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"It's Going So Badly" is a song sung in "Raging Bully" when Phineas and Buford are having a thumb war competition.


(Indecipherable Italian words are sung)

(People crying)

It's going so badly!
Our hero's on the rope and now it's looking like the end!

Background Information

  • The "indecipherable Italian words" are from the aria Vesti la giubba from the opera Pagliacci, by Ruggero Leoncavallo.
  • Prior to confirmation of the title, this song was called "It's Looking Like the End" on this wiki.
  • The Public Domain Writer Share credit may indicate that Vesti la guibba is in the public domain.
  • According to the BMI entry, the alternate titles of this song are "It's Going So Badly 1", "It's Going So Badly 2" and "Ca Va Vraiment Tres Mal" (which is the title in French).


BMI Work # 9531941

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