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"Hi, Phineas. Whatcha doin'?"
— Isabella's trademark catchphrase.

"Calm down, girls. Have you forgotten who we are? We're Fireside Girls Troop 46231 and we never give up!"
— Isabella to Fireside Girls Troop 46231

"Oh, you're just too stressed. You should take a moment to relax and enjoy it."
— Isabella talking to Phineas in Paris, France[src]

Isabella Garcia-Shapiro is the across-the-street neighbor and good friend of Phineas and Ferb. Isabella has a crush on Phineas; however, she doesn't tell him. She's the leader of Fireside Girls Troop 46231 and often volunteers to help in Big Ideas, usually with her troop being involved.


Early life

Isabella Garcia-Shapiro was born to a Mexican mother Vivian Garcia-Shapiro and an unnamed father. At some point in her life, (possibly when she was younger, as she is seen going to their backyard as a child in Act Your Age,) she met and became friends with two boys her age who lived across the street from her, Phineas Flynn and Ferb Fletcher. The friendship with Phineas eventually developed into a crush.

Though it is unknown when Isabella joined the Lil' Sparks and later the Fireside Girls where she worked her way up to becoming a Troop leader.

Summer adventures

Isabella lives in Danville on Maple Drive with her mother in the house across the street from the Flynn-Fletcher house. She frequently participates in Phineas and Ferb's projects, usually assisting in spreading the word, construction, and maintaining order.

Isabella owns and takes care of a Chihuahua named Pinky, whom she is unaware of is a covert agent for the O.W.C.A., much like the Flynn-Fletcher family platypus, Perry.

When on duty, Isabella works diligently upholding her position in the Fireside Girls and earning accomplishment patches. She is currently the troop leader of Fireside Girls Troop 46231. The troop members are Gretchen, Milly, Ginger, Katie, Holly, and Adyson, who consider her to be not only a leader but a great friend.

Teen years

By the time Isabella got to high school, she had given up on Phineas noticing her romantically and became a less regular visitor to his backyard. She became a very busy teen with various extracurricular activities at the school, and she's working part-time at her mother's restaurant, Nosh Olé Mexican-Jewish Café.

After high school, she was accepted into Tri-State State College and planned to start attending two weeks early for her multiple extracurriculars. Before leaving Danville behind, Isabella returned to Maple Drive to say good-bye to her old crush (whom she was clearly still very interested in), when he revealed that during high school, he fell for her, but, much like she was, he was too afraid to admit his feelings. After learning she intends to attend Tri-State State, a school he was also considering heavily, he decided that he would go there once the term began two weeks later. She agreed, and they began dating. ("Act Your Age")


Isabella in her natural state.

Isabella is cheerful, fearless, quick-thinking, sweet, optimistic, and easy to get along with. She is always eager to help with Phineas and Ferb's Big Ideas. When she participates with Phineas and Ferb in their endeavors, it's either for the fun of it, accomplishment patches, or simply a way to be with Phineas.

Isabella is sympathetic and aids people who need help. This has been demonstrated when she showed concern for Candace, who was too nervous to call Jeremy and ask him out ("Out to Launch"), when she snapped Phineas and Ferb out of their hypnotic dullness ("Phineas and Ferb Interrupted"), and when she stopped telling Phineas her feelings about him to help Ms. Feyersied (Night of the Living Pharmacists).

Being a Fireside Girls Troop Leader, Isabella is a very capable leader. She is level-headed and responsible in the face of emergencies and dislikes being told what to do by anyone, except Phineas.

As nice as Isabella would seem, she can get angry. One way her temper has been flared is when someone else uses her catchphrase; in such a scenario, she expresses annoyance and often confronts the violator physically. However, she is fine whenever Phineas uses it.

Another is when she isn't a subject of attention. Isabella enjoys the attention, and she openly displays discontent when she feels she isn't receiving enough of it. She has shown this when Phineas expressed seeing Meap as cute but not her ("The Chronicles of Meap"), and when her Li'l Sparks men-tee, Melissa, showed Candace more attention and admiration than she did with her. ("We Call it Maze")

Physical Appearance

Isabella's usual outfit.

Isabella has straight black long hair with thin blue highlights, curtain-like bangs and a round bottom, an oval-shaped head with a flat top, and navy blue eyes.

As an infant, she wore a pink t-shirt. Her hair was tied up in a high pointed ponytail with a pink bow, and she wore a white diaper.

As a child, she wore a white T-shirt, a long pleated pink skirt, white medium-length socks, and purple shoes with pink laces. She wore her hair up in two pigtails held with purple bows.

As an older child, she wore a similar white T-shirt underneath a pink dress with a purple chest pocket, white medium-length socks, and purple flats with pink laces. She had her long hair in two low pigtails held with purple bows.

Currently, she wears a white T-shirt underneath a pink jumper pleated-hem dress with a purple belt around it, medium-length white socks, and pink shoes with white laces. She wears a pink bow on her head. The bow is thought to be her trademark, and she has only been seen without it on a few occasions, but not without it on her head.

Her Fireside Girls uniform is the same format as her normal clothing, with the exception that her jumper dress is half orange and half brown with a red belt around it. She wears an orange beret with a red bow in the front. Underneath is a red bow. She wears a light yellow accomplishment sash with three shaped patches consisting of a teal diamond, a teal oval, and a brown triangle from top to bottom respectively. Her shoes are red with yellow laces.

For swimming, she wears a purple one-piece swimsuit and a purple bow.

For winter, she switches to a more mulberry colored jumper dress with a dark purple belt around, a white turtleneck sweater underneath, dark purple leggings with light pink stripes, and light purple fur boots. She wears different winter outfits when outside, but her most seen one is a purple hat with a pink bow, a purple coat, a light purple scarf (loose wrap), light purple mittens, and white boots with pale pink laces while outside in the snow. Her inside winter outfit is the same as her summer outfit, but with purple pants ("Happy New Year!"). Her pajamas are light purple with darker purple stripes, and she wears a purple bow.

From left to right: Isabella as a young adult, teenager and child.

As a teenager, she wore a sleeveless pink jumper dress with a purple belt around it, white knee-high socks, and purple sneakers with white laces. She had her hair down in a curly ponytail held with a purple hair tie with a bow on it on top and a purple hair tie on the bottom.

As a young adult, she wears her hair in a low ponytail held with a light purple bow. She wears a pink 3/4 length sleeve shirt with a purple belt around it with a white circle in the middle, white pants, and pink sneakers with white laces.

When she was at work at her mom's restaurant, she wore a light green dress with an oxeye daisy on the chest with two dark green leaves on both sides, a blue belt around it, and shoes. She wore her hair in the same hairstyle when she was a young adult, but with a light blue bow.

When she was sick with salmonella, her hair was messy, and she was barefoot. She wore pajamas composed of pink trousers and a light violet t-shirt.

Known Patches

Skills and Abilities

Isabella has displayed numerous skills and abilities. She appears to be very physically capable, being a fast runner ("Candace Loses Her Head", "Journey to the Center of Candace"), and also remarkably strong, having been able to hurt Buford by elbowing him and crushing a pencil. ("Out of Toon", "Phineas and Ferb: Summer Belongs to You!")

Isabella has demonstrated exceptional musical ability. She's an excellent singer ("S'Winter", "The Magnificent Few", "The Ballad of Badbeard", "Phineas and Ferb: Summer Belongs to You!", "Wizard of Odd", "Rollercoaster: The Musical!", etc.) and can play various musical instruments including:

In addition to this, she can dance very well. ("Robot Rodeo", "Put That Putter Away", "Day of the Living Gelatin", "Spa Day", "Fireside Girl Jamboree"," etc.) She can also dance like a prima ballerina ("Let's Bounce").

Though admitting to being too young to legally drive, Isabella possesses remarkable knowledge over the anatomies of automobiles ("The Fast and the Phineas") and is capable of flying small jet aircraft, such as a fighter jet ("Phineas and Ferb Christmas Vacation!").

She can also assume the role of a business agent and does the job exceptionally well. ("Lights, Candace, Action!")

Isabella is seemed to have hypnotic cuteness abilities, as seen in the episode "Meap in Seatle", in which she snap out of hypnosis phineas and Meap with her cuteness.

Isabella has shown that she is very clear-headed during emergencies. She demonstrated this when she saved Phineas from a perilous fall ("One Good Scare Ought to Do It!") and when she defeated a giant video game Buford with a digital camera. ("Gaming the System")

Isabella has a monopoly of the catchphrase, "Whatcha doin?", and allows no one else besides Phineas to use it. She can sense it when it is being used would be extremely displeased upon knowing anyone else used it. She would often confront that person physically, as she did with Buford. ("Out of Toon", "Phineas and Ferb Christmas Vacation!", "Suddenly Suzy", "Tri-Stone Area")


Phineas Flynn

"Well, that's not the Phineas Flynn I fell in... to this situation with."
— Isabella almost revealing her crush on Phineas.[src]

Main article: Isabella and Phineas's relationship

Isabella shows a sign of her affections for Phineas.

She has romantic daydreams about Phineas and believes she will one day marry him, but she never says that to him. However, she feels sad when Phineas can't notice her flirting with him ("Phineas and Ferb's Quantum Boogaloo", "Isabella and the Temple of Sap", "Out to Launch", "Comet Kermillian", "Candace's Big Day", etc.). She admitted that the only reason for which she says her trademark catchphrase ("Whatcha doin'?") is to capture Phineas's attention and love ("Isabella and the Temple of Sap", "Rollercoaster: The Musical!"). During one of Phineas' birthdays, she used the fact that she was editing videos of Phineas for the video presentation to trim the videos down to just one word and form a sentence that relates to her having a crush on Phineas. An example of this would be: "We'll - be - together - forever, - Isabella." ("Phineas' Birthday Clip-O-Rama!")

Isabella is upset as Phineas doesn't pay attention to her.

One example of this is when Isabella and Phineas were alone in Paris looking for airplane parts, and Isabella was trying to be romantic with him,[4] but Phineas seemed utterly oblivious to her. Then when the boat crash-landed on the deserted island and Phineas was trying to find something to fix the boat, Isabella began to cry because Phineas didn't notice her and she would've given anything for Phineas to sit down next to her and enjoy the sunset. Then Phineas ran up next to her, having a small mental breakdown, desperately thinking of an idea to get off of the island. Figuring that none of the ideas would work, he gave up hope entirely and sat down with Isabella to enjoy the sunset with her. Seeing how broken Phineas was, Isabella realized that this wasn't the amazing, confident kid she had "fallen in this situation" with, so she gave him a talk, almost admitting her love for him in the process, but she quickly caught herself and said something else. She then mentioned Ferb's map and Phineas thanked her for the inspiration with a hug, leaving her in a trance. Later, when they make it back to Danville, Isabella hugs Phineas for regaining his confidence to achieve his goal. Less than 30 seconds later, they sing a duet in which Phineas holds Isabella's hands several times and also showing signs that he has feelings for her as more than just a friend ("Phineas and Ferb: Summer Belongs to You!").

When Phineas constructs a device to find cute things to search for Meap, he says he took Isabella's into account and adjusted the settings accordingly ("The Chronicles of Meap"). When he puts the settings back to normal, the device overloads from an excessively cute signal.

She uses her position as Fireside Girls troop leader to stay near him and participate in his Big Ideas, under the guise of earning the "Help Thy Neighbor" patch (which she has earned at least 52 times). It is unsure whether Phineas has the same feelings towards Isabella, but mostly he seems oblivious (it's later revealed in season 4 that Phineas started crushing on Isabella in high school.) Phineas feels bad about ditching her, and also says that he cannot tell her he is The Beak because she is "close to him" ("The Beak").

Isabella kisses Phineas.

Phineas is sometimes worried about Isabella getting hurt ("Gaming the System", "The Beak", "Der Kinderlumper") Also, when Isabella tells Phineas he is brave, he replies with, "You were too!" She sometimes disguises her affection for him (but very rarely) like hugging him in a crowd when everyone is hugging Perry, ("Oh, There You Are, Perry").

When Isabella and several others were lined up to have their memories of witnessing Perry as a secret agent erased, she kissed Phineas less than a second before the Amnesia-Inator was to be activated. Right afterward, Phineas objected to having their memories erased only to be ignored ("Phineas and Ferb the Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension").

Eventually, when they are in high school, Phineas finally comes to realize and reciprocate her feelings, and by the time they get to college, they begin dating. ("Act Your Age")

One day Phineas, Ferb, and Isabella travel twenty years into the future to find a wood-and-steel fusing tool. Near the end of the day, as they prepare to head back to their time, Isabella finds out that she will become an aunt to Candace's children, making her very happy. Thought it was not specifically stated that she will marry Phineas, as she says, it is the most reasonable and logical conclusion given that they start dating in Act Your Age ("Phineas and Ferb's Quantum Boogaloo").

Ferb Fletcher

Ferb listens to Isabella as she talks about Phineas.

Isabella is best friends with Ferb, likely because he's the stepbrother of her crush. Sometimes, she gets annoyed Ferb goes with Phineas because she only wants to spend time with Phineas. Along with Candace, she has outright stated that Ferb is Phineas' stepbrother ("Rollercoaster"). Unlike her time with Phineas, Isabella shows no romantic interest in Ferb, although she does like him as a friend. However, after time-traveling to the future, she learned that she might marry either Phineas or Ferb ("Phineas and Ferb's Quantum Boogaloo"). Upon this discovery, Ferb turned around and winked at Isabella, the latter being stunned at the possibility that she might marry someone else other than Phineas. This may indicate that Ferb harbors a bit of affection for Isabella, though it's more likely that Ferb just fancies himself a ladies' man ("Thaddeus and Thor"). It is also possible he was simply teasing her. Ferb is slightly irritated and gets mad when Phineas gets all of Isabella's and everyone else's attention and praise for being a superhero ("The Beak"), but it can be just the thought of him being the one who controls the lower half and saves Danville from the falling sign, but Phineas gets all the attention.

Isabella thanks Ferb for helping her being alone with Phineas.

When they were stranded on the uncharted island, Ferb listened while Isabella talked about Phineas not noticing her and offered her a handkerchief when she started crying. He knows about Isabella's crush on Phineas and he also walked away when Phineas came to leave them alone. Ferb is aware that he might get married to Isabella one day. ("Phineas and Ferb: Summer Belongs to You!", "The Doof Side of the Moon"). It is most likely that he does not have affection for Isabella since he has more affection for Vanessa Doofenshmirtz ("I Scream, You Scream"). Ferb has also demonstrated awareness of Isabella's affection for Phineas; after Ferb helped Phineas throw a party for Isabella when Phineas offered her ice cream with Ferb, he left to have Phineas and Isabella have some alone time together. Isabella was pleased, and both bumped fists. ("Happy Birthday, Isabella") It is very plausible that Ferb did this because he knows that either he or Phineas will marry Isabella and he doesn't have any romantic feelings for her. In 'Operation Crumb Cake", When Isabella writes a letter for Phineas confessing her affection for him, Phineas remains oblivious to what was in the letter as the wind carries it away before he got the chance to read it. In the letter, she nicknames Phineas 'her little Crumb Cake', to express what she feels for him. After the letter flies away, Isabella states, "Well, I guess we'll never know what's in the letter!" And Ferb responds, "No, I guess not. Oh, and neither will your little Crumb Cake.".

Baljeet Tjinder

Main article: Baljeet and Isabella's relationship

Isabella is friends with Baljeet. They hang out on occasion, usually when they are brought together by Phineas and Ferb's Big Ideas. She won a bet against him on who would win the fight between Buford and the squid ("Voyage to the Bottom of Buford"). Though when trying to find the purpose of a machine, Baljeet did jump at the chance to have a romantic dinner with Isabella, even a staged one. Isabella told him he ran to the table " a crazed bull" ("What Do It Do?"). This is also hinted when Baljeet asked Isabella if he made a good Phineas, she responds with "No, no you weren't" ("Not Phineas and Ferb").

When Phineas and Ferb built a Super Computer, Isabella is seen thinking about Phineas on the supercomputer. This makes Baljeet mad, showing he may have a crush on her ("Ask a Foolish Question"). While attempting to climb Danville Mountain, Isabella shows significant enthusiasm for Baljeet's eagerness to perform the task without the help of any of the Flynn-Fletcher brothers' inventions, which stands in contrast to the attitude of Ferb and, especially, Phineas ("Bully Bromance Breakup").

Buford Van Stomm

Main article: Buford and Isabella's relationship

Isabella defeats Buford, the video game boss.

When they play sports or games, Buford usually mocks her for being a girl, and therefore less of a competitor in his eyes. Isabella takes this very seriously and refuses to let Buford beat her ("Got Game?", "Brain Drain"). When she saw Buford crying about his lost goldfish, she expressed concern and worry about him ("Voyage to the Bottom of Buford"). She also stood up to the video-game boss (designed in Buford's image), and defeated him after he threatened Phineas ("Gaming the System"), though technically this was not the real Buford. When Buford became hypnotized by Phineas and Ferb's boringness, Isabella quickly revived him by a quick slap in the face ("Phineas and Ferb Interrupted").

Candace Flynn

Main article: Candace and Isabella's relationship

Isabella and Candace are good friends. They both know about each others' respective crushes and share advice and experience ("One Good Scare Ought to Do It!", "Out to Launch", "Phineas and Ferb's Quantum Boogaloo", "Phineas and Ferb-Busters!", "Phineas and Ferb: Summer Belongs to You!", "It's No Picnic"). Although, at one point, Isabella called her "obsessive". (Phineas and Ferb The Movie: Candace Against the Universe) Candace sometimes seemed to be disrespectful towards Isabella at some point ("Fireside Girl Jamboree", "Suddenly Suzy", "We Call It Maze"), but they remained in good terms and Candace sometimes also helping Isabella, or vice versa.

Fireside Girls

The Fireside Girls are ready and willing to help.

As the troop's leader the Fireside Girls always follow Isabella's orders, always ready and willing to do whatever it takes to help their leader in helping Phineas and Ferb, even risking themselves to do it. Although the girls are loyal to Isabella and have earned many a badge in helping the boys, they have voiced that they've collected more than fifty of the 'Help Thy Neighbor' patch because of it. Isabella encourages her troop to involve Phineas and Ferb's projects to help him out completing them, as well as helping them to earn specific patches.

They're also aware of Isabella's crush on Phineas and her desire to marry him, and they jokingly tease her for it ("Isabella and the Temple of Sap"). Even so, they remained friends with the boys and squealed with delight when Phineas invited Isabella on a romantic cruise ("That Sinking Feeling"). Also, the girls are frequently help her on a mission involving Isabella's and Phineas relationship ("It's No Picnic", "Operation Crumb Cake").

Heinz Doofenshmirtz

In Phineas and Ferb The Movie: Candace Against the Universe, Isabella has somewhat of a rivalry between her and Doof. Doof believes that because he is older, he should be the leader, despite his clear incompetence. Isabella thinks otherwise, since she sees herself more as a natural leader, and shows all the patches she earned to prove it. Later, they seem to have better opinions of each other, since Isabella gives him a Getting-Back-to-Earth Patch. Also, they also well-awared of Doofenshmirtz's Chicken-Replace-Inator and explains to Candace how to utilize it.


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Background Information

Isabella with eyebrows.

  • In the how-to book "Learn to Draw Phineas and Ferb", it is stated that Isabella has no eyebrows and is sensitive about it. However, this is likely just a joke not meant to be taken entirely seriously, simply referring to the fact that she's not normally drawn with eyebrows. She is sometimes seen having eyebrows with certain facial expressions, however, and she is shown having eyebrows in certain scenes in some episodes such as "Canderemy" and "Isabella and the Temple of Sap".
  • She and Phineas are the only characters who have been seen in more ages than anyone else. She is seen with her current age, a baby, a toddler, a preschooler, a tween, a teen, and an adult ("Agent Doof", "Act Your Age").
  • She can freely change between her regular clothes and her fireside girl uniform at will by simply pulling up her belt buckle, as seen in "Night of the Living Pharmacists"; yet that episode was the only time she was shown doing it.
  • She used to have claustrophobia, but she has overcome her fear ("Knot My Problem").
  • In the Milo Murphy's Law crossover "The Phineas and Ferb Effect", she had only two lines throughout the whole show, despite being featured in all promotional art and descriptions.
  • Isabella's design resembles Jessica Lovejoy from Fox's The Simpsons.
    • Her choice of wardrobe resembles Helga Pataki from Hey Arnold!.
  • In Phineas and Ferb The Movie: Candace Against the Universe, Isabella intimidated Doofenshmirtz (in what Phineas called an "ominous patch-related threat") by pointing to one of her patches and saying: "Do you see this patch? Pray you never find out what it's for." This implies that she is capable of violent actions, or at least capable in self-defense.


- These episodes are Spot the Diff episodes.

Milo Murphy's Law


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