)

Darth Ferb: Now you will join me!

He is heard groaning under a pile of rubble.
"Lost in Danville" Ferb: Sometimes, if you're lost, it's best to just go along for the ride.
Phineas: Wow, it's a day full of questions. First the toothpaste, and now this.

Ferb: And, of course, "where's Perry?"
Phineas: Yeah! See what I mean? We're up to our armpits in enigmas!

Ferb: (to Phineas) Well, we can't see into the capsule, but your second molar has a cavity. And it looks like Mrs. Garcia-Shapiro is making kreplach tortillas.
Phineas: Whoa! That was weird! Was that us?

Ferb: Couldn't be. That Phineas has four white stripes on his shirt and you have only three.
Phineas: Good point. Not to mention our dad isn't a polar bear.

"The Inator Method" Ferb: She went intra-Venus right between us.
"Night of the Living Pharmacists" (Ferb clears his throat off-screen)

Phineas: Nice, Ferb! You found the new power supply!

Buford: Why are you okay?

Baljeet: I do not know!
Ferb: Perhaps our rubberized skin might be acting as an insulator.

Phineas: Any ideas?

Isabella: I got nothin'!
Phineas: Ferb?
Ferb: I'm petrified beyond all capacity for rational thought.

Phineas: We're not gonna make it!

Ferb: No. You and Isabella will make it.

He is also heard grunting when bombarded by the mindless repulsive pharmacists.
Ferb: Yes. Everyone seems to be noticeably lab coat free.
"Tales from the Resistance: Back to the 2nd Dimension" Phineas-2: Cool!

Ferb-2: Any pet can fetch a stick.

Charlene-2: Oh, it's so good to have a cyborg who can actually speak.

Ferb-2: Well, I usually say only one line per day.
Charlene-2: One line, really? Why?
Ferb-2: (blinks)
Charlene-2: Seriously? That was it?
Ferb-2: (blinks)
Doofenshmirtz-2: Eh. Weird kid.

Candace-2: Look! It's the Ferb-borg! Get behind me, Phineas! I'll hold him off as long as I can!

Ferb-2: (takes off his disguise) Please, Candace, you're being dramatic.

"Doof 101" None
"Act Your Age" Phineas: Ugh! I'm running out of time, Ferb. I gotta choose a school. Do I stay local or go abroad? Trade school? Art school? Come on, Ferb. Help me make a decision.

Ferb: Get in the booth.

Phineas: Okay, Kjobstaad Academy. Uh, which one was that again?

Ferb: Mmm...great physics department, Norway.

Phineas: Yeah. He's going to Camford on Oxbury. Heh heh! "Camford on Oxbury". It sounds like a wizard school.

Ferb: It's not a wizard school. Well, there is some wizarding.

Adyson: And when we get them to come back here and see it and each other, they're bound to fall madly in love like they were always meant to be!

Ferb: You know, you can't force these things.
Adyson: Oh, come on. We're girls. It's what we do.

Ferb: So Tri-State State, huh? Good choice.
Phineas: Hi, Nessa! Where're you guys goin'?

Vanessa: Oh, Ferb's takin' me out for Ukrainian food.
Ferb: Can we drop you anywhere?

Vanessa: I never knew she had a thing for him.

Ferb: Seriously?
Vanessa: Naw, just messin' with ya. Everyone knew.

"Last Day of Summer" Ferb: Hugs are a healthy expression of affection between friends.
Phineas: What's a spoon?

Ferb: What's a tiger?

Phineas: I hope whatever that is likes oranges.

Ferb: Or orange-related puns.

Phineas: Ah, groundhogs.

Ferb: I hope that doesn't mean six more weeks of "Nullville".
Phineas: Ahhhhhh?

He is also seen saying something during "Curtain Call/Time Spent Together", but what he says is obscured by the song. He also sings in "Thank You For Comin' Along".
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