This is the list of Doofenshmirtz's schemes and inventions in Season 2.

Episode Invention(s) Scheme Scheme's Failure/Destruction
"The Lake Nose Monster" Doofenshmirtz's Submarine
Zinc processing machine
He plans to steal all the zinc from Lake Nose and use it in some evil way that he hasn't figured out yet. It crashes into a trench and the engine fails.
"Interview With a Platypus" B.O.A.T. (Buoyancy Operated Aquatic Transport)
He plans to flood the streets so that everyone will have to buy and use his BOAT (Buoyancy Operated Aquatic Transport) in order to get around. Perry thwarts this by opening the M.O.A.T. (Metropolitan Oval Aquatic Trench), which surrounds Danville and brings the water around the Tri-State area.
"Tip of the Day" Universal Delete Button
Universal Delete Button
Read My Mind-inator
Read My Mind-inator
Delete From My Mind-inator
Doofenshmirtz activates the Delete-From-My-Mind-inator
He uses Perry's Universal Delete Button to combine with his Thought Projection Helmet to erase everyone's mind of an embarrassing video they found of him. Dr. Doofenshmirtz was thinking about aglets when he pushed the button to activate the Delete From My Mind-Inator then destroyed it by throwing it to the floor.
"Attack of the 50 Foot Sister" Smell-inator
He plans to get rid of the people at the mid-summer festival by putting a liquid that smells like dirty diapers into his Smell-inator, thus getting everyone to leave because of the smell. Doof, not realizing it, accidently puts in a growth formula, and a hit against the machine causes it to enlarge the entire universe.
"Backyard Aquarium" Hot Dog Vendor Revenge-inator
Hot Dog Vendor Revenge-Inator
Platypus Secret Agent Arrival In Order to Foil My Evil Plot Capture-inator
Platypus Secret Agent Arrival In Order To Foil My Evil Plot Capture-Inator
He plans to freeze the water that hot dog venders use to cook hot dogs so that he can sell his bratwurst. The machine's shot misses its original target, and is destroyed in a wave of bratwurst.
"Day of the Living Gelatin" Turn Everything Evil-inator
He uses a ray that can turn anything, starting with Agent P, into his evil minion. After missing Agent P, Doof calls the stuff he hit, a toothbrush soap, and a gelatin monster. Agent P uses the sprinklers to melt the Gelatin Monster and short out the Turn Everything Evil-Inator.
"Elementary My Dear Stacy" Launching Big Ben to Danville
Big Ben next to DEI
He plans to launch Big Ben to Danville so that he can tell what time it is because his watch is too small. Perry escaped the trap then climb to the top of Big Ben and kicked Dr. Doofenshmirtz off Big Ben and deactivated the launch.
"Don't Even Blink" The Invis-inator
Behold, my Invis-inator
He creates an invisibility/disintegration ray to turn the Fireside Girls invisible when they try to sell him cupcakes. After Doofenshmirtz turned it into a Disintegrator, Perry reoriented the machine so it destroyed its own control panel.
"Chez Platypus" The De-Love-inator Satellite
De-love-inator satellite
He launches a De-lovinator satellite into space to eliminate love from the Tri-State Area in case his date doesn't go well. Since his date went well, he gave the remote to Perry, who destroyed it. The De-Love-inator Satellite fell to earth and zapped Doofenshmirtz's date, causing her to break up with him.
"Perry Lays an Egg" The Whale Translator-inator
The Whale traslator inator

Learning Whale Song

Doof whale
Doofenshmirtz teaches himself whale song so he can insult some whales as revenge for stealing a girlfriend of his, thanks to Doof's Whale Translator-Inator The plan succeeds, but Agent P gets bored with the pitiful scheme and leaves, forcing Doofenshmirtz to chase after him.
"Gaming the System" Ballgown-inator
Ball Gown-inator
He uses the Ballgown-inator to make all the Tri-State Area more girly so he can be the manliest in comparison. After hitting a few unintentional shots, Doof hits himself with the machine, giving him a ballgown. Agent P then destroys it.
"The Chronicles of Meap" Static Electro Amplif-inator
Static Electro Amplifinator
He plans to use his Static Electro Amplifinator to attract all the balloons in Tri-State Area so that he can find his chilhood balloon, Balloony. The sheer amount of balloons lifts the machine into the sky and crashes into Mitch's ship, where Balloony is located in.
"Thaddeus and Thor" Kick-inator 5000
Thaddeus and Thor (125)
He invents the Kick-inator 5000 to use at his family kickball tournament so he can win and get his mother's love. The inator succeeds in helping him pull the greatest kick, but the ball bounces from Phineas and Ferb's tower back to Roger, who then tags Heinz out.
"De Plane! De Plane!" Evaporator-inator
He plans to use his "Greevil" Evaporator-inator to evaporate the water of public pools because his mother never let him swim in them. Dr. D misses his original target, but when he tries to hit his nemesis, his power source is blocked by the Boys' Plane.
"Let's Take a Quiz" Scorch-inator
He invents the Scorch-inator because he developed an addiction to infomercials and he wants to get rid of them by melting their station towers. Before Doof could activate the Inator, Perry escaped, and the two started fighting with items that Doof bought from infomercials.
"At the Car Wash" Mountain Out of a Molehill-inator
Mountain out of molehill-inator
He creates the Mountain-out-of-a-molehill-inator because all his life he was told to not make a mountain out of a mole hill. Also, he uses a Unstuck-inator to get the machine working.

Succeeds in making molehills grow into sizes of mountains, but the power grow into overload, and the unstuck-inator smashes the mountain-out-of-a-molehill-inator and a giant mole created by the device steps into the Unstuck-Inator.

"Oh, There You Are, Perry" Rocket Boots
Self-Destruct Button
Doofenshmirtz visits the Regurgitator after being downgraded to a low threat, accepts an internship with him, and invents unnamed rocket boots so the Regurgitator can reach some high up files, and a self-destruction system for the lair. The Self-Destruct Button destroys the entire base. Perry later uses the Rocket Boots to transport himself and Doofenshmirtz out from the exploding lair.
"Swiss Family Phineas" Monkey Enslave-inator helmet
Monkey Slave-inator
Doofenshmirtz makes the Monkey Enslav-inator helmet after he figured out what "Big Laundry" meant. He uses the monkeys to do a laundry service in a volcano. Perry knocks off the Monkey Enslave-inator helmet, leading all the monkeys to rebel.
"Hide and Seek" Doofenshmirtz's Recycling 'Scheme'
Recycling scheme
Tracking Device
Attaching the tracking device
Camera Bot
Camera bot
Doofenshmirtz tries to figure out where Perry the Platypus lives by attaching a nanobot to him. Doof pretends to not recycle, but actually puts a Tracking Device on Perry. When the platypus goes home, the Tracker turns into a Camera Bot, but the shrunken kids defeat it and knock off its eye, which Perry finds and crushes. Later, thinking Perry has the Camera Bot, self-destructs the rest of it.
"That Sinking Feeling" Rockets on Danville Lighthouse
Rocket lighthouse in flight
Doofenshmirtz attaches a rocket to the Danville lighthouse to fly it away from his evil incorporation because he is sleep-deprived. Not being able to control the rocket, the Lighthouse crashes into the middle of Doofenshmirtz Evil Inc, leading the boats closer than before, much to his anger.
"The Baljeatles" Bum Bum-inator
Doofenshmirtz learns about a mother's heartbeat soothing babies. So he sends his heart beat throughout the Tri-State Area to capture babies and make an army of babies. Perry escapes the Nanny-Inator, and makes Doof's heart rate to pump too fast, causing the Bum Bum-Inator to explode.
"Vanessassary Roughness" Pizzazium Infinionite
Pizzazium Infinionite 1
Doofenshmirtz is after some Pizzazium Infinionite that he wants to buy, and since it is taken by Buford and Baljeet (who is intending to use it for a science project), Vanessa volunteers to get it for Doof to prove that she's responsible enough to own a car. Candace and Stacy also wants it to use as a lantern for Jeremy, whose birthday it is. Doofenshmirtz manages to find the capsule, but Perry knocks a security beam closer to Doofenshmirtz, so the security guards think he stole the Pizzazium and arrest him, much to Vanessa's dismay.
"No More Bunny Business" Giant-Dog-Biscuit-inator Covered in Gravy
He makes a Giant Dog Biscuit with rockets on it, and a coating of gravy that is irresistible to dogs, because the constant barking in a nearby apartment building that recently allowed pets inside was bugging him. He was going to use it to make the dogs go "over the edge of the Tri-State Area". Distracted so that he can't fire the Inator for long enough, dogs break into Doof's building and eat the Giant-Dog-Biscuit-Inator covered in Gravy.
"Spa Day" Mr. Fluffypants
Heinz meets Fluffypants
Doofenshmirtz takes in a lost kitten, that causes nothing but trouble. In the end, Doof is forced to do the right thing and give Mr. Fluffypants back to his original owner.
"Phineas and Ferb's Quantum Boogaloo" Emperor of the Tri-State Area
Emperor Doofenshmirtz and his statue
When the 35 year old Candace messes with time, Doofenshmirtz becomes Emperor of the Tri-State Area. When time is restored, Doof's reign of terror stops from ever happening.
"Phineas and Ferb Musical Cliptastic Countdown" Musical-Videoclip-inator and Musical-Video-Mind-Control-inator.
Music Video Clip-inator
You'll do what I say
The invention in action
Doofenshmirtz makes a Musical-Videoclip-Inator, but actually is a Musical-Video-Mind-Control-Inator. Perry breaks everyone out of their hypnosis by playing the #1 song, never before seen in an extended edition.
"Bubble Boys" Yodel-inator
Doof sings his country song
Doofenshmirtz creates a cowboy hat to make his singing voice better, after which uses it to sing to the public. Perry uses a party blower to destroy the hat, in which changing his voice to normal.
"Cheer Up Candace" Plata-Proliferator-inator
Doofenshmirtz uses the Plata-Proliferator-inator to create Perry clones to frame the original Perry, by making the clones commit crimes including: Kicking over a trashcan, robbing a Money truck, speeding while throwing the stolen money at the cops, and eating cereal (which Major Monogram explains isn't really a crime).  Perry hits the reverse button sucking all the Perrys and Doof back into the machine. Doof clogs the device causing it to explode.
"Fireside Girl Jamboree" Metal Destruct-inator
Doofenshmirtz creates the Metal Destructinator to destroy the bridge connecting the Fireside Cupcake Factory to the Mainland, while in the process turning the metal into broccoli.  The metal Destruct-Inator is destroyed when Perry fires the ray on itself by twisting the tip around.
"The Bully Code" Retire-inator
Doofenshmirtz builds two inventions but only uses one of them:
*The Retirinator - which Doofenshmirtz will use once he is in his "senior years". It is filled with crossword puzzles and a fat cat who will sit on his belly and warm him up. Other known objects on it is: a leg rest, a giant feather, fan, drink, popcorn, slippers, TV, and a chart of his 401k.
*The Re-Tire-inator - this one which Doofenshmirtz uses is built because of the Tootie McFruity truck running over his foot with the tire.
After being trapped in a net, Perry escapes and knocks the tire off thus saving the truck, and in the process hurting Doofenshmirtz's good foot which sets off a chain reaction between both his feet's pain.
"Finding Mary McGuffin" Cage-inator
Doofenshmirtz unknowingly buys a lobster cage opener, thinking that it does something evil. In reality, it just opens and closes the cage it came with. And since it wasn't anything evil, it didn't do anything evil.
"Picture This" Mime-inator
Doofenshmirtz tries to rid the world of Mimes by trapping them in invisible boxes. Perry warps the device to Phineas and Ferb's backyard then hits the self-destruct button.
"Nerdy Dancin'" L.O.V.E. M.U.F.F.I.N.
NerdyDancin - LOVEMUFFIN
Doofenshmirtz and his organization, the League Of Villainous Evildoers Maniacally United For Frightening Investments in Naughtiness try to make a debut in the public eye during a taping of "Let's All Dance Until We're Sick". The plan was foiled by the a combination of the members being eliminated by the judges, the villains' lack of dancing skills, and Perry's assistance from above.
"Atlantis" Evil Spray
Evil spray
Plant Minion
Plant minion
Doofenshmirtz raises an army of plant minions using an evil spray. Perry uses a weed wacker to cut up the plants that went rogue and attacked Doof, Perry, and the blimp itself.
"What Do It Do?" Rocket Skiff and the Anti-Romance Robot, on the right
Rocket skiff
Doofenshmirtz builds a rocket skiff with lots of traps and a robot that removes romance. Doofenshmirtz loses the Anti-Romance-Rocket, and is soon left trapped in his Rocket Skiff.
"Phineas and Ferb Christmas Vacation!" Naughty-inator

Doofenshmirtz builds a Naughty-Inator to put Danville into Santa's naughty list, but does not know why or have a reason to, as he feels indifferent towards Christmas.

The machine succeeds for a while, but music from the Sal Tuscany (Santa Claus with a y) disc shatters the glass containers holding the naughty juices, destroying the inator. It is later revealed that Santa was the one who sent the plans of the Naughty-inator to Doofenshmirtz as part of his plan to grant Doof's wish to gain the ability to hate Christmas, much to Doof's delight.

"Just Passing Through"

Be-gone-inator AINeedRoadsideAssistanceBe-gone-inator BDoofPlanBBe-gone-inator CDoofPlanC

Doofenshmirtz tries to destroy a statue of his brother Roger that was being unveiled that day.

Bobblehead Perry the Platypus destroys Be-gone-inator A and Doofenshmirtz purposefully destroys Be-gone-inator B on purpose so he is even with Perry. Be-gone-inator C hits the truck's side-view mirror and destroys itself, along with most of the truck.

"Candace's Big Day" Junk Food-inator
Junk Foodinator
Doofenshmirtz builds the Junk Food-inator in order to make all healthy food unhealthy, thus rendering the overweight citizens of Danville easy to control.

The giant ice scorpion from Phineas and Ferb's ice wedding tower crashes into the inator and knocks it away.

"I Was a Middle Aged Robot" Eulg
Doofenshmirtz invents Eulg, a glue-like substance that breaks items apart. (Eulg is glue backwards) He intends to destroy the Tri-State Adult Diaper Factory with it. He duped the entire bottle on his plane while checking his watch and it fell apart.
"Suddenly Suzy" Carbon Footprint-inator
Carbon Footprint-inator
Doofenshmirtz plans to spread carbon footprints all over the Tri-State Area. He stomps on a large banana and slips to crash into the blimp
"Undercover Carl" Anti Gravity Evil Launch-inator
Evil Lauchinator plans
Doofenshmirtz intercepts Phineas and Ferb's plans for an Anti Gravity Fun Launcher and changes the name to make it his. When Doof isn't looking, the police take the Inator and Norm away for parking in a loading zone and for riding a robot with more than two axles without a license.
"Hip Hip Parade" Duplic-8-inator

In Doors-inator
Doofenshmirtz plans to create traffic jams with the Duplic-8-Inator, and traps Perry in the In Doors-Inator. Without realizing it, Doof lets Perry out of the In Doors-Inator, and after shooting willy-nilly for a bit, the Duplic-8-Inator overloads and explodes.
"Invasion of the Ferb Snatchers" Wrapped Up In A Nice Little Bow-inator
One of Doofenshmirtz's "inators" that were put up for auction. Perry uses the Inator to wrap Doofenshmirtz Evil Inc. in a nice little package with a bow.
"Ain't No Kiddie Ride" Aerosol Sculpture
Stack of spray cans
Aerosol Propelled Ozone Deplete-inator
Large spray can
Doofenshmirtz plans to burn his name into the atmosphere, in order for his legacy to continue. Candace ends up destroying the robotic hand with her red rocket (from the ride). Perry takes the fallen arm and smacks Doofenshmirtz with it, knocking him into the aerosol cans and then into his slicked-up pitfall trap.
"Not Phineas and Ferb" Shrink-inator Ray
En route with the Shrinkinator
Doofenshmirtz plans to shrink objects for his train set. Perry shrinks Doof and returns everything back to its former place.
"Phineas and Ferb-Busters!"
Straight jacket
Replacement Robot
Doofenshmirtz builds a replacement for Norm and makes an inator that traps Perry in a straitjacket.

Perry escapes from the straitjacket.

A shock wave shocks the Replacement Robot, turning him huge and rogue. Luckily, Norm 'accidentally' shorts it out by spilling cocoa.

"The Lizard Whisperer" Gigantinator
Jeremy teaches a song to Doofenshmirtz so Heinz can use it to summon an alien army. He also accidentally activates his Gigantinator. The giant Steve eats the Omni-Directional-Amplifinator thinking it's a mushroom.
"Robot Rodeo" Eradicate Rodney's-Inator-inator
Doofenshmirtz enters the inator-creator contest, wanting to win against Rodney, who has won the first contest. Doof uses his Inator to destroy Rodney's inator after the agents destroyed all the rest, causing Doof to win. But rampaging Robo-Bulls soon destroy Doof's Inator.
"The Beak" Doof's Fake Mayor Video
I Approve This Message
Instead of building something, Doofenshmirtz merely asserts that he is in charge, under the hope that everyone is too lazy to stop him. At first, the O.W.C.A. fell for it, but Doof later revealed that the video was just only a bluff.
"She's the Mayor" Accelerate-inator
Dr. Doofenshmirtz is scheduled to play golf with his brother, but since he hates the game, he creates the Accelerate-inator to speed things along. However, he is unaware that his invention also has the ability to open up holes to other dimensions. His device reverses time and a giant other-dimensional alien baby smashes the device with a giant hammer.
"The Lemonade Stand" Paper Cut-inator
Dr. Doofenshmirtz creates a "Paper-Cut-Inator" so that he can make trillions selling bandages. Doof accidentally gives himself a bunch of paper cuts,it went worse when an arriving Vanessa accidentally poured lemonade onto him, much to Vanessa's dismay.
"Phineas and Ferb Hawaiian Vacation"



Sand-inator Sand-inator

Dr. Doofenshmirtz tries to make the population less intelligent with his "de-evolution-ator."

Doof makes the Sand-inator to make sand wedge itself into peoples' swim trunks.

The De-Evolution-ator was disabled after making Doof's head grow large.

A wave destroys the inator.

"Phineas and Ferb Summer Belongs to You!" Plans for a giant water balloon
Giant Water Balloon
Dr. Doofenshmirtz takes a father-daughter trip to Tokyo with Vanessa, only to splash a water balloon on the International Good Guy Convention and blame Major Monogram for it. It misses its target after Doofenshmirtz accidently steps on the remote.
"Nerds of a Feather" Doof 'N' Puss
Doof 'N' Puss Theme card
He tries to pitch a show to an executive at the science fiction & fantasy convention. After the show's reviewer suggests Perry be given a girlfriend in the show, Doofenshmirtz storms off.
"Wizard of Odd" Brat Begone-inator
He plays the role of a witch/warlock in Candace's dream. He built it to destroy Candace and get her boots for himself. Candace escapes before it fires. Eventually she gives the boots to him, but he is later smashed by a falling house.
"We Call it Maze" Tilt-inator
Dr. Doofenshmirtz tries to lean his building for making it a touristic site as the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Perry first closed the screen tilting space station, then jams it with a snow globe, causing it to shoot everywhere.
"Ladies and Gentlemen, Meet Max Modem!" Alien-inator
Dr. Doofenshmirtz is trying to conquer the Tri-state area with an alien hologram. Perry turns back to pet mode since the machine doesn't know his identity, he knocks it out of place, putting the holographic aliens in the concert for Max Modem. It then blows up.
"The Secret of Success" Telethon of Evil
Donate As Much As You Can
He hosts a telethon of evil. After he chased Phineas and Ferb's car, his jet skiff hit his building, technically foiling his plan.
"The Doof Side of the Moon" Lunar Rotate-inator
Lunar Rotate-inator
Dr. Doofenshmirtz builds a machine that rotates the moon bringing the dark side facing earth. Though the inator succeeds in rotating the moon, the dark side doesn't move. The giant building knocks the machine over and crashes it to the ground. Doof soon learns that the dark side will only move if he had only rotated the Sun instead.
"Split Personality" Look Away-inator
Dr. Doofenshmirtz intends to make everyone turn their heads in order to avoid them from experiencing his shame as he attempts for perform a high-dive. Succeeds in doing so, but as he plunges into the water, it splashes on the machine, causing it to shorten out.
"Brain Drain" De-Volition-inator
Oh, hi Vanessa
Dr. Doofenshmirtz controls Perry with a remote and helmet. After attempting to recharge the remote's battery, Doof loses control to Phineas, Ferb, and their friends, who proceed to beat him up thinking he's a boss in their video game.
"Rollercoaster: The Musical!" Magnetism Magnif-inator


Just like in Rollercoaster, he is attempting to reverse rotation of the earth only this time with a Magnetism Magnifier-Inator. The same results from the original Rollercoaster happen.
"Make Play" Super-Claw-inator
He plans to use the claw to grab his brother Roger's opera house. Doofenshmirtz grabs the boys' jukebox instead, and drops it on the opera house, actually making it better.
"Candace Gets Busted" Go Away-inator
Go-Away Inator
He plans to remove a building away from his free movie watching place. Doofenshmirtz shoots an unintentional shot and sends lots of party-goers to his pants. He later gets Perry to push the reverse button to send the party-goers back where they came from.

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