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Khaka Peu Peu
Kakapoopoo (right) with The Dangiraffe
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Hometown: Danville
Nemesis: Phineas and Ferb (The Beak)
Professional Information
  Super villain
Friends and Family
Mrs. Khaka Peü Peü
Gustav Khaka Peü Peü
The Dangiraffe
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "The Beak"
Last Appearance:
  "Rollercoaster: The Musical!"
Voiced by:
Ben Stiller

Danny Jacob (singing voice)

"Thank you very much!"
— Khaka Peü Peü's catchphrase

"If you're here to give Danville the best day ever, then I'm here to give Danville the worst day ever!"
— Khaka Peü Peü

Khaka Peü Peü is a super-villain who terrorized Danville.


Khaka Peü Peü is a supervillain who has never had a good day in his life and plans to destroy The Beak, a mysterious superhero who is giving Danville the best day ever (and is in reality Phineas and Ferb in a robotic suit). He has a quirk of ending most of his sentences with "thank you very much." He also has a wife who frequently complains about his evil schemes and throws wooden chairs at him. In the end of the episode, after the Beak reveals its true identity, his wife shows up and ends up taking him away to "take her shopping for more throwing chairs."

Background Information

  • His nagging wife is played by Christine Taylor, the wife of Ben Stiller.
  • Khaka Peü Peü is said apparently his family's name, and showed that possibly his father (or grandfather) was named Gustav Khaka Peü Peü. He is unaware as to why people laugh at his full name, which according to him translates from its native tongue as "the strong fist" or "that strong fist."
  • This character may be partially based on Ed Grimley:
    • He acts like a man-child.
    • His hair is similar.
    • He often ends sentences with "thank you very much.".
    • He often had bad days of his life.
  • A video on YouTube features an unrealistic zebra trying to say his name.

Sentences ending with "Thank you very much"

  • "Where's my best day ever, thank you very much?"
  • "I built it in my basement out of discarded washers and dryers, thank you very much."
  • "Oh, you're back for more, thank you very much."
  • "Now I have to restart, thank you very much."
  • "It's a family name, loosely translated as "The Strong Fist," or "That Strong Fist." Thank you very much!"
  • "I'll come at you through what's most important to you. Thank you very much!"
  • "None taken, thank you very much."
  • "Well, I never had a best day ever. Thank you very much."
  • "There goes my day, thank you very much!"