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"Jetpack Volleyball" is a song sung by Danny Jacob and the Cast while they are playing jetpack volleyball in the episode "Sleepwalk Surprise".


Just strap on a jetpack
And string up a net, Jack.
Gonna serve it to you,
So get ready to set back.

Whack, smack, thunder crack,
Try to hit that ball back!
Dig it, bump it, set it, spike it!
That's the way I really like it.

Plenty of fuel so you ain't gonna fall,
We're playing jet, jetpack volleyball.

We're playing jetpack (jetpack!) volleyball,
Jetpack (jetpack!) volleyball.
We're playing jetpack (jetpack!) volleyball,
Jetpack (jetpack, jet!) volleyball.

Don't need to be a giant over six feet tall,
We're playing jet, jetpack volleyball

Background information

  • Phineas, Ferb, Irving and Isabella shout the word jetpack during the song, but don't sing at all. It is also Isabella's only speaking line in the episode. In the Spanish version, the characters sing instead of shouting "jetpack".
  • Holly and Adyson are the only Fireside Girls who do not appear.


BMI Work #15704060

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