This is the list of Doofenshmirtz's traps in Season 2.

Episode Trap Method of escape
"The Lake Nose Monster" Diver's helmet
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Perry uses a file to grind the bars, but he escapes after Doof's moving fortress is hit by Nosey, knocking the helmet away from Perry.
"Interview With a Platypus" Shark cage (half off) Agent P trapped in a cage Perry escapes after the dam is opened and the cage moves because of the current.
"Tip of the Day" Tractor beam Tractor beam perry Doofenshmirtz lets him go after erasing everyone's mind of aglets, thinking it doesn't matter.
"Attack of the 50 Foot Sister" Baby trap
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One of the new koi agents helps free Perry from the trap.
"Backyard Aquarium" Platypus-Secret-Agent-Arrival-In-Order-To-Foil-My-Evil-Plot-Capture-inator Platypus Secret Agent Arrival In Order To Foil My Evil Plot Capture-Inator Perry used a decoy, much to Doofenshmirtz's confusion.
"Day of the Living Gelatin" Turn-Everything-Evil-Inator


Gelatin monster Gelatin monster perry

Doofenshmirtz tries to turn Perry evil, but misses every time. The Gelatin Monster came when Doof called his evil minions. Perry defeated it with the sprinkler system that Doof had.
"Elementary My Dear Stacy" Clamp trap Using his laser watch Perry throws a brick at the remote on a table to free the two of them.
"Don't Even Blink" Invisible cage Invisible tin cup Perry uses an invisible file to break out of the cage.
"Chez Platypus" Foot stuck through door Agent P stuck in the door Perry somehow breaks the door off its hinges and is seen leaving an elevator with it still on. It's unknown on how he removed the door.
"Gaming the System" Ballgown-Inator

Hard to fight in a ballgown
Clamps on hot air balloon Balloon trapped perry

Doof fires the Ballgown-Inator at Perry, making it hard to fight. In the air, the clamps holding on to Perry are cut and Perry pulls Doof off the balloon. He isn't freed from the ball gown until he leaves Doof's balloon and it falls on Candace.
"The Chronicles of Meap" Stuck on the carpet because of static electricity Poofed trapped perry When Doofenshmirtz activates the Staticelectroamplif-inator, it causes Perry to fly to all the balloons, freeing him from the carpet.
"De Plane! De Plane!" Telephone Cord

Phone cord perry

Perry is freed after Doofenshmirtz places the phone on Perry's lap, causing the floor below him to flip twice.
"Let's Take a Quiz" Nemesis catch-em mat Box trapped perry Perry frees himself by using an easy-automatic-trap-escape.
"At the Car Wash" Old-reliable palm tree trap
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Perry threw his fedora to knock down a ventilation pipe onto the Mountain-Out-Of-A-Molehillinator, causing it to short. The fedora frees Perry by cutting the rope when it returns.
"Oh, There You Are, Perry" Hi-tech trap (created and used by The Regurgitator) Regurgitator trap perry Perry activated the escape button that Doofenshmirtz, as The Regurgitator's intern, had installed.
"That Sinking Feeling" RopeSinking feeling perry Unknown as it occurred off-screen.
"The Baljeatles" Baby playpenBaby cage perry Perry tricked the nanny-inator by pouring milk in his diaper. The nanny-inator attempts to change Perry's diaper but Perry manages to escape by running up its arms.
"No More Bunny Business" Rope Cage (Dr. Doofenshmirtz and Planty the Potted Plant)

Planty gets trapped
Cage at Perry's lair (Agent P and Dennis) Dennis takes Perry's hat

Doofenshmirtz captures Planty the Potted Plant instead of Perry, because of his absence. It is unknown how Planty escapes this trap. However, Planty defeats Doofenshmirtz without leaving the trap, since he pushed the potted plant. Perry launches one of the carrots into the release button, which releases him.
"Phineas and Ferb Musical Cliptastic Countdown" Cage
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Major Monogram gets trapped initially, but Perry frees him and they both trap Doofenshmirtz in the cage.
"Bubble Boys" Birthday celebration ribbons Birthday ribbons perry Perry uses the birthday card Doofenshmirtz used to trap him to tear the ribbons.
"Isabella and the Temple of Sap" Rope

PoofenplotzShakes Trash can Trapped pinky2

Pinky is first trapped by a rope by Professor Poofenplotz. Pinky is later placed in a trash can and escapes when Candace knocks the trash can over with her car.
"Fireside Girl Jamboree" Glass box with metal frames PerryWarpsIntoTrap Perry removed a screw from the box and used his tail to flick it at Doofenshmirtz, causing Doofenshmirtz to hit the box with the metal destructinator. The metal frame turned into broccoli causing the box to fall apart.
"The Bully Code" Ceiling net Perry'snet Perry uses a nearby ceiling fan to cut the net.
"Finding Mary McGuffin" Lobster cage Perry'strapMcGuffin Doofenshmirtz unknowingly opens the cage after adding a switch and testing his new inator.
"Picture This" Invisible box
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Perry uses a mini-saw to cut a hole through the box.
"Nerdy Dancin'" Shackled on a tableShackled perry Perry just slips his hands and feet through since they're small.
"What Do It Do?" Many trapsRocket skiff Doofenshmirtz allows Perry to escape one of the traps by pressing a button. In another trap, Perry uses a pin to free himself. Perry sets off and avoids the rest of the traps by using a scepter from the statue of Earl of Whiskershire. There are other traps Perry escapes but it isn't known how he escapes them.
"Atlantis" Fertilizer bag Perry'strapAtlantis Doofenshmirtz's plant minions squeeze the bag until Perry is forced out.
"Phineas and Ferb Christmas Vacation!" A tree base and Christmas lightsA Partrich on a Perry The partridge on Perry's beak assists Perry in escaping the trap.
"Candace's Big Day" RopePerrytrap2x39 Perry frees himself by inhaling air and flexing his muscles.
"Suddenly Suzy" ShoelaceOLO-COOL 308 Perry managed to get his arms out of the shoelace trap, allowing him to free himself by untying the knot.
"Hip Hip Parade" In-Doors-InatorOLO-COOL 351 Perry uses his tail to knock on the door, tricking Doofenshmirtz into opening the door and freeing Perry.
"Ain't No Kiddie Ride" PitOLO-COOL 101 After drinking a bottle of water, Doofenshmirtz accidentally knocked two aerosol cans into the pit. Perry uses the two cans to propel himself back up.
"Not Phineas and Ferb" RopePerry trap rope Perry uses the shrunken Big Ben clock tower to cut the rope.
"Phineas and Ferb-Busters!" Straight-jacketOLO-COOL 155 Perry wiggles his arms out of the trap.
"The Lizard Whisperer" Metal chains on the amplifinator


Steve rips out the amplifinator, thinking that its a mushroom while at the same time freeing Perry.
"Robot Rodeo" You'reLatePerryAgent containment unit


The agents form a ladder to escape through the top.
"The Beak" Game plaqueAgent P Plaque The Beak is hit towards the wall of City Hall, knocking Perry out of his trap.
"The Lemonade Stand" Toilet paperOLO-COOL 202 Doofenshmirtz unknowingly gets the end of the roll stuck on his shoe. While he walks away to the Paper-Cut-Inator, it unravels the roll. Perry breaks free when all the toilet paper is removed from the roll.
"Phineas and Ferb Hawaiian Vacation" A lei of flowersAloha Perry! Tied up to a bamboo stick Perry's 2nd Hawaiian trap Perry is freed after he's hit by the De-Evolution-inator. It is unknown how Perry frees himself from the second trap.
"Phineas and Ferb: Summer Belongs to You!" Hand Truck (for Monogram)You brought work with you Perry frees Monogram.
"Nerds of a Feather" Tied up on a chairOLO-COOL 109
Tied up in a closet

Look It's The Mayor!

It's unknown how Perry gets out of this trap.Perry uses scissors to free himself.
"Wizard of Odd" Spider web
Снимок экрана 2014-05-02 в 20.33.52
Снимок экрана 2014-05-02 в 20.35.39
Perry frees himself with a saw blade from his hat. He attacks Doofenwitch, but ends up escaping out a window.
"We Call it Maze" Space ship Perry in spaceship The trap sends Perry to Doof's Evil Space Station where Doof presses a button to open the small ship. Near the end, when the station is spinning, Perry uses the same ship to escape.
"Ladies and Gentlemen, Meet Max Modem!" Shrinkable hoop Perry in hoop He escapes the hoop by pressing the remote that is on the floor.
"The Secret of Success" Motorized chairOLO-COOL 165 Perry uses a set of metal teeth to escape the trap.
"The Doof Side of the Moon" Space helmet Perry viking Perry puts on a Viking helmet and sings at the pitch of the glass causing it to break.
"Split Personality" Life preservers Perry in life preservers Perry jumps into the pool, causing the rings to come off him, and save Doof from drowning in the pool.
"Brain Drain" Control helmet Capture184 Phineas throws the hat off. Perry then puts it on Doofenshmirtz.
"Make Play" Skill crane Perry's-trap Perry pulls the lever of the airplane, which causes it to swing and the skill crane falls down, freeing Perry.
"Candace Gets Busted" Trap-o-loungeOLO-COOL 284 Unknown (happens out of screen).

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