Lara Bergen is an author that has written many children's books. For Phineas and Ferb, she has written Runaway Hit, a chapter book novelization of the episodes "Flop Starz" and "Lights, Candace, Action!".

The following is a summary of the properties she has written books for. Not all of them are specifically "junior novelizations".

Junior novelizations of Disney TV series

  • It's Stanley
  • Jonas
  • Wizards of Waverly Place

Junior novelizations relating to Disney and Pixar movies

  • Atlantis: The Lost Empire
  • Cinderella
  • Doctor Doolittle 2
  • High School Musical 3
  • The Jungle Book
  • The Little Mermaid
  • Monster House
  • Muppet Treasure Island
  • Peter Pan
  • Princess Protection Program
  • Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Junior novelizations of other Disney properties

  • Disney Bunnies
  • Disney Fairies
  • Disney Princess
  • Disney Junior Encyclopedia of Animated Characters

Junior novelizations of Nickelodeon and Nick Jr. TV series

  • Backyardigans
  • Blue's Clues
  • Dora the Explorer
  • Go, Diego, Go!
  • Jimmy Neutron
  • Little Bill
  • Rugrats Go Wild
  • The Wild Thornberrys

Junior novelizations of other TV series

  • Jakers! The Adventures of Piggley Winks
  • Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
  • Totally Spies!

Junior novelizations of other movies

  • events that occurred in Star Wars Episode I
  • The Lost World: Jurassic Park
  • Mystery Men
  • Spy Kids 2: Island of Lost Dreams
  • X-Men

Explorers and Exploration series

  • The Travels of Francisco Pizarro
  • The Travels of Lewis and Clark
  • The Travels of Sieur De LA Salle

Other series

  • Phonics Comics

Independent novels and books

  • books in the Candy Apple series from Scholastic
  • Don't Throw That Away!: A Lift-the-Flap Book about Recycling and Reusing
  • Discover the United States of America: State Stats, Fun Facts and a Puzzle of the 50 States
  • Funny Money
  • Polar Bears' Home: A Story About Global Warming
  • Rip Van Winkle (junior novelization)
  • Stuck on the Presidents
  • Stuck on the Presidents: Revised and Updated