This article is about Jeremy and Suzy's father. You may be looking for Geoffrey Johnson or Joe Johnson.
Jack Johnson
Jack Johnson
Gender: Male
Nationality: American
Hometown: Danville
Professional Information
  Johnson family
Friends and Family
Mrs. Johnson
Jeremy Johnson
Suzy Johnson
Pets: Unnamed poodle
Hildegard Johnson
Joe Johnson
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "Run, Candace, Run"
Last Appearance:
  "Face Your Fear"
Voiced by:
Todd Stashwick
Jeremy and his Father in the Morning
Jeremy and his father going to college

Jack Johnson is the father of Jeremy and Suzy Johnson. He is the husband of Mrs. Johnson, brother of Joe Johnson and the son of Hildegard Johnson.

Present life

Jack Johnson enjoys life with his wife Mrs. Johnson and his two kids, Jeremy and Suzy. He doesn't see his son very often due to his job at Mr. Slushy Burger. He enjoys watching his college sports team, the Polecats. Since his family is from Wisconsin, it is possible that the Polecats are a Wisconsin college sport team. It is unknown what sport they play or at what college. He works at the Danville Space Laboratory where he makes and manages recognizant satellites.

Physical appearance

Jack Johnson has blue eyes and blond hair, much like his son Jeremy, his daughter Suzy, and his wife.


Background Information

  • He shares a name of singer and musician Jack Johnson and the Futurama character Jack Johnson.
  • It is shown that he likes to wear the same style shirt as his son, Jeremy.


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