Jeremy and the Incidentals
Genre(s): Indie pop, pop rock
Jeremy Johnson
Jeremy's unnamed drummer

Jeremy and the Incidentals is an indie pop/pop rock band led by Jeremy Johnson. They performed at the Summer Festival in "The Best Lazy Day Ever". The band's songs are very upbeat pop tunes usually centered on themes of love and happiness.


The band consists of three members, one of whom is currently unnamed.

Jeremy Johnson

Jeremy on stage

Jeremy on stage.

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He is the vocalist of the band and plays guitar. He is the leader of the band, due to the name of the band.


Do Nothing Day 2

Coltrane is a love interest to Stacy Hirano.

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Coltrane is the band's bassist. He is a love interest of Stacy Hirano and presumably Jeremy's good friend.



The band's drummer.

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The drummer of the band is a brown haired boy whom little is known about. He may also be seen in the audience of the HaHaHut in "Cheer Up Candace" and in some other episodes.


Alternate Versions

During a fight between Perry the Platypus and Dr. Doofenshmirtz, the band and the audience was struck by a ray from the Ugly-inator, turning all of them into punk rock versions of themselves.

Background Information

  • Jeremy and the Incidentals' song is Candace's cell phone ringtone in "Chez Platypus" and "The Bully Code".
  • As the name of the band implies, the members other than Jeremy are incidental characters (characters who infrequently appear and in most cases are not integral to the main plot).
  • The band is mentioned as a trivia question on one of the Phineas and Ferb Go-Gurt tubes.