This is list of Doofenshmirtz's traps in Season 1.

Episode Trap Method of escape
"Rollercoaster" Robotic armsPerry trapped Perry uses his tail to launch a screw into Doofenshmirtz's foot, causing him to stagger into the release button.
"Lawn Gnome Beach Party of Terror" Pet carrier cage Perry trapped in pet carrier cage Doofenshmirtz accidentally presses the wrong remote while trying to activate his Destruct-inator. The remote he used opens Perry's cage.
"Flop Starz" Robotic armsCare for some pepper The pepper Perry blew at Doofenshmirtz caused the robot to sneeze out both Perry and Doofenshmirtz, freeing Perry from of his trap.
"The Fast and the Phineas" Glass casePlatypus under glass Perry shoots cheese into Doofenshmirtz's pants, making the mouse run into them, making Doof scream, which shatters the glass.
"Raging Bully" Doonkelberry Cake mix Perry trapped in cake mix Perry uses a bat whistle to call a colony of Doonkelberry bats to eat the Doonkelberry mix.
"Candace Loses Her Head" Wall of glass Perry behind glass wall Perry uses his ground-breaking machine to dig through the earth, and he reaches Doof's invention.
"I, Brobot" Net Perry trapped in a net Perry sprays cheese spray onto the rope of the net, which attracts a mouse, who chews on it.
"Run Away Runway" Duct tape Duct Taped Platypus A passing plane caught Doofenshmirtz and Perry, giving Perry the opportunity to spin his way out of the duct-tape trap.
"The Magnificent Few" Rope Perry trapped with a rope The lava burns through it.
"S'Winter" Spray chocolate PerryChocolate Sticky string Sticky String

Perry ate through the back of the chocolate.

It is unknown how Perry escaped the sticky string.

"Jerk De Soleil" Many traps at Doof's front door Doof's front door Perry doesn't escape this trap as it was set to capture him when he came through the front door.
"Are You My Mummy?" Evil bubble Evil Bubble Perry A beaver popped the bubble with its teeth.
"I Scream, You Scream" Cage (trapped as a pet) Perry in cage Charlene Doofenshmirtz frees Perry.
"Toy to the World" Room of bricks Brick Cage Perry Since Doofenshmirtz forgot to add cement, Perry pushes a brick and the entire trap falls.
"It's a Mud, Mud, Mud, Mud World" Chinese platypus trap Chinese Trap Perry Ancient Chinese secret (Scissors).
"Mom's Birthday" Wax robots Wax Robots Perry Perry cuts the rope of a candle chandelier, causing it to fall and melt the robot's wax.
"Journey to the Center of Candace" Giant snow globe (unused) Perry Snow GlobeFlat surface belt (It sticks to any flat surface) Flat surface belt Perry

Perry never got caught in this trap.

Perry rolls it to maneuver and a giant vacuum switch rips it off.

"It's About Time!" Chair Perry trapped in chair Perry uses the chair's gravity to destroy the button while pushing the chair down, and destroying Doof's Freezinator while at it.
"Dude, We're Getting the Band Back Together" Giant firecracker Giant firecracker perry Perry uses his watch to cut a hole in the ribbon he was tied in, and while he fights Doof, Doof gets stuck in the trap, and while it explodes, Doofenshmirtz, not Perry, is launched into the sky.
"Tree to Get Ready" Pigeons ReintroducedtoVanessa Unknown, as Perry escapes without them noticing at first.
"The Ballad of Badbeard" Robotic armDoofenshmirtz bought this place Perry was lucky on this one. Candace finds her way in Doof's lair, with moss in her hair and while Doof freaks out thinking she is the Sea Hag, he releases Perry.
"Greece Lightning" Theater chair Movie chair trap perry Perry is freed from the trap after dodging Norm's attack, which destroyed the chair.
"Leave the Busting to Us!" Box Magic box perry Unknown. Perry is next seen under Doof's hat.
"Crack That Whip" Cage I've got to get a quieter trap Doofenshmirtz releases him because of his headache.
"The Best Lazy Day Ever" None Instead of a trap, Doofenshmritz makes a slow motion ray, so he wouldn't need to trap him. Perry gets a hand on the ray to reverse the effect.
"Boyfriend From 27,000 B.C." Metal cap Metal casp perry Perry uses a nearby hanger to free himself.
"Voyage to the Bottom of Buford" Mechanical spider-like trap Mechanical spider perry Perry is released after throwing his fedora at the remote in Doofenshmirtz's pocket, causing it to fall and break.
"Bowl-R-Ama Drama" Ice(frozen by a giant robot penguin)FrozenPerry Perry manages to cause a cup of hot chocolate to fall to the floor, melting the ice.
"Put That Putter Away" Lawn chair Beach chair perry After being blown into the air with the leaves by Doofenshmirtz's Leaf Blower-inator, Perry somehow lands right behind Ferb as the kids leave Little Duffers.
"Does This Duckbill Make Me Look Fat?" Platypus-sized cageSmall cage perry Perry uses a hairpin to free himself.
"The Flying Fishmonger" Flypaper PerryStuckToFlypaper Perry was wearing platypus shoes, allowing him to take them off by just stepping back.
"One Good Scare Ought to Do It!" CrateCrate trap perry2 Christmas lights Christmas lights perry

Doofenshmirtz frees Perry from the trap after Perry agrees to tell him wear his jet keys are. Perry reveals the keys under his foot.

Due to the wind, Perry just spins out of the Christmas lights.

"Oil on Candace" ChairChair musical perry Doofenshmirtz frees Perry to prove to his professor that he is his nemesis. Perry instead decides to act like a mindless, domestic pet.
"Out of Toon" Legwarmer Legwarmer trapped perry Perry frees himself by biting on the legwarmer and pulling it off.
"Out to Launch" Ice cube tray Ice tray perry Perry attacks Doofenshmirtz by controlling a remote while he's in the trap. After colliding with Doofenshmirtz, Doofenshmirtz tries to free his tongue but ends up falling backwards, breaking the ice and freeing Perry.
"Unfair Science Fair" Baby car seat Baby seat perry Perry manages to pull himself out of the trap by leaving behind the fur of his lower body.

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