Lake Winimahatikihaha
Lake Winimahatikihaha
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First Appearance:
"The Magnificent Few"

Lake Winimahatikihaha is the location of Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz's hideout in the episode "The Magnificent Few."

The lake is nestled in fog-shrouded hills and is in view of Clem's Carnival on the shore. The hideout has a room filled with lava that Vanessa calls the "Death Chamber." The chamber has a few flaws though: an escape hatch in the ceiling and a self-destruct button that the prisoner can reach. The whole design is suspect as there is a ramp leading right into the control room.

After Perry the Platypus activates the Self-Destruct button, he escapes through the escape hatch in the ceiling and hears Dr. Doofenshmirtz crying "help me, help me." Perry turns around, saves Dr. Doofenshmirtz from being blown up, and they escape the second it reaches "zero" in the countdown. But when they are flying, Perry switches the helmet to reverse, which makes the termites chase him up the rollercoaster ride at the county fair and taking Dr. Doofenshmirtz away, leaving no trace of the building being there.