This is a list of Doofenshmirtz's traps in Season 4.

Episode Trap Method of escape
"For Your Ice Only" Marshmallow

Giant marshmallow trap

When the Abominable-inator hits the marshmallow, it grows hairy and explodes, allowing Perry to escape.
"Happy New Year!" Bottle

Agent P trapped in bottle of sparkling cider

Perry shakes up the bottle to carbonate the sparkling apple cider inside and launch himself out.
"Fly On the Wall" Hole in the ground

A Trap for Perry in Fly on the Wall

Perry is invited to a picnic with Doofenshmirtz, but it turns out to be an old-fashioned Burmese Tiger trap instead. However, Perry is able to climb out easily.
"Bully Bust" Cage

Tumblr mfbi2p1j0g1rmra37o1 500

Perry simply steps out of the cage.
"My Sweet Ride" Steel Cables

Cabled perry

When Perry activated the Rust-inator on Doofenshmirtz's vehicle, it also rusted the cables, making them fall off.
"Der Kinderlumper" Cage

Caged kinderlump perry

When the Kinderlumper-inator's effects wore off it also wore off on Perry. He may have stepped out of the cage offscreen since he was normal again.
"Sidetracked" Societal convention

Tumblr minw08rYNj1rgi4ejo1 500

Perry and Lyla started eating Doofenshmirtz's french fries, causing him to make a scene, ruining his societal convention trap.
"Primal Perry" Rope

Tumblr inline mj2oy9WTud1qz4rgp
Rope net
Doofenshmritz and Perry falling down a waterfall
Grid(for Liam)
Liam caught in grid trap

Perry pulls a pair of scissors out of his hat and cuts the rope.

Liam releases Perry from the net rope to put him into the handcuffs, along with Doofenshmirtz.

One of Liam's boomerangs accidentally cuts through the handcuffs, setting Perry and Doofenshmirtz free.

Liam uses the boomerang to free himself from the trap Perry and Doofenshmirtz set for him.

"Mind Share" Rope


Unknown, although Doofenshmirtz may have let him loose after asking Perry to back him up during his date at the square dance festival.
"Backyard Hodge Podge" Ophthalmic chair

Ophthalmic chair trap

Perry breaks the mechanical arms and the chair.
"Bee Day" Fly Swatter

Bee Day-Enough with the swat puns

Perry's tail acts as a chainsaw in order to "cut" Perry free.
"Bee Story" Make-up case(Professor Poofenplotz's trap)

Bee Story-Pinky in disgust

Pinky pulls a loose thread in the case, making the whole thing fall apart.
"Great Balls Of Water" Chair

That is not not how to sit on a chair

Perry breaks the chair by hitting Dr. Doofenshmirtz with it.
"Where's Pinky?" Line at Danville City Hall

Doof blends into the background

Perry and Pinky simply choose the number 7 and catch up with Doofenshmirtz.
"Knot My Problem" High chair

Balthazar in a pogo stick

Perry jumps on Doofenshmirtz, causing the chair to break.
"Just Desserts" Gingerbread house

It's because of dinner parties

Doofenshmirtz hits Perry with the Bring-Out-Dessert-Inator, causing the latter to burst out of the gingerbread house with cake.
"La Candace-Cabra"

Hair drying machine Mqdefaulkkk

Empty shark tank

Doofenshmirtz uses the Switch-Place-Inator to make Perry switch places with a shark in a tank filled with water. However, since Perry is semi-aquatic, he survives.

Perry is  later trapped in the same shark tank emptied and upside down, to which it is unknown how he escaped from this.

"Happy Birthday, Isabella" Platypus-proof bubble(for Doofenshmirtz)

It's no use trying to break through my protective bubble

Doofenshmirtz intentionally trapped himself in the bubble so Perry could not interfere with his plans.

Perry notices a bug in Doofenshmirtz's bubble. Since the latter is afraid of bugs, he opens the bubble to let the bug out, allowing Perry to punch him.

"Love at First Byte" None None
"One Good Turn" Welcome Mat

Mqdefault (53)

Perry simply pulls himself out.
"Phineas and Ferb: Mission Marvel" Hydraulic Trap

Wow. i did not know that


Mqdefault (60)

Doofenshmirtz puts his scissors on the hydrolic pump, causing it to open.

Perry, in his superhero costume, produces a pair of pliers from his hat and begins to cut himself out.

"Thanks But No Thanks" None None
"Troy Story" Rope net


Perry cuts through the trap.
"Druselsteinoween" None None
"Terrifying Tri-State Trilogy of Terror" "The Terrifying Tri-State Trilogy of Terror" book.

Mqdefault (68)

As Perry struggles to get out of the book, he makes the bookcase fall over, allowing him to escape.
"Face Your Fear" None None
"Cheers for Fears" Rope

PAF 415A 10003096

Perry's business card grows mechanical legs and cuts him out of the rope.
"Just Our Luck"
"Return Policy" Price label

Perry price tag

Perry uses a coupon to cut the price label.
"Imperfect Storm" Rope

Yellow Rope

When Perry makes his way down from the rocket platform that him and Doofenshmirtz are standing on during the bad water and parachutes down, his trap gets torn down.
"Live and Let Drive" Pile of tires

Lald020 Perry is not impressed

When Perry gets to a beach, the shark that swallowed Perry whole coughed out the tires, thus setting Perry free.
"It's No Picnic" Sticky tile on the floor

Floor Tile

Perry jumps around with the tile under his feet and uses Doofenshmirtz's coffee to melt down the tile.
"Mandace" Cage


It is not shown how Perry escapes the trap in the episode.
"Phineas and Ferb: Star Wars" Carbonite


Carbonite malfunctioned thus freeing him.
"Lost in Danville" Capsule Professor Mystery kidnapped Doofenshmirtz and put him in a capsule wanting revenge for "stealing" Peter the Panda. It's unknown how Doofenshmirtz got out of the capsule, although that Peter and Perry let him out after Mystery reformed.
"The Inator Method"
PerryTrap Nametag
Perry bite the nametag in order to escape
"Night of the Living Pharmacists"



Norm prepares to take Perry and hang him upside down in the disco ball trap.

"Tales from the Resistance"

Jail Cell

Wedged in a table

Ferb-2 freed his siblings and the reformed Platyborg from the cell by pretending to be turned into a cyborg by Charlene

A freed rat agent cuts Charlene's manicure causing her to drop her bo staff. Candace-2 grabs the bo staff and pushes the other end of the table to escape

"Doof 101" None None
"Last Day of Summer" Several

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